• The Waves platform, a decentralized application (dApp) platform spearheaded by Australian-based loyalty program Incent, has released the open source code to enable supporters to set up their own full nodes. This will ensure the platform’s further decentralization and operation. Also read: Melonport AG Partners With Parity to Expand Product Vision Customers Can Launch dApps, Create Own Tokens on Waves By enabling the Waves platform to decentralize further, it will grow in computer power, become more secure, and serve as a

    Waves Releases Full Node Code to Increase Network Decentralization

    | 2016/11/17 3:12 pm
  • Ethereum may outperform bitcoin, the Republic of Liberland shows interest in Dash, and an altcoin hub turns one. Want to catch up on your latest altcoin news? Read the stories below. Also read: Altcoin Report: Dash, ShapeShift Users Get Debit Cards ETHEREUM Ethereum could potentially outperform bitcoin towards the end of the year. One analyst points out that a recent panic selling of bitcoin spurred from the recent drop in its price due to regulatory

    Altcoin Report: Ethereum to Outperform Bitcoin by 2017

    | 2016/11/17 12:31 pm
  • Today, November 17, 2016, the second-annual EtherCamp hackathon begins. Developers and entrepreneurs around the world will go head-to-head in this five-week event, creating tech-based applications and presenting them to a panel of high-profile judges. Also read: Bitcoin Price Surges, Trades at Nearly $730 EtherCamp Hackathon Begins At the end of the five-week competition, the judges — including names such as Erik Voorhees, Adam Draper and Jaan Tallinnn — will decide which project deserves the $50,000

    Developers Start Competing for $50K in Second EtherCamp Event

    | 2016/11/17 9:47 am
  • Flashnet Technology, a company developing a high-speed, pre-mined private blockchain aiming to implement blockchain technology for use in digital marketing, accounting, loyalty, and security systems, is launching an ICO on November 17 for MEGAFLASH, the native cryptocurrency that powers the platform.  Also read: Ransomware Tool Has Decryption Keys Leaked by Anonymous User Flashnet to Introduce New Efficiency to Advertising? The hope is the smaller players and entrepreneurs can advance their monetization of traffic, as current tools such

    Flashnet Hosts MEGAFLASH Crowdsale

    | 2016/11/16 2:11 pm
  • WALCHWIL, Switzerland — Melonport AG, a blockchain software provider, has announced a partnership with Parity by Ethcore. Together, the two firms will launch “Melon,” a decentralized application on the new “Polkadot” multi-chain network. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Melonport AG Partnership With Parity Aimed at Providing Blockchain-Based Asset Management According to a press release, melon will be designed for asset managers, and will be the first application on the Polkadot network.

    Melonport AG Partners With Parity to Expand Product Vision

    | 2016/11/16 11:35 am
  • Is Rare Pepe the killer app for Bitcoin? In 2009, it would have been hard to imagine that the cryptocurrency’s blockchain could morph into a Disney Land for satirical amphibians. But now Pepe, a frog-based meme created in 2005, has seen resurgence as a card game turned cryptocurrency.  Also Read: Bitcoin Price Drops: Where do We Go From Here? Rare Pepes, playable as “RarePepePRTY,” a card game reminiscent of Magic: The Gathering, poke fun at the ridiculousness

    Birth of a Meme: Rare Pepe Shines Light on Altcoin Absurdity

    | 2016/11/15 12:00 pm
  • Smart Token Chain (STC), a blockchain project intended to “tokenize” financial information, has successfully executed its first Smart Token transaction across the Ripple Network. Also read: Altcoin Report: Dash, ShapeShift Users Get Debit Cards STC to Leverage Ripple to Help Alleviate Counterparty Risk CTO of Smart Token Chain, Morris Mwanga, believes that the successful trial run of their concept has confirmed the robustness of their blockchain-based solution as a means of bringing speed, accuracy and security

    Smart Token Chain Conducts Trial Run on Ripple Network

    | 2016/11/15 2:08 am
  • Shake provides support for Dash, Gatecoin draws “first blood,” and ShapeShift will bring altcoins to debit cards. Want to catch up on your latest altcoin news? Read the stories below. Also read: Altcoin Report: Zcash Expands its Reach SHAKE, RATTLE & DASH: DEBIT CARDS ON THE WAY Bitcoin debit card provider Shake is adding Dash support to its platform, allowing customers to use Dash to purchase goods and services. Dash is labelled as the world’s

