• Decentralized insurance platform Inchain launched its ICO on October 21, 2016, and will run it until November 24. The company has encouraged investors to participate in the ICO, calling it a “unique opportunity” to invest in a first-of-its-kind insurance solution for cryptocurrency service providers. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Inchain: Decentralized, Ethereum-Powered Insurance The company expects its decentralized to be welcomed by cryptocurrency platform operators and wallet providers, who have suffered

    Inchain Holds ICO for Decentralized Insurance Platform

    | 2016/11/06 6:05 pm
  • ChronoBank.io, a blockchain project aimed at innovating in the short-term recruitment sector, has launched a new website to promote the December ICO for its “time-based” cryptocurrency. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. According to the company, its “Labor Hour tokens” will allow employers to enter into profitable short-term recruitment contracts with new employees. In a press release, the team noted that their idea is simply a refresh of a form of money

    ChronoBank Launches Website Promoting Labor-Backed Cryptocurrency

    | 2016/11/06 1:00 pm
  • As organizations realize they can cover costs by printing their own money, they’re increasingly looking towards creating their own forms of cryptocurrency to access funds. These altcoins can take on a wide variety of shapes and forms, with the underlying technology or mining incentives varying or often mysterious from coin-to-coin. The deluge of altcoin tokens in circulation has muddled investors’ ability to discern legitimacy from myth. Also read: Did Chinese Rumors Crash the Bitcoin Price? How Accurate

    Lawnmower: Industry-Grade Information for a Next-Gen Altcoin Exchange

    | 2016/11/06 5:00 am
  • This week, CoinAgenda organizers announced the final winners of the startup competition held at the Las Vegas conference on October 25-26. Also read: Altcoin Report: Zcash ‘Bug’ Diminishes Privacy CoinAgenda Startup Competition Places Blockchain Business Ideas in Front of Potential Investors The firms participating in this competition showcased their products and services, all of which utilize blockchain technology to solve existing problems or create new experiences and business opportunities not possible without the blockchain. Seventeen businesses

    CoinAgenda Announces Startup Competition Winners

    | 2016/11/04 3:00 pm
  • The bitcoin price has exploded in recent weeks, breaking $700 USD for the second time in 2016. Many analysts attribute this bullish activity to the economic slowdown occurring in China, along with the devaluation of the renminbi (RMB), which reportedly leads Chinese investors to buy bitcoin as a safe-haven asset.   Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by BitKan The Chinese economy has been in a slow decline since the beginning of 2016, with a depreciating

    OTC: The Silent and Growing Sector in the Bitcoin Trading Markets

    | 2016/11/04 1:00 pm
  • The upcoming free-to-play MOBA title Beyond the Void started a month-long ICO on OpenLedger earlier this week on November 1. During the fundraiser, the game’s developers will sell Nexium (NxC) tokens to jump-start the title’s in-game economy. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Beyond the Void to Create a Working Blockchain Economy According to developers, Beyond the Void is the first-ever competitive MOBA to use a smart contract-backed token economy powered by the

    Beyond the Void Launches ICO for MOBA Cryptocurrency

    | 2016/11/03 1:00 pm
  • Incent Loyalty, an Australian-based company, wants to tap into the potential of loyalty rewards points through creating a tradable, “open-value” token called Incent, which customers use to gain and trade loyalty points near-instantly and worldwide. While low-cost blockchain technology helps to solidify storage, Incent Loyalty’s consumer facing applications can be personalized to align with the branding of merchant partners. Also read: AirBitz and WINGS Partnership Secures Future of DAOs Incent: Tokenizing Loyalty Rewards To provide

    Incent Brings Loyalty to the Blockchain With ‘Open Value’

    | 2016/11/03 12:00 pm
  • Bitcoin wallet and security solutions provider Airbitz recently announced a partnership with WINGS to integrate Airbitz’s Edge Security login to decentralize private key security and help make DAOs accessible to a wider development community. Also read: Gamerholic Launches Steemit-Like Social Media Platform for Gamers Airbitz and WINGS Partner to Secure the New DAO Through the partnership, WINGS will implement sound processes for private key management, in turn making DAO participant actions more frictionless and overall increasingly secure. Airbitz’s blockchain-inspired, zero-knowledge

