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Making The Internet Free From Control Through Decentralization: Introducing Decenternet


Bitcoinist | Aug 06, 2018 | 12:15

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Making The Internet Free From Control Through Decentralization: Introducing Decenternet


Bitcoinist | Aug 06, 2018 | 12:15


In a world where big data companies are gathering information about users and controlling what they see, Decenternet is a platform that frees people from the digital chains of the powerful intermediaries.

26th July, 2018, LOCATION: The hottest topic today is privacy and control on the internet, specifically it being violated and taken away from users. Decenternet is a blockchain solution that gives the power back to the public by eliminating all sources of privacy invasion and control.

Privacy, Control and Monetization of Data

A world without the internet is unimaginable today. The service has become such an integral part of the world’s working that a disconnection or disruption can bring whole nations to a grinding halt. Big companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and others essentially control what information a user can get access to. Browsers constantly monitor what users search, view, read and watch. This data gets stored by these companies, only to either sell it, or use it to give targeted information to the users. As such, not only is the privacy of internet users violated, but these companies essentially can (and do) control what users can view.

With companies integrating every opportunity into every aspect, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are discreet in collecting data in the background – listening, recording each action, app usage, internet search and even texts.

Decenternet’s Approach

Decenternet is a decentralized internet service that creates a whole new ecosystem that is based on its’ open source platform. Big companies’ control is disrupted through it since it gives protection to users from their data being available. Along with this protection, it makes its source code public, allowing anyone to view and audit the entire code, giving true transparency back to users. Decenternet comprises of three essential services:

  • Osiris Browser: A browser aimed at giving the fastest experience to users, the Decenternet native Osiris browser is free from bloatware or any coding that would violate user privacy. The browser can be used to access the regular internet and the decenternet at the sametime.
  • Anuvys OS: An operating system that is based on Linux, the world’s most successful open source OS, Anuvys is a free OS that gives users freedom and privacy, while being extremely light to use. The OS does not collect information on user activity and is completely free to use.
  • Liberty Search Engine: Bringing back the true meaning of search engines, Liberty gives user results simply by looking up the keywords. Results are not based on rankings, influenced or distorted or withheld in any way whatsoever. Like the browser and OS, Liberty is free for use.

Practical Uses of Decenternet

One of the most effective usages of Decenternet is imparting education through the Anuvys OS. With places where the central government controls the flow of information, crucial and vital data becomes inaccessible to students, leading to a twisted view on different aspects of life.

Working in tandem with the Osiris browser, Anuvys will bring a revolution in education, allowing true information being available and giving young minds the proper data for becoming a productive member of society.

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