Reading: LuckyHouseWriting Website Launch! Go check them out!

Bitcoin Businesses

LuckyHouseWriting Website Launch! Go check them out!

Bitcoin Businesses

LuckyHouseWriting Website Launch! Go check them out!

I originally did an article about LuckyHouseWriting, as well as a promotion for our readers to boot. Recently, they have asked if I did another one regarding their new website launch and was glad to do so.

If you haven’t already read the previous article or don’t feel like reading it, here’s a brief summary.

Our founder, Jack LucKy, founded this company a short time ago. With a large network of over twenty writers, we hope to expand large enough to provide writing to any and ALL on the web. We are a Freelancing Solution Company. This means that we cater to the client on anything they need that involves writing. They submit what they need to us at [email protected], and that act yields a quality article in under 24 hours every time!

As you can see, LuckyHouseWriting is a one-stop solution for anyone that requires writing done! They do everything from articles to essays, even ghost writing if the situation calls for it. Also, if your willing to pay more you can get it in 12 hours (2x) 6 hours (4x) and so on and so forth if you want it even faster.

For those interested, here is how the process works taken from LHW’s website:

First, the requested product is submitted to our executives. This can be done by emailing or calling us! Click to contact us! Once the product is accepted and the down payment (if necessary) is processed, we send the details of the request to the writer that is most specialized in the required field. Once the writer verifies that he has begun writing, we will notify the client. After the writer finishes the assignment in the requested time (this time will be decided by the client), the product is sent up to our first editing station. This station includes one editor that specializes with grammatical errors. Once the edits (if necessary) have been made, the product is sent up to the second editing checkpoint. This checkpoint specializes in sentence fluency and aesthetic appeal of product. Once that check is completed, the product is once again forwarded to our executives for the final check. This check goes over the entire product. If our executives deem it to be below our standard, it is rejected and sent back to the writer for re-writing. If it passes this final check, it is sent to the client. If it is up to the expected standard of the client, we then request the full payment for the product. If it doesn’t meet the client’s standard, it’s free!

LHW is also a startup company that is a Bitcoin Believer, paying employees in Bitcoin and even holding 50% of Bitcoin and not immediately turninig it into fiat like some companies.  Check out the following websites for more information.

LHW’s Website:


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