    Altcoin Report: Dash, ShapeShift Users Get Debit Cards

    | 2016/11/14 12:00 pm
  • Ethereum and Ripple’s price data will be delivered to global markets, Dash is integrated into Living Room of Satoshi, and the blockchain… In space? To catch up on your latest altcoin news, read the stories below. Also read: Altcoin Report: Zcash Expands its Reach ETHEREUM & RIPPLE Tullett Prebon Information (TPI) is a provider of “real-time price information from the global OTC financial and commodity markets.” Recently, the organization signed a deal with Brave New

    Altcoin Report: The Blockchain, In Space?

    | 2016/11/13 5:00 am
  • The second major EtherCamp hackathon kicks off in just a matter of days with ideas that range from practical blockchain applications to ambitious overhauls of societal institutions. Also read: Shop Anonymously With Bitcoin: Protect Yourself From Prying Eyes Tomer Kantor, co-founder at Proof of Work Media and a close associate of EtherCamp, said the team is looking forward to watching the hackathon camps build upon their initial ideas as the competition progresses. “There are so

    Disruptive Ideas Emerging in EtherCamp’s Major Global Hackathon

    | 2016/11/12 8:47 pm
  • WARSAW, Poland — Golem wants to provide what it calls the “Airbnb for computers,” a first-of-its-kind decentralized market for shared computing power. The company hopes the public will find its goals appealing, as it will open a crowdsale for the Golem Network Token (GNT) on November 11, 2016. Also read: Blockchain Gaming Trend Grows as eBoost Raises $140K in ICO Golem: Building a Supercomputer on the Blockchain This decentralized, Ethereum-based service, once up and running,

    Golem to Create Distributed ‘Supercomputer’ Using Blockchain Tech

    | 2016/11/09 5:34 pm
  • Blockchain application platform Lisk has announced plans to begin issuing block rewards to its delegates. The team said this development marks the achievement of a “critical milestone,” with rewards set to start flowing before the end of 2016. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. A New Lisk Milestone   This milestone comes after a period of growth following the project’s successful crowdsale earlier this year, in which the developers raised around 14,000

    Lisk to Roll Out Block ‘Forging’ Rewards for Delegates by End of 2016

    | 2016/11/09 1:00 pm
  • Gaming-specific cryptocurrency eBoost has raised over 200 bitcoins in its October crowdsale, worth around $140,000 USD at press time. Designed to be an in-game token for game integration, eBoost advertises itself as the first digital currency geared towards competitive eSports. Also read: Bitcoin Price is Moving Back up, but Fear of Bears Still Remain A Successful eBoost ICO “EBoost’s successful crowdsale is a testament to the fact the eSports and cryptocurrencies are a natural fit,”

    Blockchain Gaming Trend Grows as eBoost Raises $140K in ICO

    | 2016/11/08 3:00 pm
  • ShapeShift.io integrates Zcash, a “time-based” cryptocurrency looks to change the labor market, and Wall of Coins is assimilating Dash support. Want to catch up on your latest altcoin news? Read the stories below. Also read: Altcoin Report: Zcash ‘Bug’ Diminshes Privacy ZCASH ShapeShift.io has integrated Zcash into its exchange platform, giving customers newfound access to Zcash trading and selling. ShapeShift’s CEO and founder Erik Voorhees expressed enthusiasm over the move, stating: “Zcash finally fulfills an early

    Altcoin Report: Zcash Expands its Reach

    | 2016/11/08 12:00 pm
  • ARK, a company working to provide real-world blockchain use cases, has launched a token sale today, November 7, which the team calls the “Token Exchange Campaign” (TEC). Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. The campaign will last 34 days, ending on December 11. During the TEC, the ARK team hopes to sell 93,750,000 tokens, 75 percent of the total 125 million token supply. According to a press release, the other 25 percent

    ARK Launches Month-Long Crowdsale for New Tokens

    | 2016/11/07 1:00 pm
  • Decentralized insurance platform Inchain launched its ICO on October 21, 2016, and will run it until November 24. The company has encouraged investors to participate in the ICO, calling it a “unique opportunity” to invest in a first-of-its-kind insurance solution for cryptocurrency service providers. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Inchain: Decentralized, Ethereum-Powered Insurance The company expects its decentralized to be welcomed by cryptocurrency platform operators and wallet providers, who have suffered

