• The Prime Minister of Malta has publicly welcomed the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance as it announces it is relocating to the country. Maltese PM To Binance: ‘Welcome To Malta’ In a fresh move confirmed by CEO Zhao Changpeng March 23, Binance will set up an office in the European nation and will close the requisite banking partnerships “soon,” Bloomberg reports. Binance has continued its astronomical rise which saw it overtake all other global exchanges’

    Binance Moves To Malta As Prime Minister Issues Public Welcome

    | 2018/03/23 6:15 am
  • Upbit, South Korea’s second largest crypto exchange, is planning to launch a new cryptocurrency index called UBCI (Upbit Crypto Index). The concept is to provide a standard index which can measure market conditions by suggesting and creating a coin quote standard. In a report by Business Korea this morning, it was noted that the company operating Upbit, Dunamu, aims to provide this index in order to make it easier for investors to understand overall market

    Upbit Exchange to Launch Korea’s First Cryptocurrency Index

    | 2018/03/23 1:00 am
  • The Wild West nature of cryptocurrency is a fertile ground for scammers. However, Paxful works overtime to protect the vulnerable unbanked from being scammed. In this day and age, it’s somewhat surprising to realize the vast number of people who have little to no access to institutionalized financial services. While regions like Africa feature a large proportion of these unbanked, their numbers can be found in even the most industrialized nations in the West. Being

    Paxful Protects the Vulnerable Unbanked from Being Scammed

    | 2018/03/20 5:00 pm
  • Nearly 16.3 million Americans, or 8 percent of the country, own some form of cryptocurrency, according to a new survey by Finder.com, which also found slightly more than 5 percent of Americans owned Bitcoin. If accurate, the results mark an increase from a study the Pew Research Center published in December 2016 that revealed roughly half of Americans had heard of Bitcoin but only 1 percent had traded, collected or used it. WHY ARE PEOPLE HESITANT TO BUY

    Over 16 Million Americans Now Own Cryptocurrency, Survey Finds

    | 2018/03/19 8:00 pm
  • Hackers involved in the high-profile Coincheck heist earlier this year may have successfully converted half of the stolen NEM tokens into other digital currencies. Hung out to Dry As reported by Japan Today, hackers involved in the large-scale Coincheck heist may have utilized the anonymous “dark web” — which has proved troublesome to investigators trying to track the stolen cryptocurrency then valued at roughly $547 million. According to a cybersecurity expert, hackers created a website

    Half Of Coincheck ’s Stolen NEM May Have Already Been Laundered

    | 2018/03/19 9:30 am
  • The global unbanked have been frozen out of most economic ecosystems, but Paxful is changing this through the selling of gift cards on their cryptocurrency exchange. The rich and elite have a lot of options when it comes to economic decisions. They can invest in gold, stocks, bonds, precious gems, artwork, real estate, automobiles, and cryptocurrency. The only snag they face is the wait to convert the value of one asset into another, but such

    Gift Cards and Paxful Offer Economic Options to the Global Unbanked

    | 2018/03/18 1:00 pm
  • One of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency wallet and trading platforms, Coinbase, has completed a deal with one of the biggest banks in Britain.  Bitcoin Trading to Become Easier for British Residents Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms worldwide, has announced that it successfully opened a bank account with the major British bank, Barclays. According to a recent CNBC article, most British banks have abstained from doing business with cryptocurrency-related businesses, in general, due to

    British Bank Barclays Partners with Coinbase

    | 2018/03/18 5:00 am
  • South Korea continues to make headlines in the cryptocurrency world as authorities raided and confiscated property from three cryptocurrency exchanges following a January investigation. Raiding Party Last month, legal authorities in Seoul raided three cryptocurrency exchanges. The raids followed a government investigation in January, which concluded that a certain amount of customer’s assets had been illegally transferred to exchange managers’ private bank accounts. According to lead prosecutor Jeong Dae-jeong, authorities conducted the raids over a three

    South Korean Authorities Raid Three Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    | 2018/03/18 1:00 am
  • Following the attempted breach of its systems earlier this month, popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced its plans to evolve its ecosystem by implementing a decentralized exchange. Binance Keeps Building Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, announced on Tuesday that the company is currently developing its own public blockchain for the transfer and trading of digital assets. The network will be called Binance Chain and is set to provide cryptocurrency traders of all kinds

    Big Things for Binance as Exchange Decentralizes

    | 2018/03/14 8:30 am
  • When a crypto exchange or digital wallet provider is compromised, the digital loot is often moved away so fast that there is no chance of recovery. This is what happened to Coincheck in January when 523 million XEM tokens were pilfered from the exchange. As promised, however, the Tokyo-based exchange has just completed reimbursing its clients for the loss. According to a report in the WSJ, Coincheck claims that it has completed the compensation it

    Coincheck Clients Compensated from Crypto Heist, XEM Soars

    | 2018/03/13 3:30 am
  • The attempted breach of Binance’s systems on March 7 sent a wave of fear through the crypto community. Binance is one of the world’s largest exchanges with over a billion dollars in daily trade volume. Many traders still leave a lot of their assets on the exchange so it is holding a very large pot at any one time which makes it a lucrative target, far bigger than any traditional bank. The company has realized