    AirBitz and WINGS Partnership Secures Future of DAOs

    | 2016/11/02 2:33 pm
  • Disclaimer: This is a press release provided by Hobby Mining. Hobby Mining, one of the largest Bitcoin mining resources on the web, has launched new content in four additional languages. Its popular Bitcoin mining hardware article has now been translated into French, Spanish, German, and Italian. More and more people are taking interest in Bitcoin every day and its growth is not slowing down. Hobby Mining’s founder, Jordan Tuwiner, believes Hobby Mining and other resources

    Hobby Mining Launches Bitcoin Mining Posts in New Languages

    | 2016/11/02 10:03 am
  • Jaxx wallet users can join the Zcash party starting immediately, with live integration completed today. Also read: Money 20/20 Panel: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Zcash User Demand Drove Jaxx Integration Decentral, which created the universal blockchain wallet, said it was responding to significant community demand and interest in Zcash. Jaxx also aimed to ensure Zcash was ready as close as possible to its official launch date. As of Tuesday morning EST, Zcash is immediately available on

    Jaxx Wallet Now Live with Zcash

    | 2016/11/01 11:29 pm
  • The vDice Crowdsale (ICO) starts on November 15th. Disclaimer: This is a press release provided by vDice. VDice Announces ICO ICO on Ethereum people are taking note of the platform. The vDice team have created the world’s 1st live, working, fully decentralized gambling platform. Using the power of Blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contracts, it is a new paradigm in online betting. There are few live, working Dapps on Ethereum, processing transactions securely. People want to

    vDice Publishes Code Audit for ICO

    | 2016/10/30 4:33 pm
  • Apptrade, recently announced at CoinAgenda in Las Vegas, and covered by Forbes contributor Roger Atkins, will hold an ICO with OpenLedger. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. This ICO is one of three upcoming crowdsales on the OpenLedger platform that will reportedly bring mainstream attention to the ICO method of fundraising, according to the decentralized conglomerate. Apptrade: ‘The Stock Market of Apps’ Apptrade, calling itself “the stock market of apps,” presents a

    Apptrade to Hold ICO on OpenLedger, Mainstream Investors Expected

    | 2016/10/30 1:00 pm
  • Centz, a digital currency service letting users convert gift card balances to cash, will hold an ICO in November, hosted by OpenLedger. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Centz: Turn Gift Cards Into Digital Cash   Announcing its service at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, Centz uses a specialized digital currency called “Centz Gold Bucks” (CGB) to convert gift card balances to digital cash, letting users spend their balances on anything. To use

    Centz Gift Card Service to Host ICO on OpenLedger

    | 2016/10/29 3:43 pm
  • This week at the CoinAgenda conference in Las Vegas, a group of leading cryptocurrency investors, experts, and entrepreneurs discussed ongoing trends in the Bitcoin and blockchain industries. At the center of this discussion was the rising “Appcoin” phenomenon, a topic which sits in murky legal waters. Also read: Bitcoin Price Keeps Booming, Another $30 Rise in the Books CoinAgenda Las Vegas 2016, organized and run by Michael Terpin, co-founder and chairman of BitAngels, was well received, with one prominent attendee

    CoinAgenda Recap: Investors, Entrepreneurs Convene in Las Vegas

    | 2016/10/28 3:00 pm
  • Beyond the Void, and upcoming MOBA title geared towards eSports competitors, will become the first game ever to raise development funds through an ICO. Hosted on CCEDK-owned OpenLedger, the sale starts Tuesday, November 1, 2016. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Beyond the Void is a real-time strategy game, designed for competitive play. The game’s developers told press they want to tap into the ever-growing eSports market, which brings in hundreds of

    ‘Beyond the Void’ to Be First-Ever MOBA to Hold ICO

    | 2016/10/28 1:00 pm
  • LAS VEGAS — At CoinAgenda, OpenLedger CEO Ronny Boesing said his company is “taking ICOs mainstream” by opening pre-investment to 3 new funding projects, all of which are unrelated to the cryptocurrency market. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Three Companies to Draw Attention to Blockchain Through OpenLedger ICOs   Boesing said that the three incoming ICOs will be fore Apptrade, Centz and Beyond the Void, all of which will reportedly attract

