• MrBitco.in announced that they have officially sold the last Litecoin on their ATM network and do not plan to support it on their platform in the future. According to an announcement on Reddit from the Netherlands-based collective, the reason to pull Litecoin sales from MrBitco.in ATMs is due to low interest in the currency and a small market. Dwindling user interest in Litecoin caused us to decide to stop selling Litecoin through our ATM network,”

    ATM Collective Drops Litecoin After Claims of Low Interest

    | 2015/01/30 8:00 am
  • Gem has just announced that they’re deploying custom Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from Thales e-Security as part of their wallet. The Venice-based bitcoin security platform harnessing lightweight code and multi-signature technology will utilize HSMs in a similar way as the military. The devices are used to protect military encryption keys along with mission secrets. If the military trusts the technology, it might just be good enough to store bitcoins. “Our engineers worked closely with the

    Gem Says Military Hardware and Bitcoin Security Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

    | 2015/01/29 9:00 pm
  • On January 22, the Czech Bitcoin exchange, WBTCB, launched a new service that will allow Czech residents to buy bitcoin at over 8,000 terminals around the country. After completing three steps, users will be able to have bitcoin in their hands. The ATMs do not require extensive identification documents and allows for anonymous purchases. The transaction is fee is 7%, which is higher than other Bticoin ATMs. According to Czech citizen and Reddit user Kamilosas, the

    WBTCB Brings Bitcoin to 8,000 Czech Terminals

    | 2015/01/29 3:00 pm
  • FinalHash CTO Marshall Long announced that they had just closed the deal on purchasing Betarigs. Betarigs is a popular service that allows Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency miners to rent hash power and point it at their pools or even lease out their personal miners to others. FinalHash has been part of the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ecosystem for quite a while behind the scenes. They have become more visibly active hosting recent the Hashers United conference in

    FinalHash Purchases Betarigs, Will Roll Out New Features In The Near Future

    | 2015/01/29 10:34 am
  • It seems as though financial figures from all over are beginning to take note of bitcoin, especially with the recent news of regulated exchanges. Every day, people are starting to see bitcoin appear in the headlines either from companies adopting it, its price rallying or falling, or making waves in the financial regulation sector. However, education on the short history still seems to be an issue for people looking to learn all they can about

    Stetson University Analyzes Bitcoin

    | 2015/01/28 8:00 am
  • Lighthouse, a decentralized crowdfunding platform, was first announced almost a year ago by Bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn. The project kept a low profile, but the Bitcoin community has been anxiously waiting for the project ever since it was announced. Finally, the project launched on January 20, almost an entire month into 2015. The Bitcoin wallet needed to use Lighthouse can be downloaded for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Lighthouse is the world’s first

    Lighthouse Finally Launches

    | 2015/01/22 9:00 pm
  • In the ongoing discussion about Bitcoin price volatility, one theory for a rapidly falling Bitcoin price is the fact that so many coins are mined every day. Currently, Bitcoin miners produce 3600 coins daily. These miners must pay bills, such as rent and electricity, which cannot presently be paid for with Bitcoin. Therefore, large portions of Bitcoin mining profit must be converted to fiat in order to pay expenses and keep Bitcoin mining operations afloat.

    Bitcoin Mining vs. Gold Mining: a Comparison

    | 2015/01/20 8:00 am
  • The North American Bitcoin Conference got off to a good start on January 17th, despite the tumbling value of Bitcoin in the last couple weeks. The presentations and panels were loaded with heavy weights in the industry, including Jeff Garzik of Bitpay, Henry Yeh of Binary Financial, Dan Morehead of Pantera Capital, as well Sam Dastyari an, Australian Senator, and many others. Several new innovations were on display as well, with Ledger Wallet showing off

    North American Bitcoin Conference Kicks Off, Brings Networking and New Idea Rollouts

    | 2015/01/19 7:04 am
  • The well known internet based bitcoin Tipping system ChangeTip has just announced in its official Blog that as of now it is able to send bitcoin through Facebook. The ChangeTip team is absolutely excited with the new feature and feels that this is great news for the bitcoin community.

    ChangeTip Brings Bitcoin Tipping to Facebook

    | 2015/01/18 8:47 pm
  • Security has come to be a real important issue when it comes to bitcoin wallets, and the ecosystem is always in constant demand for new features and innovative developments. The bitcoin authenticator is a new open project aiming to bring new developments and innovations to the Bitcoin security industry, and the first to introduce a bitcoin wallet to offer a practical decentralized wallet security solution.