    Inchain Holds ICO for Decentralized Insurance Platform

    | 2016/11/06 6:05 pm
  • ChronoBank.io, a blockchain project aimed at innovating in the short-term recruitment sector, has launched a new website to promote the December ICO for its “time-based” cryptocurrency. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. According to the company, its “Labor Hour tokens” will allow employers to enter into profitable short-term recruitment contracts with new employees. In a press release, the team noted that their idea is simply a refresh of a form of money

    ChronoBank Launches Website Promoting Labor-Backed Cryptocurrency

    | 2016/11/06 1:00 pm
  • As organizations realize they can cover costs by printing their own money, they’re increasingly looking towards creating their own forms of cryptocurrency to access funds. These altcoins can take on a wide variety of shapes and forms, with the underlying technology or mining incentives varying or often mysterious from coin-to-coin. The deluge of altcoin tokens in circulation has muddled investors’ ability to discern legitimacy from myth. Also read: Did Chinese Rumors Crash the Bitcoin Price? How Accurate

    Lawnmower: Industry-Grade Information for a Next-Gen Altcoin Exchange

    | 2016/11/06 5:00 am
  • Zcash encounters technical problems, Mintcoin proves controversial, and BipCoin makes its debut. Want to catch up on your latest altcoin news? Read the stories below. Also read: Altcoin Report: Ether Outranks Bitcoin as Highest-Performing Cryptocurrency ZCASH Zcash, the latest addition to the world of altcoins, has encountered a bug that prevents private transactions. The official website states: “There is one known bug, which causes private transactions (those in which all of the inputs and outputs

    Altcoin Report: Zcash ‘Bug’ Diminshes Privacy

    | 2016/11/04 5:00 am
  • The upcoming free-to-play MOBA title Beyond the Void started a month-long ICO on OpenLedger earlier this week on November 1. During the fundraiser, the game’s developers will sell Nexium (NxC) tokens to jump-start the title’s in-game economy. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Beyond the Void to Create a Working Blockchain Economy According to developers, Beyond the Void is the first-ever competitive MOBA to use a smart contract-backed token economy powered by the

    Beyond the Void Launches ICO for MOBA Cryptocurrency

    | 2016/11/03 1:00 pm
  • Incent Loyalty, an Australian-based company, wants to tap into the potential of loyalty rewards points through creating a tradable, “open-value” token called Incent, which customers use to gain and trade loyalty points near-instantly and worldwide. While low-cost blockchain technology helps to solidify storage, Incent Loyalty’s consumer facing applications can be personalized to align with the branding of merchant partners. Also read: AirBitz and WINGS Partnership Secures Future of DAOs Incent: Tokenizing Loyalty Rewards To provide

    Incent Brings Loyalty to the Blockchain With ‘Open Value’

    | 2016/11/03 12:00 pm
  • On Thursday morning, Datcroft Games announced a partnership with GameCredits to bring secure and seamless use of in-game cryptocurrency to a vast community of gamers and developers using natively-developed, back-end blockchain technology. Also Read: AirBitz and WINGS Partnership Secures Future of DAOs Founded in 2016, GameCredits enables game developers to use the “GAME” token securely for MMORPGs and other games. The first roll-out is within the popular game Fragoria, which already has a user base of 8 million. Gamers

    GameCredits, Datcroft Games to Bring Cryptocurrency to Gaming

    | 2016/11/03 7:00 am
  • Bitcoin wallet and security solutions provider Airbitz recently announced a partnership with WINGS to integrate Airbitz’s Edge Security login to decentralize private key security and help make DAOs accessible to a wider development community. Also read: Gamerholic Launches Steemit-Like Social Media Platform for Gamers Airbitz and WINGS Partner to Secure the New DAO Through the partnership, WINGS will implement sound processes for private key management, in turn making DAO participant actions more frictionless and overall increasingly secure. Airbitz’s blockchain-inspired, zero-knowledge

    AirBitz and WINGS Partnership Secures Future of DAOs

    | 2016/11/02 2:33 pm