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Bitcoin Price ‘Will Fill’ $8.4K Futures Gap, Says Crypto...

Bitcoin may sink to just above $8,000 in the short term in order to keep in line with its historical behavior, new crypto analysis suggests. BTC To Descend Below $9k? Currently...

Anja van Oosterhout | 3 months ago
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Bitcoin News

Is Bitcoin Price Rally Running Out of Gas? May be

Mike McGlone believes Bitcoin’s current volatility is unsustainable and as it tapers off BTC price will enter an extended period of consolidation. Bitcoin Price will Drop as...

Eustace Cryptus | 3 months ago
bitcoin futures dictating price
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Futures Activity Dictating Market Direction as Price...

It has been another day of gains on crypto markets and yet again bitcoin price is surging. Just like yesterday, traders in Asia are dictating movements as BTC shot past $12,000 a...

Martin Young | 3 months ago
LedgerX bitcoin futures fail

Failure to Launch: The LedgerX Controversy

LedgerX CEO, Paul Chou, is really mad and apparently his company is not offering physically-settled Bitcoin futures contracts yet… Failure to Launch On Thursday LedgerX CEO Paul Chou...

Eustace Cryptus | 3 months ago
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Bitcoin News

LedgerX Launches Physical Bitcoin Futures Before Bakkt

U.S. citizens can now purchase physically settled Bitcoin futures contracts using LedgerX’s Omni platform. What does this mean for Bitcoin price? If You’re Not First You’re...

Eustace Cryptus | 4 months ago

There Are Now More Ways Than Ever to Invest in Crypto

Bitcoin’s recent price boom has spiked interest in crypto, hailing a new wave of adoption that creates a kind of snowball effect. The current bull run likely stems, at least in part...

Bitcoinist | 4 months ago
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Emerging Markets

Could Complex Bitcoin Derivatives Be The Next Big Thing

According to a widely circulated report last week, a number of firms are launching new derivative products tied to Bitcoin. Structured products and bond-like derivatives are being...

Martin Young | 4 months ago
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Bitcoin Set For Massive Growth as New Futures Platforms Enter the...

Bitcoin figures are eyeing the potential for a massive institutional investment boost in Q3, as Binance, ErisX and Bakkt get ready to launch their own bitcoin derivative platforms. ...

Anja van Oosterhout | 4 months ago
Bitcoin CME
Bitcoin Investment

CME Bitcoin Institutional Interest Hits New Record – Up 80% YOY

CME Bitcoin futures reached a record all-time of 5,311 contracts or $250 Million this week, as new Institutional money flows into the Bitcoin derivative market. The Importance of...

Ollie Leech | 5 months ago
moonshot rocket bitcoin
Bitcoin Investment

Bakkt Will Start ‘Moonshot’ Bitcoin Futures Testing In...

Institutional trading platform Bakkt has announced the latest intended launch date for its Bitcoin futures – and compared the event to the first moon landing. Bitcoin Futures...

Anja van Oosterhout | 5 months ago
cme bitcoin futures

Bitcoin Futures Record Volume Reflects ‘Incremental’...

Record Bitcoin futures volume in May is leading mainstream media to determine that Bitcoin is becoming a mature financial asset class. CME’s Half-Billion Dollar Bitcoin Market As...

Anja van Oosterhout | 5 months ago

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