• The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) may have files on Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious Bitcoin creator. There are also indications that the country’s National Security Agency (NSA) might know the real identity (or identities) of Satoshi Nakamoto. CIA Refuses to Comment The CIA has reportedly issued what is known as a “Glomar response” to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Daniel Oberhaus, a staff writer on Motherboard. According to Oberhaus, the CIA

    CIA Doesn’t Deny Having Files on Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

    | 2018/06/15 3:00 pm
  • According to Peter Tchir, there is an ongoing manipulation of bitcoin price. What the macro and fixed income expert isn’t sure of is whether such price manipulations are against the law. The DOJ recently began investigating suspected trading malpractices in the cryptocurrency market. Whales and Miners Influence Bitcoin Prices Writing in an op-ed for Forbes, macroeconomist Pter Tchir states that he’d be surprised if there weren’t any shenanigans going on with the way Bitcoin prices

    Bitcoin Price is Being Manipulated, Says Forbes Macroeconomist

    | 2018/05/29 12:30 pm
  • Despite the steady decline in Bitcoin prices, the network hashrate continues to increase astronomically. Why are miners contributing more computing power to mine a cryptocurrency that has struggled over the past five months? Market analyst, Naeem Aslam believes the trend implies an upcoming price increase. Bitcoin Fundamentals and Market Indices at Odds with Each Other From an economic perspective, it makes no sense for miners to spend more money mining Bitcoins when the price continues

    Price Will Catch Up to Bitcoin’s Record Hashrate By Q3: Analyst

    | 2018/05/26 1:00 pm
  • 2 April 2016 – Wikileaks has published the transcripts of an IMF teleconference detailing a conversation between two top IMF officials. The transcript details plans to manipulate Greece into accepting “Draconian Measures,”  in the words of Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos, by manufacturing a financial crisis that affects the nation, and the rest of the European Union through the ECB. Aside from the validations of the core concerns of Cryptocurrency adopters, the leak may be

    Wikileaks IMF Leak Validates Crypto Adopter Concerns

    | 2016/04/03 5:09 am
  • The Inside Bitcoins conference is coming to Seoul, South Korea on December 9-11, 2015, and San Diego, California on December 14-16, 2015. One individual who will be speaking at the events will be Hans Lombardo of allcoinnews.com on the subject of Bitcoin and small business. Lombardo has 16 years of experience with disruptive technologies and uses his knowledge to run the news publication he co-founded amongst his many projects. The media outlet provides editorials featuring decentralized

    Hans Lombardo: ‘Bitcoin Can Help So Many People In The Developing World’

    | 2015/12/05 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin startups (and the inevitable venture capital funding), have seen a trend away from Bitcoin and a new focus on the underlying technology, the blockchain. Are these indicators that spell the end of Bitcoin, or just a short-lived fad? Also read: Bitstamp to be Banned by Theymos for Supporting BIP 101 The blockchain right now is used for storing transaction information from the blocks miners mine, creating a chain of blocks (hence the name). Transactions

    Bitcoin vs. Blockchain: Inside Bitcoin Speakers Weigh In

    | 2015/12/01 8:00 am
  • The Blockchain Agenda Conference hosted by Inside Bitcoins is coming to San Diego. The event will convene at the San Diego convention center with executives and innovators from across the globe who work with the technology. Leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will provide keynotes and seminars for new users and enthusiasts to learn from their expertise. Guests featured in the California city will be Hans Lombardo of Allcoinsnews.com, Brennen Byrne of Clef, and

    Brennen Byrne Of Clef: ‘Decentralization Is A New Technology Itself’

    | 2015/11/28 8:00 am
  • The Inside Bitcoins conference in San Diego will be held from December 14 to the 16 of this year. The conference has been covered by Bitcoinist in many states such as New York, and this is the beginning of many interviews with the speakers that will be attending the conference. Today, we have Steven Michaels, the founder of the Digital Currency Institute, an educational and certification service founded to help individuals better understand the benefits of

    Inside Bitcoins San Diego: Digital Currency Institute’s Steven Michaels Speaks

    | 2015/09/09 12:00 pm
  • Inside Bitcoins is coming to Chicago, Illinois July 10-11, 2015 at the Navy Pier. Speakers at the event will include top industry experts and professionals who will share insights into the cutting edge of bitcoin. Bitcoinist is proud to be an official media sponsor of the event. Also Read:Inside Bitcoins Comes to Chicago The schedule and complete list of confirmed speakers and sessions have been officially announced. Some of the sessions at Inside Bitcoins Chicago