    OpenLedger: 3 New ICOs Have Crypto ‘Going Mainstream’

    | 2016/10/26 5:00 pm
  • Note (10-31-2016, 10:34 AM EST): This article has been updated to remove the stated 45,000 Ether number that was originally reported as having been raised by Vulture Capital. The number came from a misreport; Vulture Capital said that it had raised the minimum Ether required, but it has not disclosed a specific number at this point in time. Vulture Capital, working with Hedley Productions to integrate cryptocurrency into the film industry, has announced that the

    Vulture Capital Hits Crowdfunding Minimum for ‘Listen Carefully’

    | 2016/10/26 1:00 pm
  • On Tuessday afternoon at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, Daniel Montellano, director of strategic business development at Shift4 Corporation spoke to the benefits of using the EMV standard (also known as “chip”) technology, as well as how blockchain technology will affect payment processors. Also read: HYPR Announces $3M Funding Round for Biometric Security Products Shift4, a leading pioneer in initially implementing tokenization technologies into the payments world, serving over 33,000 merchants, provides industry-level secure transaction environments. EMV

    Shift4 Discusses EMV and Blockchain Cooperation in Payment Processing

    | 2016/10/26 12:00 pm
  • HYPR, an encryption-specific solution to enable secure biometric login authentication, announced on Tuesday that it has secured $3 million USD in funding from RTP Ventures, Boldstart Ventures and Mesh Ventures. Also read: Only Permissioned Blockchaines Can Transform Finance, Says Chain’s Ludwin This announcement, coupled with an ever-increasing roster of multi-national customers in the banking industry and beyond, underscores the fact that biometric authentication is a key realm for advancement in login security, person-ability, and user control in securing biometric data. Speaking

    HYPR Announces $3M Funding Round for Biometric Security Products

    | 2016/10/26 8:45 am
  • Who really understands what a blockchain is? Could you explain it to your mother? Chain CEO Adam Ludwin got down to fundamentals yesterday, as he explained his company’s intention to transform financial services by digitizing already-existing assets. Also read: Visa Introduces Blockchain-based Solution for Payment Services Ludwin spoke on a Tuesday afternoon panel with at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas. Blockchains Transform Finance From the Bottom Up Assets including U.S. dollars and Starbucks points

    Only Permissioned Blockchains Can Transform Finance, Says Chain’s Ludwin

    | 2016/10/26 4:37 am
  • LOS ANGELES — Bitcoin IRA, marketed as the first and only bitcoin-based retirement investment company, has announced a gold rebate for new clients. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoin IRA Giving Away Free Gold New account holders automatically qualify for the rebate, paid out in gold eagle coins. The size of the rebate depends on the size of the new account, with the rebate schedule as follows: $15,000 bitcoin investment = 1/10

    Bitcoin IRA Is Giving Away One Ounce Gold Coins to New Customers

    | 2016/10/25 9:00 pm
  • SAN DIEGO — Airbitz, a popular bitcoin wallet provider, has announced the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign through Wefunder. Through Wefunder’s BitPay integration, Airbitz will become the first company to raise bitcoin investments in full compliance with Title III of the JOBS Act. Also read:  Technical Analysis: Explaining the Weekend Bitcoin Price Rally Airbitz to Raise Funds in Compliance With SEC Rules The JOBS Act — or the “Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act —

    Airbitz to Leverage US JOBS Act to Raise Funding for Expansion

    | 2016/10/24 10:02 am
  • Recently, EasyBit announced the installation of 6 Bitcoin ATMs in 4 states across the US. The company expressed confidence in the future success of these machines, even dismissing news that “money mules” had used Bitcoin ATMs to launder money as a service to other criminals. Also read: ShapeShift Removes Support for Ethereum Following Forking Mishap The money mule accusations  are the latest in a long and growing list of alleged crimes that have been facilitated by Bitcoin

    Bitcoin ATM Industry Reacts to ‘Money Mules,’ Changing Markets

    | 2016/10/22 8:03 am