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HaoBTC Launching New Innovative Product: Hashrate Exchange


Bitcoinist | Dec 01, 2016 | 06:20

HaoBTC Bitcoinist Press releases

HaoBTC Launching New Innovative Product: Hashrate Exchange


Bitcoinist | Dec 01, 2016 | 06:20


Beijing-based HaoBTC has announced the release Hash-Ex, enabling users to earn a share of the company’s mining income. 

[Note: this is a press release]

What is HaoBTC Hash-Ex about?

It is a new inventional APP in HaoBTC Wallet. Using this service, you may own a part of HaoBTC mining income and will be able to exchange it however you want. 

Let’s first speak about Hashrate. Hashrate is a measuring unit of the computing power of Bitcoin network. Bitcoin network makes intensive mathematical operations for security purposes, that’s why it is measured in P and T (1P=1000T). 

When the network reached a Hash Rate of 10 Th/s, it meant it could make 10 trillion calculations per second. Depending on your Hashrate proportion you may get a corresponding percentage of Bitcoins. As an example, nowadays Network Hashrate is 2000P and 1800 BTC is mined per day. So if you have 1P of Hashrate, then your income per day will be: 1800 BTC/ 2000 P=0.9 BTC; if you have 1T of Hashrate, your income per day will be 0.0009 BTC.

Previously, if you want to mine Bitcoins, you would have to purchase miners and electronic devices, find a suitable place, connect machines to the Internet and have stable and cheap electricity. If something goes wrong – you will have to bare all the risks and costs by yourself. As we can imagine, it’s a hard and complicated work if you are not a professional. That’s why nowadays, personal mining has almost been excluded. But as far as in the very beginning Bitcoin Network supposed to be available for everyone, HaoBTC keeps this strategy and expands Bitcoin through simplifying it’s technical options for non-professional users. Revolutionary product we’ve opened to the World is the Hasharate Exchange! 

Sharing HaoBTC Hashrate with users is based on Bitcoin Network Standards as following:

1) Standard measuring unite: Terabyte – innovative and more profitable comparing to “power per machine” Hashrate. We add up all the machines’ power, unify it and sell out equivalent shares with zero loss of funds. 

2) Two standard Power Consumptions: 150WT with 0.15 kWh per 1T consumption and 300WT with 0.3 kWh per 1T consumption. We provide one of the lowest costs for electricity: 0.32 CNY per 1kWh. Reduce more than 50% of electricity costs.

3) Standard Income: everyday at 8 AM Beijing time after costs reduction, users will be getting profit on their Hash-Ex account. Everyday’s income, costs and profit will be available to see and analyze. 

4) Constantly Working: we are making standardized products and do not lean on such factors as weather, power supply, Internet connection, luck etc. As long as income is bigger than electricity costs, you will always be getting the profit on your account. If sometimes, income cannot cover the costs (of Bitcoin Network reasons), you will not get any profit, but as previous conditions recover, the profit will be paid again.

5) Owner Rights: you may own or sell out your Hashrate at will; we provide a specialized account and platform for Hashrate Exchange. 

Product Details:

HaoBTC has two types of computing power: 

  • 150W/T uses 0.15 kWh per Terrabyte
  • 300W/T uses 0.3 kWh per Terrabyte

E.g., if Alice buys 1000T of 150W/T Hashrate on 23 Nov. 2016, then on 24 Nov. 2016 she would have 0.87665 BTC mined. After deduction of electricity cost, she will have 0.65722 BTC received. 

If Bob buys 1000T of 300W/T Hashrate on 23 Nov. 2016, then on 24 Nov. 2016 he would have 0.87665 BTC mined. After deduction of electricity cost, he will have 0.43779 BTC received. 

Most important features HaoBTC Hash-Ex:

  • Cloud mining: No need to purchase, transfer, install, debug and maintain the miners;
  • Steady computing power: HaoBTC bears all the risks, you get your Hashrate 100%;
  • Low electricity price: most competitive prices in the whole network;
  • Easy transactions: purchasing 1T and above and start “mining”, exit any time.

Why HaoBTC Hash-Ex is the BEST choice?

1) Convenient – do your easy “home mining”;

2) Professional – our experienced Operation team can guarantee the best performance of miners;

3) Low costs – cheap electricity and NO any FEE for maintenance and management;

4) Reliable – HaoBTC is stable on the Market and worth to be trusted.

How to use Hash-Ex?

To use Hash-Ex you must have a HaoBTC Wallet account. Under Wallet control panel you can see all the provided APPs, one of them is Hash Exchange. 


  • In the top-right corner you may find Deposit and Withdraw buttons, which you should use to transfer BTC in and out of your main Wallet account. 


  • In the top-left corner you may choose the power consumption and check on it’s price, costs and profit. 


  • Below the information panel of Hash-Ex you can find the purchase panel, Exchange rates, orders’ and transactions’ status and details.

We welcome all Bitcoiners to start using Hash-Ex, be able to mine Bitcoins by your own, and have a stable Bitcoin income everyday! If you have any questions, you may contact us by email: 

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