    Inside Bitcoins Chicago: Speaker Highlights

    | 2015/06/30 3:00 pm
  • MecklerMedia’s Inside Bitcoins Announces Schedule for its Chicago Launch, including Blockchain Agenda and Startup Competition; July 10-11, 2015 at the Navy Pier (New York, NY – June 16, 2015) – MecklerMedia Corporation announced the list of confirmed speakers and sessions for its Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo in Chicago, Illinois, taking place at the Navy Pier on July 10-11, 2015. The event will cover a diverse range of topics including blockchain-based startups, bitcoin markets and

    MecklerMedia’s Inside Bitcoins Announces Schedule for its Chicago Launch

    | 2015/06/16 9:56 pm
  • Moonga is an online trading card game compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Moonga was released in January 2010 by EverdreamSoft SA. In this game, users need to own their card decks to battle other user’s decks in a very similar approach of Magic the Gathering. With only five years, the game is already very popular counting with over 50k users. Also read: Spells of Genesis – A Blockchain Based Trading Card Game Since

    Moonga and Spells of Genesis: Taking Cryptocurrency to Online Gaming

    | 2015/06/15 7:00 pm
  • Inside Bitcoins is excited to host its next bitcoin event on July 10-11 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. The 2-day event will take place at the Navy Pier and feature the most pertinent bitcoin topics. Some of the sessions will be on blockchain-based Startups, investing, security and risk mitigation, fintech innovation, Bitcoin for non-profits, and mobile payments. Also Read: Bitcoin Meetup Growth Around The World (April 20th – May 19th 2015) Perhaps one of the most exciting elements

    Inside Bitcoins Comes to Chicago

    | 2015/06/12 3:00 pm
  • Article by Kyle Torpey The Bitcoin Foundation has been wrapped up in controversy throughout its entire existence, but the non-profit organization could turn a new leaf with the appointment of Bruce Fenton as the new executive director. Fenton delivered a clear, concise presentation about the future of the Bitcoin Foundation at Inside Bitcoins NYC 2015, and he made some statements that could possibly grab the attention of even the most adamant haters of the foundation. Throughout his talk, Fenton

    Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Bruce Fenton Outlines Plans for Improved Transparency at Inside Bitcoins NYC

    | 2015/04/30 9:00 am
  • Here is Bitcoinist’s day 3 coverage of the Inside Bitcoins New York conference! Also read: Inside Bitcoins New York Day 2: Afternoon and Evening Solving Real Business Problems with the Blockchain Peter Kirby, President of Factom, opened day 3 of Inside Bitcoins New York with his lecture on using blockchain technology to solve real business problems. Factom, Kirby’s blockchain project, builds on top of the Bitcoin blockchain — much like how many useful applications are built on top of the

    Inside Bitcoins New York Day 3: Morning and Noon

    | 2015/04/29 9:01 pm
  • Here is Bitcoinist’s coverage of the afternoon and evening sessions of the Inside Bitcoins day 2 coverage! Also read: Inside Bitcoins NYC Presentation Day 1 (Morning till Noon) DigitalFX: A New Asset Class for Investors After the lunch break, Brian Kelly, contributor for CNBC’s Fast Money,  Founder and Managing Member of Brian Kelly Capital LLC, and author of The Bitcoin Big Bang, took take the stage to talk about investing in Bitcoin and start-ups in the Bitcoin world. According

    Inside Bitcoins New York Day 2: Afternoon and Evening

    | 2015/04/29 4:29 am
  • Bitcoin: The Final Piece of the Protocol Puzzle. Bitcoin is VoIP, Bitcoin is TCP/IP, Bitcoin is anything, and Bitcoin is everything. The second day of the Inside Bitcoins Conference in NYC was phenomenal. Inside Bitcoins NYC Keynote The first session of the second day of Inside Bitcoins NYC was kicked off by keynote speaker Mr. Dan Morehead. Morehead is Founder and CEO of Pantera Capital Management. He created Pantera Capital Management in 2003. In his keynote

    Inside Bitcoins NYC Presenation Day 1 (morning till noon)

    | 2015/04/28 9:45 pm