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Give Bitcoin And Crypto Holding A Boost With Hodlnaut


Bitcoinist | Dec 09, 2020 | 09:00

Give Bitcoin And Crypto Holding A Boost With Hodlnaut Sponsored Article

Give Bitcoin And Crypto Holding A Boost With Hodlnaut


Bitcoinist | Dec 09, 2020 | 09:00


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become the best performing asset class of 2020, drawing enormous attention and demand from investors everywhere. 

Beyond the use of cryptocurrencies as a speculative investment, a growing trend across the industry has brought about new ways to earn, similar to traditional banking services. One such company supercharges crypto holding profitably – here’s how. 

Hold On For Dear Life This Bull Run With Hodlnaut

The crypto slang term “HODL” is an acronym representing the phrase “hold on for dear life,” coined by early Bitcoin investors who warned others not to sell when things become volatile.  

Selling Bitcoin has proven time and time again to be a mistake. With the asset trading at new all-time highs, anyone who has ever bought BTC at any point before has been profitable. And a new trend is only just now blossoming, making now the very worst time to sell.

This is precisely the type of market conditions that caused the term to be coined in the first place. More and more users are moving their BTC off exchanges to hold for the long-term. But rather than just leaving assets sitting idle in a cold wallet, using Hodlnaut, you can get even more bang for your BTC.

The Singapore-based firm was founded by two crypto industry veterans and Bitcoin maximalists, Juntao Zhu and Simon Lee. The goal was simple – maximizing profitability and making holding digital assets even more attractive, thus speeding the adoption of such related services and products. 

Zhu and Lee combined their crypto market experience with holding and industry ingenuity to develop Hodlnaut – a new way to store crypto-assets while letting users earn interest above and beyond regular price appreciation. 

The project is backed by some of the region’s leading investment firms, including Three Arrows Capital, Sparrow, and custody partner BitGo. Hodlnaut is also a member of the Singapore Fintech Association and is working closely with the Monetary Authority of Singapore on licensing.

But that’s just a little bit of why Hodlnaut is trustworthy and can solve real-world challenges.

What Hodlnaut Offers Holders Over Cold Storage

Hodlnaut is a new type of custody service, built in conjunction with BitGo secure wallets. It lets long-term or even short-term holders extract even more value out of their crypto holdings. Any supported cryptocurrencies that are deposited earn a yield back in-kind.

It can supply handsome interest rates owing to the high demand for digital assets. The cryptocurrencies deposited on Hodlnaut are lent out to select, highly vetted margin trading platforms. In exchange, users earn interest on their deposits.

Rates range from 6.2% APY to 8.3% APY across Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI, Tether, and USD Coin. Current crypto users are plainly holding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for the long term expecting to turn a positive ROI.

Payouts are made every Monday on interest, and users are automatically provided the best interest rate offered without the need to make any internal account changes. That’s because Hodlnaut’s main goal is to help you leverage your crypto holdings to make better profits. 

Keeping these assets on Hodlnaut instead guarantees at least some profitability, regardless of market conditions. And if things continue to climb in crypto, the gains from Hodlnaut will compound along with the rest of your cryptocurrency holdings. 

Sign up takes five minutes or less, and after a short KYC process, users can begin making deposits for free. There are no lockdown periods, so users are able to deposit and withdraw their crypto at will, earning an APY whenever their coins are held with Hodlnaut. 

With crypto valuations once again going to the moon, hold on even tighter with Hodlnaut and get more bang for your BTC than ever before. To learn more, visit the Holdnaut website and sign up today.

Disclaimer: The information presented here does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The statements, views, and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author/company and do not represent those of Bitcoinist. We strongly advise our readers to DYOR before investing in any cryptocurrency, blockchain project, or ICO, particularly those that guarantee profits. Furthermore, Bitcoinist does not guarantee or imply that the cryptocurrencies or projects published are legal in any specific reader’s location. It is the reader’s responsibility to know the laws regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs in his or her country.



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