    Interview with the Bitcoin Authenticator Development Team

    | 2015/01/17 8:07 am
  • Bitcoin’s price is hard to predict and notoriously known for its volatility. A new derivative trading platform is giving bitcoin traders a simple way to profit from calling bitcoin’s ever changing price. Action Crypto allows the user to pick a direction of either up or down; he or she thinks the price is going to be in a certain timeframe. If correct, the trader will receive the bitcoin he originally sent plus the whatever the

    Action Crypto: Bitcoin Binary Options Trading

    | 2015/01/16 7:13 pm
  • If the headline sounds too good to be true, don’t worry. It isn’t and there’s more. During an interview with Bitcoinist, Xapo CEO Wences Casares said that in the wake of Mt.Gox and Bitstamp, they’re ready to implement their newest features to prove their dedication to security. In a four-part announcement, the California-based company laid out their plans for 2015 that would make any bitcoin enthusiast giddy. Part One: The Deep, Deep Multi-Signature Cold Storage

    Xapo Announces Free Multi-Signature Deep Cold Storage; Five Private Keys Generated Offline and Scattered Across the World

    | 2015/01/15 5:00 pm
  • At the beginning of 2014, Wedbush Securities, a financial services and investment firm, decided to accept Bitcoin. A month later, the company released a research paper saying that speculation and trading on Bitcoin’s volatility, attributes regarded by most as holding back the currency, were actually its first killer app. The paper also noted that the currency would either be worth zero dollars or a million dollars. Since then, the institution has only increased their involvement

    WedBush Securities Is Looking For A Bitcoin Director

    | 2015/01/14 8:00 am
  • When people think of traditional banking, they often think of the building down the street full of tellers taking money into a vault. It’s associated specifically with traditional national currency and has been that way for years. But what if someone decided to take a more science fiction take on the idea of banking? Something associated with a futuristic utopia or even one of the Futurama television series? The SpaceBIT Banking Platform To SpaceBIT founders

    SpaceBIT Challenges Traditional Banking With Banking Above The Clouds

    | 2015/01/13 3:00 pm
  • After taking the internet by storm, Bitcoin and companies using Bitcoin are now looking towards the general public to offer them even more of the benefits that crypto-currency offers. Ever since Bitcoin has become more generally accepted in the world community as a viable payment alternative, the time has come to offer everyone in the world the choice to pay for common goods and services with Bitcoin.  André Stucki, the CEO and founder of Satoshkey said

    Activate Everything With The Swiss made Satoshkey.

    | 2015/01/10 8:00 am
  • Patrick Murck joined Quest Means Business to discuss the security concerns over bitcoin. from Bitcoinist.net on Vimeo. Patrick Murck discusses on CNN the Bitstamp hot wallet hack and how exchanges are doing better despite the hack in protecting customer funds.  He also illustrates that this is not a MtGox type situation as well as how far we have come in digital security. What do you think of his appearance on Quest Means Business?  Do you

    Patrick Murck Executive Director, Bitcoin Foundation on CNN Talks About Bitstamp Hack

    | 2015/01/09 12:15 am
  • This article is the fourth and final part of our coverage on the Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg 2014. In the first article, we summarized the lecture given by Alex Fork. He spoke about the potential that Bitcoin has beyond it’s financial potential; Fork believed that Bitcoin was a cultural experiment, that it could advance society as a whole. In the second article, we covered Michael Chobanian’s speech, which was about the efficacy of Bitcoin organizations.

    Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg Part 4

    | 2015/01/06 8:00 am
  • This is the third article in our series summarizing the Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg, Russia, which took place in early December of 2014. The information in our summary series comes from a report received from a conference attendee. In the first article, we gave a general overview of the conference and summarized the speech given by Alex Fork. In the second article, we summarized the second speech of Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg, which was given

    Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg Part 3

    | 2015/01/05 3:00 pm
  • ChiliPhone allows you to make long distance calls with a phone, from your web browser, and for a lower price than your local phone provider. The kicker, they accept Bitcoin. In fact, they only accept Bitcoin. “This is a service that lets you make cheap phone calls all around the world! You don’t need to download or install any software; you can call directly from your web browser!” – Chiliphone Chiliphone allows anybody with a

    Chiliphone: Phone Calls From Your Browser For Bitcoin

    | 2015/01/04 3:00 pm
  • This article is the second part of our coverage of Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg, Russia. In the last article, we gave a general overview of the conference as well as a summary of the lecture given by Alex Fork, the first speaker of the conference. In this article, we will summarize the speech of Michael Chobanian, the founder of the Kuna Bitcoin Agency. Michael Chobanian: The Efficacy of Bitcoin Organizations Michael Chobanian is the founder

    Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg 2014 Part 2

    | 2015/01/03 8:00 am
  • A lot of people talk about bitcoin as a new kind of currency, but Bitcoin is a whole lot more than that. The real revolution of bitcoin is that it can be used in account less applications while having an intrinsic ideological nature tied to it. For now the real positive application is that it could be something much like Visa or Paypal but it has the potential to replace it.

    Bitcoin Is Much Like the Internet in Its Beginnings

    | 2014/12/30 9:00 pm
  • AsicSpace is an interesting project led Damir Kalinkin and Robert Van Kirk, which involves hosting Bitcoin mining equipment. When I contacted Robert regarding an interview he was quite excited to answer my questions and he did so assertively. Robert answers questions regarding AsicSpace and their role in the bitcoin mining industry. He also addresses how AsicSpace works in a customer point-of-view which should be interesting to those interested in having your equipment hosted by them:

    Interview with Robert Van Kirk, VP of AsicSpace

    | 2014/12/30 8:00 am
  •   Recently Mate, Norbert and I were able to sit down and have a video review featuring the Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson. The SP20 is a very critical miner as it comes at a time when being able to mine at home is getting more difficult. The loss of home mining is happening due to the constantly spiking hash rate, increasing difficulty and the rise of the mega mining farms. Spondoolies-Tech is dedicated to Bitcoin mining

    Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson Video Review and Discussion

    | 2014/12/28 2:41 am