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Press releases

24 hours until Lecture 1 of The SAFE Network from First Principle

Press releases

24 hours until Lecture 1 of The SAFE Network from First Principle


In just under 24 hours Erick Lavoie, computer science Ph.D candidate at McGill University, will be giving the first lecture of The SAFE Network from First Principles, an online class designed to explain the routing layer of the SAFE Network. The lecture will be broadcasted on Hangouts and viewers will be able to ask questions.

A trailer of the class is available on YouTube, and some of the insights in the trailer are summarized below.

Basic Motivations for the SAFE network

  • Edward Snowden revealed there is little to no Internet privacy
  • Lack of ownership of personal data on services like Facebook
  • We rely on cloud services that can be shut down even when demand for them is high (e.g google reader was shut down even though it had 1 Billion active users.)


  • In the works for 8 years now
  • Everything is open-source
  • Raised over 6M USD worth of BItcoins in April 2014

The SAFE Network

  • Protects all the data and communication with cryptography
  • Remove single points of failure (no servers)
  • All nodes in the system have equal rights and responsibility
  • No nodes can be targeted by attacks that compromise the integrity of the whole system
  • Handles failures by automatic replication of data
  • Enforces cooperation of nodes with decentralized consensus

SAFE Network Core Ideas

  • Uniform ID Space
  • Closeness
  • Local View
  • More on these to come …

The first lecture of The SAFE Network from First Principles will be broadcasted on YouTube as well as on Hangouts, and a live countdown is playing until then. Learn more about the upcoming lecture on Facebook or MeetUp, and if you are in Montreal, join the lecture in person at the Bitcoin Embassy. If you have not yet visited MaidSafe online, click here to open their website on a new tab.

Photo Source: MaidSafe Youtube Channel

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