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  • A Fork Too Far? BitPico Cancels SegWit2x... Again Bitcoin, News, News teaser

    A Fork Too Far? BitPico Cancels SegWit2x… Again

    BitPico, the entity who vowed to carry out the SegWit2x Bitcoin hard fork after its cancellation, has canceled it again. BitPico: This Was ‘Nothing But A Waste Of Time’ In a circular  posted on Sunday, the once virulent BitPico adopted a despondent tone, saying the “markets had spoken” and that the exercise “had been nothing but a waste of time.” The statement in the circular reads: We are backing out of the SegWit2x effort; the

    · November 13, 2017 · 11:30 am
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    Ghost In The Machine? Hard Forks Live On For Bitcoin.com & BitPico

    SegWit2x ‘FUD’ is already surfacing as some industry players react in unusual ways to the death of the Bitcoin hard fork. Ver Forces 100% Bitcoin Cash On Bitcoin.com The multitude of anti-2x businesses and other entities celebrated developers cancelling SegWit2x Wednesday, urging faster adoption of existing SegWit for Bitcoin. Of those supportive of hard forks, however, some have expanded on their allegiance and vowed not to give in to a Bitcoin core-dominated future. Chief among

    · November 9, 2017 · 7:00 am