bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price to Reach $1500 by December as Support Continues...

Technical indicators show that the bitcoin price is now preparing for a large, upward movement following the growth of...

Ramiro Burgos | Nov 28, 2016 | 08:22

Bitcoin Price Pulls Back, But Hope for $800 and Beyond Still Strong

It’s happened again, folks. After a stellar increase...

Nick Marinoff | Nov 24, 2016 | 09:26

Bitsane Opens ‘State-of-the-Art’ Cryptocurrency Exchange...

DUBLIN, Ireland — This week, Bitsane launched its...

Bitcoinist | Nov 22, 2016 | 12:00

Bitcoin Price Gets a Boost, $800 Still Within Reach

The bitcoin price has gotten a push since our previous...

Nick Marinoff | Nov 22, 2016 | 07:16

Happy Holidays: Bitcoin Price to Double by Christmas?

Transferring a well-known flag pattern, bitcoin price...

Ramiro Burgos | Nov 21, 2016 | 09:39

Bitcoin Markets Poised for Rally Amid Economic Uncertainty

After showing its strength to a massive public scope...

Ramiro Burgos | Nov 14, 2016 | 05:00

Bitcoin Price Is Moving Back up, but Fear of Bears Still Remains

Crypto enthusiasts encountered a bit of a scare a few...

Nick Marinoff | Nov 08, 2016 | 08:00

Bitcoin Price: Recent Drop a Brief Pause in Larger Rally to $920

Bitcoin price volatility has increased, building...

Ramiro Burgos | Nov 07, 2016 | 07:35

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Price to Hit $1500 By Year-End?

The bitcoin price has recently launched into an upward...

Ramiro Burgos | Oct 31, 2016 | 08:00
Bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price Watch: Are We About to Hit $700?

The bitcoin price has risen by nearly $30 since our last price piece and is hovering around $650...

Nick Marinoff | Oct 25, 2016 | 12:00
Money 20/20 Vegas

BTCC Announces Mobi Wallet at Money 20/20

On Monday morning at the Money 20/20 conference, Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC announced the launch of...

Ryan Strauss | Oct 24, 2016 | 18:49

Technical Analysis: Explaining the Weekend Bitcoin Price Rally

The prevailing bitcoin price resistance was overcome by a little flag pattern this past week, which...

Ramiro Burgos | Oct 24, 2016 | 09:01
bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price Drops: Where do We Go From Here?

A bit of a fall has occurred on bitcoin’s side. Since our last price piece, the bitcoin price...

Nick Marinoff | Oct 21, 2016 | 08:00
Altcoin News

Poloniex Seeks Regulatory Clarity From CFTC Following Allegations

Popular Bitcoin and altcoin exchange Poloniex has...

Ryan Strauss | Oct 19, 2016 | 07:44

Bitcoin Price Breaks $640, Are We About to Go Even Higher?

The bitcoin price has undergone another small rise...

Nick Marinoff | Oct 17, 2016 | 12:02

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Price to Hit $820 Soon?

If you thought the ride to $640 was exciting, you...

Ramiro Burgos | Oct 17, 2016 | 06:52

Bitcoin IRA Launches Investment Returns Calculator

LOS ANGELES — Bitcoin IRA, a company that provides...

Bitcoinist | Oct 15, 2016 | 12:17

Bitcoin Price Makes Huge Gains as Chinese Yuan Crashes

The bitcoin price has risen by $21 since our last...

Nick Marinoff | Oct 12, 2016 | 22:36

Bitcoin Price: Markets Still Set for Rally After Sustained Highs

The bitcoin price is approaching a trigger zone at...

Ramiro Burgos | Oct 10, 2016 | 07:16


This is an incredible story of a system that WAS BORN...

Bitcoinist | Oct 07, 2016 | 11:03

Bitcoin Price: Billionaire Bill Gross Prefers BTC Over Central...

The bitcoin price hasn’t moved since our last price...

Nick Marinoff | Oct 06, 2016 | 08:05
Kim dotcom

Kim Dotcom: Bitcoin Price Will Hit $2,000 in Two Years

Bitcoin has undergone an impressive rise and is hovering at around the $611 mark. That’s about...

Nick Marinoff | Oct 04, 2016 | 08:03
Calm Before Storm

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis: Calm Before the Bull Stampede

Bitcoin remains at the same price level from last week, reinforcing the $600 support area for the...

Ramiro Burgos | Oct 03, 2016 | 08:07

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