• As the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries continue to mature, one issue, in particular, is starting to rear its ugly head – women interested in restructuring the financial system with blockchain technology are finding themselves greatly outnumbered by their male cohorts. As such, women’s voices aren’t being heard, and men are reaping the highest rewards. ‘Blockchain Bros’ It’s no secret that men have dominated the early days of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space – but having more

    Does Cryptocurrency Have a Gender Problem?

    | 2018/02/26 11:30 pm
  • The newest IT craze, Blockchain technology, has disrupted a number of industries. Finance and banking are the most obvious through the popularity of Bitcoin. Healthcare is recently being given an upgrade through blockchain as well. A less sexy but equally important industry that is getting a blockchain shake-up is supply chain management. Aspects of supply chain management like shipping can be regulated through blockchain as Modum (MOD) and Ambrosus has been doing for a couple

    How Blockchain Is Impacting Supply Chain Management For Consumer Awareness

    | 2018/02/26 10:30 am
  • Despite calls for action from would-be regulators in Germany and France and Europol’s recent claim that $5.5 billion is being laundered in Europe via cryptocurrency, the European Commission still isn’t ready to force regulations on the emerging market. Haste Makes Waste Instead of rushing into regulatory measures, Pete Kerstens — leader of the European Commission’s fintech task force — has called for a more measured approach, telling a recent EURACTIV-organized and American Express-sponsored forum: We should

    Europe Still Isn’t Ready to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

    | 2018/02/26 9:30 am
  • Are you tired of the volatile ups and downs that come with trading cryptocurrencies? If you’re looking for maximum return with minimal risk, Phoenix might just have the answer you’re looking for. Forget About Volatility Phoenix is a decentralized autonomous organization based on blockchain technology, which offers a completely transparent financial algorithm. According to Phoenix’s whitepaper, this special mathematical algorithm helps users “increase their financial assets by a hundred times in only a couple of

    Phoenix is Taking the Risk and Volatility Out of Cryptocurrency Investing

    | 2018/02/26 8:30 am
  • Most can acknowledge the potential use cases of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, but if governments don’t recognize this technology as viable, what are the chances of true adoption? Governments all over the world have conflicting views on the applied use of blockchain technologies in traditional governmental systems. Some governments are afraid as it undermines and poses a threat to their current political and economic systems. They fear the replacement of systems which constrict average citizens

    Governmental Blockchain Adoption: Efficient and Transparent Government Systems

    | 2018/02/26 1:30 am
  • As various countries around the world consider launching a state-issued cryptocurrency of their own, Switzerland gets on board with the idea — in an effort to maintain its status as the crypto capital of the world. ‘It Would Be Good for the Economy’ According to reports, Swiss stock exchange chairman Romeo Lacher has strongly suggested the country issue a cryptocurrency version of its fiat currency, the Swiss franc, in an effort to boost the local

    Swiss Stock Exchange Chairman: E-Franc ‘Would be Good for the Economy’

    | 2018/02/25 12:00 pm
  • Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin endorsed blockchain technology during a meeting on Sunday with Herman Gref, the president of Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank. ‘We Need Professionals in This Field’ Gref, who said his bank would implement blockchain into its business, suggested to Putin that the Russian government should include blockchain technology in education and professional training, according to a translation by YouTube channel Russia Insight. Blockchain technology is one of the key components of cryptocurrency networks

    Vladimir Putin Endorses Blockchain: Russia Can’t Be ‘Late In The Race’

    | 2018/02/25 6:00 am
  • Amazing schemes and technological innovations are being tried and implemented to continuously enhance Bitcoin’s scalability, fungibility, financial confidentiality, and privacy. The Confidential Transactions (CT) tool is one of these schemes proposed to improve security and privacy. Now, to enhance CT capabilities, researchers are introducing a new efficient zero-knowledge proof protocol called Bulletproofs. Bulletproofs To Improve Bitcoin Confidentiality A team of researchers has recently put forward a paper entitled “Bulletproofs: Short Proofs for Confidential Transactions and

    Bulletproofs: The Latest Technique to Improve Bitcoin’s Confidentiality

    | 2018/02/25 1:30 am
  • Smart contracts are supposed to be just that: smart. However, some smart contracts currently circulating aren’t quite making the grade — with vulnerabilities exposing millions of dollars worth of Ethereum to potential theft. How Smart are Smart Contracts? Smart contracts are computer protocols meant to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the execution of contracts. Smart contracts’ ability to partially or fully self-execute and self-enforce makes third parties unnecessary when completing transactions — and thus provides superior

    Smart Contracts Might Not Be as Smart as You Think

    | 2018/02/24 7:30 pm
  • We love getting points. Especially through credit cards. It feels like we’re getting free stuff when we buy items with points. And credit card points are a part of a larger ecosystem called loyalty reward programs. These programs can be as simple as a punch card where your 11th burrito is free or as involved as airline miles and credit card points. Loyalty programs are advantageous for companies for two main reasons. The first is

    Why Blockchain Loyalty Programs Provide A Win for Companies and Consumers Alike

    | 2018/02/24 4:30 pm
  • As the sheer amount of data in India grows exponentially, Zebi is ready to secure high-value and sensitive data, while making sure it’s instantaneously available for legitimate use – potentially revolutionizing the management of big data in India and abroad. More Data, More Problems Solving India’s big data generation problem is no easy feat. The South Asian country has a population of nearly 1.24 billion, of which roughly one billion have some form of digital

    Zebi is Blockchaining India’s Big Data

    | 2018/02/23 1:00 pm
  • As debate rages upon the subject of gun control, a professor at Washington State University has suggested using blockchain technology to make an impact. The topic of gun control has become a hot topic once again in the United States due to the recent school shooting in Florida. As pundits from both ideological sides of the issue rage back and forth, a new wrinkle has emerged: blockchain technology. A professor of public health at Washington

