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Yacko, LLC launches CoinRebates, Allows Online Shoppers Earn Cash Back in Bitcoins


Yacko, LLC launches CoinRebates, Allows Online Shoppers Earn Cash Back in Bitcoins


Yacko, LLC that brought BitcoinGet where users could earn Bitcoins for completing tasks, watching videos, and more, has again brought in attractive service in the form of CoinRebates. The company says that the new service allows online shopper to earn “cash back” in Bitcoins.

The hard work of a couple of years by Yacko, LLC where it strived to make earning Bitcoins easy and enjoyable for everyone, delivered BitcoinGet. However, the company did not stop there; rather, it put efforts to bring several other value-added services that include CoinRebates. Through its affiliation with over 300 online retailers, CoinRebates enables shoppers to earn rebates, in the form of Bitcoin payments, for every dollar that they spend at their favorite stores.

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The company claims that by paying out exclusively in Bitcoin, CoinRebates allows anyone in the world to enjoy the fastest and highest-paying rebates possible.

How it Works?

  • Users need to register their Bitcoin address; however, if they don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, the company recommends them to create one at Coinbase.
  • Browse our stores. Each store offers a different reward.
  • Click through to the store where you wish to shop.
  • Shop and buy from the store as you normally would.
  • You earn the advertised rewards as soon as we are notified of your purchase!

Elaborating the point behind the launch of CoinRebates, the official blog of BitcoinGet says:

We are excited to announce the launch of CoinRebates, a new service that allows you to earn “cash back” in Bitcoins from your favorite online stores. Choose from over 300 stores and easily receive anywhere from 1% to 20% of your purchase as a Bitcoin rebate. If there is a store that you cannot find (other than Amazon), please let us know, and we’ll do our best to get it added. For a limited time, BitcoinGet users earn an additional 2000 bits for completing their first purchase! Once you have received the rebate for your purchase, simply contact us or message us on Facebook with your Bitcoin address, and we’ll get the bits credited to you.

BitGet Bitcoinist

Easier Way of Getting Involved With Bitcoin

The fundamental goal of the company is to help people get involved with Bitcoin and then slowly encouraging them to earn as well. Matthew Cheung, CEO of Yacko, LLC admits his fundamental belief is that there is no easier and better way of getting involved with Bitcoin than earning it. According to him asking the employer to pay in Bitcoin or mining is not an easy thing to do; thus, there are some practical difficulties that people face when they want to get involved with Bitcoin. However, if they are introduced to Bitcoin using a user-friendly way, things could be changed for better.

Matthew Cheung believes that an important piece in Bitcoin’s road to mainstream adoption will be figuring out how to make it easy and fun for everyone. His company, Yacko, LLC, a developer of online games and rewards programs is aiming to achieve the same goal. Operating out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the company creates products that engage and reward users from all around the world. The latest launch is part of its mission to make earning Bitcoins easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Image source: BitcoinGet

Disclaimer: Bitcoinist and the author of the article is neither associated with BitcoinGet/Yacko LLC nor has any vested interest in them. 

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