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Legendary Bitcoin Advocate Charlie Shrem Now Advisor of Eligma


Bitcoinist | Mar 29, 2018 | 11:00

Legendary Bitcoin Advocate Charlie Shrem Now Advisor of Eligma Press releases

Legendary Bitcoin Advocate Charlie Shrem Now Advisor of Eligma


Bitcoinist | Mar 29, 2018 | 11:00


March 27, 2018 – Charlie Shrem, one of the world’s leading crypto entrepreneurs, has joined the advisors of Eligma. Shrem’s expertise in token economy and management will help further Eligma’s mission to draw on the advantages of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to make commerce easier, faster and more transparent for buyers and vendors alike. The Eligma advisor team is convinced that this cognitive commerce platform aiming to revolutionize the world of shopping comes in at the right time to offer effective solutions to the current commerce challenges.

Crypto Pioneer Charlie Shrem to Enhance Eligma

Charlie Shrem has left a profound mark on the business world as a co-founder, manager, and advisor of various entrepreneurial ventures with an innovative edge. He was one of the first to embrace bitcoin and is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, an organization with a mission to promote the standardization of bitcoin and its use for the benefit of users worldwide. He is also known for his business and community development role in Jaxx, a multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet that enables the management of digital assets, and currently furthers bringing cryptocurrencies into mainstream business through the CryptoIQ company.

Shrem’s interest in commerce and social economy goes hand in hand with Eligma, which aims to make high technology, cryptocurrency use and the transparency of blockchain transactions part of mainstream shopping. Its features include a highly effective AI-driven product search, cryptocurrency transactions at online and offline stores, and an automated inventory and resale listing solutions for one’s property. This will enable effective used product circulation and represent an important step towards sustainable commerce.

Shrem states:

Everyone who is part of the crypto world aspires toward building trust into digital currencies and using them as part of their daily consumer life. For this reason, Eligma stands for an exceptional revolution, not only in the shopping sense, but also in terms of making the general public aware of the practical advantages that cryptocurrencies offer. I am excited to collaborate on a set of commerce solutions that I am looking forward to using myself, so I hope Eligma enters the market as soon as possible.

Impressive Advisory Board to Support Eligma’s Quest

Charlie Shrem is the latest to join the eminent line-up of Eligma‘s advisors. Other names on the list include Andy Baynes, former Director of Environmental Technologies at Apple; Sunny Saini, a Commodity Manager at Google; and Peter Moricz, former Vice President at JP Morgan Private Bank in London, among others.

Dejan Roljic, Eligma founder and CEO, states:

It is a great honor for us that our vision of a powerful alternative in commerce has resounded with Charlie Shrem, one of the most renowned representatives of the crypto community. We are certain that our collaboration, along with the contributions of our other advisors, will result in a product that is far-reaching in its technology but easy and practical to use at the same time.

Eligma has already yielded its first practical result: in mid-April, its cryptocurrency transaction system will start being tested at the BTC City shopping and business center, where it will be implemented at a number of stores. This makes BTC City the first shopping center in the world where cryptocurrency transactions will take place. In order to be able to advance its research and innovation, the Eligma project started a pre-sale of its tokens on 20 March, with the crowdsale to follow on 17 April.

To learn more about the AI-driven blockchain platform that is about to transform online and offline shopping, visit


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About Eligma

Eligma is set to change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items online. With its unique features, it will offer users a “one-place” from which they can shop in all online stores anywhere in the world, check the value of the items in their inventory and learn the best time to sell them. Eligma will offer users a completely decentralized universal loyalty program and help transform every household into a business while are also bringing cryptocurrencies mainstream by offering crypto transactions at online stores even if those stores don’t offer them yet.

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