    Could Blockchain Impact Gun Control?

    | 2018/02/23 4:45 am
  • Legacy financial institutions have generally taken a hands-off approach when it comes to cryptocurrencies due to their lack of transparency and promotion of anonymity. ivyKoin is looking to break down those barriers through its unique transfer of KYC (know your customer) and KYT (know your transaction) data via their blockchain network. Legacy Systems Need a Hero With trillions of dollars being transferred on an international scale daily and the growth trajectory of cryptocurrencies, a solution

    ivyKoin Seeks to Bridge the Gap Between Legacy Financial Institutions and Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/02/22 8:00 pm
  • Popular commodities pundit Dennis Gartman revealed a “sizeable” position in a ‘blockchain company’ whose shares recently plummeted following an expose that revealed multiple red flags.  I Believe in the ‘Technology Behind It’ When asked about investing in Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC back in December, commodities guru Dennis Gartman proclaimed that he’s “not selling any of it” and “not buying any of it” because it is “nonesense.” Gartman, however, took the safe path that

    Dennis Gartman Rekt By Blockchain-Pivot Scam After Calling Bitcoin ‘Nonsense’

    | 2018/02/22 6:00 am
  • For many content creators, managing their digital art and images over several platforms has always been a frustrating experience. IPStock aims to revolutionize this market; it offers a visual content registry on the blockchain, along with a license management system using smart contracts. Want to Sell Your Images? Good Luck. Many talented individuals around the world employ their photographic and graphics creations skills as a source of income. Photos and drawings can be uploaded to stock

    IPStock: Stock Images on the Blockchain

    | 2018/02/20 7:30 pm
  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and cryptocurrencies are some of the most exciting technologies of our lifetime. Could Kepler produce something even more incredible by combining these innovations? Kepler – Decentralized AI and Robotics From vacuum cleaner robots to autonomous drones, robotics is becoming increasingly important in our society. Despite this, Robotics is still a relatively small $80 billion industry, with projections indicating that it will triple in size over the next few years. Many think that

    Kepler Technologies – Paving the Way for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation on the Blockchain

    | 2018/02/20 5:30 pm
  • Great ideas often have the humblest beginnings, and it’s only after a ‘Eureka!’ moment that many realize their true potential. An excellent example is Avon, one of today’s most popular cosmetics companies, which began as a single door-to-door book salesman named David H. McConnell. McConnell noticed that he made more book sales when offering free samples of perfume to his female customers, and so he decided to drop the books permanently, setting up shop as

    How Blockchain is Unlocking Business Investment for Retail Participants

    | 2018/02/19 10:00 pm
  • The Telegram ICO is well on its way to its $2 billion goal as it raises a whopping $850 million during its pre-sale. When rumors leaked about a Telegram ICO, people took notice. The messaging app has become indispensable for many segments of society, especially for the crypto world. The overall goal of the app’s ICO is an eye-opening $2 billion, which would make it the largest ICO in history. While some scoffed at such

    Telegram ICO Details $850M Pre-Sale to the SEC

    | 2018/02/19 7:45 am
  • According to a Venezuelan official, Tuesday’s Petro pre-sale will have international reach, drawing potential investors from the US, Europe and the Middle East. It was just over two months ago that Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, announced his bold plan to introduce the country’s first state-controlled cryptocurrency. The Petro would act as a way to circumvent US-imposed sanctions, as well as combat hyperinflation in the country. In the case of the former, US financial institutions have

    Venezuela’s National Cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ Expected to Go Global

    | 2018/02/18 2:00 pm
  • While other European countries seek stricter regulations on cryptocurrencies, Spain looks to follow Switzerland’s lead and charge ahead of the curve by proposing crypto-friendly legislation. Spain on the Blockchain Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s People’s Party is ready to throw their full weight behind blockchain technology. The conservative party claims to be preparing crypto-friendly legislation with aims to entice blockchain companies, particularly by including tax breaks. According to Bloomberg, Teodoro Garcia Egea — the lawmaker

    Spain Seeks to Pass Crypto-Friendly Legislation

    | 2018/02/18 11:00 am
  • Both getting a job and hiring the correct candidate is an absolute nightmare. Luckily, Aworker is about to revolutionize the job market. HR Needs a Revolution As anyone who’s ever been on the job hunt knows, securing employment isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent graduate looking for your first real job or an industry veteran trying to transition into new things, the hiring process can be a complicated and time-consuming mess –

    Aworker – Disrupting the HR Industry Through Next-Gen Blockchain Technology

    | 2018/02/17 4:00 pm
  • A storm of dramatic change is yet to sweep the banking industry. In the most unprecedented revolution in centuries, blockchain will exert significant impacts on reforming the obsolete institutional system. Therefore, distributed banking public chain, just like DCC, will ultimately dominate the future financial industry model. In the digital-oriented 21st century, the contemporary banking industry is already behind the times, with its foundation constantly battered by waves of new technologies and models. Distributed Banking, the

    DCC: Distributed Banking, Future of the Financial Industry

    | 2018/02/17 1:00 pm
  • Atari, the iconic video game company, has seen their stock price rise after announcing they would be creating their own cryptocurrency: the Atari Token. For gamers of a certain age, nothing can transport them back to their childhood faster than by just hearing “Atari.” The name alone conjures up marathon gaming sessions of Pac-Man or Warlords (or Yars’ Revenge, my personal favorite) while sitting on the living room floor in front of the TV. Now

    Grab Your Joystick! Atari to Create Its Own Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/02/17 7:30 am