    Binance Seeks Bounty Hunters to Track Hackers – $250,000 Reward

    | 2018/03/12 3:00 am
  • The Winklevoss brothers are looking to add additional cryptocurrencies to the Gemini Exchange, while also praising the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent statements. Expanding Gemini The Winklevoss twins’ cryptocurrency exchange Gemini Exchange is looking to expand with the addition of Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Currently, Gemini Exchange only offers Bitcoin and Ethereum trades. Tyler Winklevoss claimed that the most obvious additions to Gemini’s roster of offerings “are from the Satoshi Nakamoto family

    Gemini Exchange May Soon Offer Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

    | 2018/03/10 9:00 pm
  • Financial regulators in Japan are set to dole out punishments to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges this week, in addition to shutting some down entirely. Cracking the Whip In 2017, Japan became the first country in the world to nationally regulate cryptocurrency exchanges, resulting in a total of 16 legally registered exchanges and 16 more legally allowed to operate while their applications are considered. Now, some of those exchanges are supposedly being ordered to close their doors,

    National Regulators to Shut Down Some Japanese Exchanges, Order Improvements

    | 2018/03/09 3:30 am
  • A class action lawsuit has been filed against popular California-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase on March 2. The lawsuit accuses Coinbase of both violating California’s Unclaimed Property Law and conducting unlawful and unfair business practices. Lost & Unfound The allegations against Coinbase stem from the exchange allowing its users to send Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash to external email addresses — as opposed to cryptocurrency wallets. The emails would come with a link allowing the recipient

    Coinbase Hit with SECOND Class Action Lawsuit for Violating ‘Unclaimed Property’ Laws

    | 2018/03/03 8:30 pm
  • As the interest in cryptocurrency trading continues to grow, many exchanges find themselves unable to cover the huge influx of new users. On top of that, fraud and recent hacks make many traders leery of using the available centralized exchanges. LocalCoinSwap offers traders a secure, decentralized alternative. The Rise of Decentralized Exchanges In the last couple of months, the interest and demand for cryptocurrencies and digital assets have exploded. Due to the huge interest from

    LocalCoinSwap: a Community Focused Cryptocurrency Exchange

    | 2018/03/02 11:45 pm
  • Superbowl champion and four-time Pro Bowler Richard Sherman is a big fan of cryptocurrency, having been in the game for years. He isn’t such a big fan of fees, though. ‘Skimming off the Top’ NFL defensive star Richard Sherman by no means bandwagon-ed into cryptocurrency. He actually got involved in digital currencies in 2014, when we started accepting Bitcoin payments for official merchandise. He’s also invested in Ethereum and Litecoin — which he claims have

    Richard Sherman Loves Crypto, But Hates Trading Fees

    | 2018/03/02 7:00 am
  • Goldman Sachs-backed startup Circle made waves earlier this week when it acquired cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. A couple of experts share their thoughts on the implications for the soon-to-be first compliant US crypto exchange and its customers. Most Crypto Exchanges ‘Over-Regulate Themselves’ As the dust settles on Circle’s acquisition of Poloniex, U.S. regulators are keeping a close eye on KYC/AML compliance of cryptocurrency exchanges. Joseph Weinberg, OECD Think Tank Special Advisor and Chairman of Shyft, a

    So Why Did Goldman Sachs-Backed Circle Really Buy Poloniex?

    | 2018/02/28 10:00 am
  • Regulators and banks in Thailand are slowly turning the screws on privately owned crypto exchanges operating within the Kingdom. Thai Digital Asset Exchange (TDAX) is the first to postpone registration and trading of new ICOs while it waits for a clearer regulatory framework from the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Bank Account Barred The move comes just a few days after one of the country’s leading banks halted transactions involving trading of cryptocurrencies with the TDAX.

    Thai Exchange TDAX Halts ICO Trading

    | 2018/02/26 5:30 am
  • After fighting the IRS in court, popular digital currency marketplace Coinbase has been ordered by the Northern District of California to turn over more than 10,000 users’ personal information and trade history — but it could have been much worse. The Taxman The Beatles once sang: If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street, If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat. If you get too cold, I’ll tax the heat, If you

    Coinbase Gives IRS More Than 10K Users’ Information

    | 2018/02/24 9:30 am
  • At long last, Coinbase’s popular US-based digital asset exchange GDAX now supports Segregated Witness (SegWit) transactions on the Bitcoin network. What is SegWit? SegWit  — short for Segregated Witness  —  is an important soft fork upgrade to the Bitcoin network which makes transactions significantly more secure and efficient. When sending transactions with SeqWit, the main part of the transaction is effectively segregated from the portion which authorizes it. In turn, this makes Bitcoin transactions even

    Coinbase Rolls Out SegWit Support on GDAX

    | 2018/02/23 3:45 pm
  • The popular stock market trading app announced cryptocurrency trading would be here in the coming weeks, and that day is finally here for the 1 million people who’ve signed up for the beta. Streamlining the Process of Buying In Robinhood is extremely popular with teenagers and young adults because it offers a completely fee-free way to invest in the stock market.  This can be very attractive to younger people as they don’t have to deal

    Robinhood App Goes Live with Cryptocurrency Trading

    | 2018/02/22 10:30 pm
  • Everyone’s looking to get the best deal when buying Bitcoin — but for seven lucky buyers, a Japanese exchange accidentally offered them the deal of a lifetime. Free Bitcoins! According to Reuters, a short-lived system glitch at Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif let seven customers briefly purchase bitcoins free of charge. Zaif’s accidental flash sale took place on February 16th and only lasted about 20 minutes. Unsurprisingly, none of the sales were validated. Zaif rendered the

    Japanese Exchange Accidentally Offers Free Bitcoins

    | 2018/02/21 8:30 am