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HeartBout – The Social Network That Rewards Users’ Activity Announces Ongoing Pre-ICO


Bitcoinist | Dec 21, 2017 | 12:30

Press releases

HeartBout – The Social Network That Rewards Users’ Activity Announces Ongoing Pre-ICO


Bitcoinist | Dec 21, 2017 | 12:30


HeartBout is a new generation of social network where users are rewarded for their activity in the form of HBC cryptocurrency.

A decentralized reward system based on blockchain technology will allow HeartBout users to earn money on publications, “likes”, comments and votes in the social network. Thus, the activity of users within the social network will be monetized, that will serve as an excellent incentive for spending more time in HeartBout than in ordinary social networks.

To start using the HeartBout social network you need to register. The user’s profile will contain all the necessary information about him. Once the user is authenticated, he/she gets access to the Subscriptions Feed screen with 5 tabs: Subscriptions Feed, User Feed, Add Content (Publication/Challenge), My Activity, My Profile.

Ordinary “likes” in the social network are replaced with “hot” hearts. The user can also leave his “dislike” – “cold” heart. The content (publications, comments) in HeartBout is sorted by categories “Hot”, “New”, “Best”, “Not Sure”, getting into one of which depends on the number of “hot” and “cold” hearts. In addition, for the convenience of filtering, users can create categories – sets of tags by interest.

An innovative function of HeartBout will be the ability to throw a “Challenge” to another person having specified a rate in HBC, after which the publication of the user who throws a “Challenge” will compete with the post of the user who received a “Challenge”. According to the results of the voting, the winner takes his money and the opponent’s rate, excluding the system fee. With the help of group chats in HeartBout, you can not only communicate, but also share content, issue “Challenges”.

In addition, HeartBout will provide excellent advertising opportunities for advertisers, as it will become a large advertising platform due to the constant growth of the number of unique users, and will offer lower price of $0.002 for one impression compared to other social networks, representing the basic price for one impression.

Within the HeartBout social network, the user himself creates his earnings, and at the same time makes the system more capitalized, since each unique user of the social network increases the coverage of advertising, thereby the cost of HBC is rising. Thus, each of the HeartBout’s users depends on its further development: entering into the social network and showing activity, the user not only receives HBC tokens but brings in the contribution to the system!

On the official website of the HeartBout project, you can already see how the interface of the social network will look and what functions will be provided to the users. With HeartBout, you can not only make publications, vote and communicate, but also create your own categories, compete and earn! For launching the web version and mobile application, development of working beta versions of which will be completed by April 2018, the project’s team conducts ICO.

About the HBC Token

Name: HeartBout coin (abbreviation – “HBC”), is based on the ERC20 standard

Price: 1 HBC ≈ $0.051

Purpose: Reward for user activity. Payment of advertising exposure in the social network.

The HBC token economy: The advertisement standard for the HeartBout social network that guarantees the exchange of the issued HBC tokens to the relevant amount of advertisement exposures in the HeartBout social network by its holder’s request and according to the current exchange rate.

Emission of the HBC token: Tokens are issued daily, once 24 hours, between 10.00 pm GMT and 02:00 am GMT, according to a strictly defined formula based on the number of daily unique users that have visited the application during 24 hours, on the token intrinsic value in US dollars and other indicators.

Distribution of daily issued tokens: Performed between authors, voters, and miners as a reward.

Use: For the HBC token you can buy views of native ads which will be placed in the friends’ timeline and in public timeline with categories and will be perceived as a part of the viewable content in the feed. Moreover, it will be possible to exchange the token on cryptocurrency exchanges after the end of the ICO in July 2018, and the HeartBout’s team plan to create their own domestic exchange to provide maximum convenience.

Increase in value of the HBC Token: The holders of HBC tokens will be able to transfer them to the cryptocurrency exchanges from their wallet in the user profile and exchange them for other currencies. The recommended cost of the HBC token directly depends on the number of unique users in the system, and the more this number is in the system presumably the more expensive token HBC is.

Taking into account the projected growth of the HeartBout’s audience, the advertising that is much cheaper in comparison with competitors and due to the limited issuance of HBC tokens, it is possible to predict the HBC token price growth at the market with a high degree of certainty.

It is expected that the selling ICO price of 1 HBC token of $0.051 will rise to the price of $5,1 (the growth on 10 000%) in 7 months after the launch of the HeartBout’s social network, making the token attractive for purchase within the ICO.

The HeartBout Pre-ICO

1st stage: from December 15, 2017, to December 31, 2017, with the maximum bonus from the token’s price at a rate of 35%!

The number of issued tokens for the 1st pre-ICO stage: 1 028 154 HBC

The goal of the 1st pre-ICO stage: 100 ETH

2nd stage: from January 30, 2018, to February 28, 2018, with a bonus of 20% from the token’s price.

The number of issued tokens for the 2nd pre-ICO stage: 9 189 125 HBC

The goal of the 2nd pre-ICO stage: 1100 ETH

The HeartBout ICO

1st stage: from April 1, 2018, to April 30, 2018, with a bonus of 15% from the token’s price.

The number of issued tokens for the 1st ICO stage: 15 724 706 HBC

The goal of the 1st ICO stage: 2 000 ETH

2nd stage: from May 10, 2018, to June 30, 2018, with a bonus of 10% from the token’s price.

The number of issued tokens for the 2nd ICO stage: 24 058 800 HBC

The goal of the 2nd ICO stage: 3 242 ETH

Join the PRE-ICO of an exciting social network of the new generation HeartBout now, because the number of tokens selling at the most favorable price is limited!

Official website:


Images courtesy of HeartBout

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