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Bitcoin PR Buzz is a New Blockchain Platform for Valuation of Knowledge


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Nov 18, 2017 | 12:15 is a New Blockchain Platform for Valuation of Knowledge Bitcoin PR Buzz is a New Blockchain Platform for Valuation of Knowledge


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Nov 18, 2017 | 12:15


Knowledge has always been thought of as something extremely important, especially in the current information age, but it is still a very intangible thing for most people. If we post something knowledgeable and helpful on Quora, Reddit or any other question-centric website, we get a lot of upvotes and likes — but we don’t get money, or anything with real-world, tangible value. aims to change that. It is developing a new decentralized platform that aims to reward the knowledge workers with tokens and will undergo an ICO in January 2018.

The new blockchain-based platform aims to form decentralized knowledge sharing networks that enables an increased interaction between knowledge contributors and rewarding participants in different discussions on the basis of the quality of their content. It is the first attempt to truly democratize and monetize the way knowledge is shared and valued.

According to the co-founder of Steven Englander, he and his team envisage a functioning ecosystem and platform where knowledge flows freely between knowledge providers, advertisers, users, and partners, where people learn from the knowledge that is shared and apply it directly in different sectors like education, employment, and commerce. is certainly not the first knowledge-sharing platform in the market. There are different models available on the internet right now.

LinkedIn is a somewhat knowledge-platform where knowledge workers can showcase their skills and get connected with recruiters who are in need of such special skills. LinkedIn’s operating income crossed $1 billion in recent year and is expected to increase in the coming years.

Quora, a question thread-based knowledge sharing platform that is very useful for people in the requirement of information and know-how is a very important website and you must consult it for trusted answers. It is worth $1.8 billion right now and is going to start ad campaigns soon enough.

But, the problem with the current platforms is that the knowledge workers and sharers are only appreciated with words, shares, and upvotes. wants knowledge-based workers to earn money from what it is that they know.

The modern knowledge platforms don’t have much for the knowledge workers. Even decentralized platforms like Steemit that reward users for the usefulness of the content they have shared have seen limited success. It is because the value of knowledge vis-a-vis quality and quantity is something not easily measurable. aims to introduce an e-learning platform that is rewards-based and appreciates and celebrates knowledge in its core. Here, users make use of a revolutionary way to validate each other’s knowledge and expertise, while at the same time being connected with advertisers who can pay them with knowledge tokens,’s native token. These knowledge tokens can also be used to pay for a variety of services on the platform.

With a base of over 10 million tokens questions across a topic spectrum, aims to generate a set of virtually endless threads of questions and answers. People with knowledge can now actually earn money in the form of knowledge tokens, even the young school and college kids who know enough about the topic. They can then use these tokens to pay for their tuition and even have pocket money because of their pure capability as a knowledge provider. How cool is that? 

ICO will launch its ICO on January 15th, 2018, offering up to 50,000,000 Knowledge tokens for sale to the general public. The crowdsale seeks to raise the funds needed for the continued development of its knowledge sharing platform, with the majority of proceeds dedicated to company growth.

About has its conceptual origins in the recognition, rewarding and celebration of knowledge. It considers that all knowledge is valuable not only to the individual that possesses it but to the society that benefits from interacting with that knowledge.

Through a platform that integrates educators and employers with advocates and knowledge sharers, all knowledge participants can exchange and value knowledge through voluntary or gamified interaction. believes that its solution will be the first able measure the value of knowledge, while its model of incentivization will aid the development and propagation of knowledge crucial to the improvement of education, economy, and society.


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