Bitcoin transferred $11 trillion usd in wealth

Bitcoin Transferred $11 Trillion in Wealth Since Inception

Bitcoin (BTC) has completed transactions worth $11 trillion since its inception, a recent compilation of data shows. The value of the network thus grows constantly, with the occasional...

Christine Vasileva | 2 months ago
reverse transaction

Can You Cancel Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transactions? Yes, Here’s How

Every confirmed bitcoin transaction is irreversible. But is it possible to cancel unconfirmed bitcoin transactions? Why Bitcoin Transactions Remain Unconfirmed An unconfirmed bitcoin...

Christina Comben | 7 months ago
transaction fees
Breaking News

Bitcoin Fees Soar as Bithumb Overpays to Move Funds Following Hack

Bitcoin transaction fees have soared over the past 24 hours — likely due to Bithumb cleaning out its hot wallet in an effort to secure its remaining funds after hackers allegedly...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 1 year ago
Bitcoin Once Again Boasts Fast Speed, Cheap Transactions

The website admins have reverted to the original 2010 website front page. This decision comes after months of controversy that the pull request on the website’s GitHub...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 2 years ago

Is BitPay Lying About ‘Network Cost’ as Bitcoin Fees at...

Cryptocurrency users continue to complain about unfair fees imposed by payment processors, with one calling out BitPay for charging a 0.2% transaction fee. BitPay ‘Lying About...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago

SegWit Transactions in Bitcoin Hit 30% For First Time

SegWit usage on the Bitcoin network has hit 30% in a new all-time high sparked by uptake from major industry businesses and services. High-speed, Low-fee Bitcoin Emerges Citing data...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago
Want Faster Bitcoin Transactions and Lower Fees? Try These Workarounds

Want Faster Bitcoin Transactions and Lower Fees? Try These...

Your Bitcoin transactions don’t have to be expensive and slow. With a little bit of know-how and pre-planning, you can keep transaction times and fees at a manageable level...

Samuel Rae | 2 years ago
The Signal Founder Has a Plan to Fix Cryptocurrency

The Signal Founder Has a Plan to Fix Cryptocurrency

Many cryptocurrencies are trying to replace Bitcoin by offering faster and cheaper transactions. The founder of the popular messaging app Signal has a plan to truly fix cryptocurrency...

Ashour Iesho | 2 years ago

How to Send a Bitcoin Transaction for Under Ten Cents

One of the biggest issues emerging in the Bitcoin space over the last few months is the monstrous transaction fees that users have to pay in order to transfer funds from one address to...

Aman Ladia | 2 years ago
Kraken Reduces Fees Amidst Community Backlash

Kraken Reduces Fees Amidst Community Backlash

The Kraken Exchange has lowered their withdrawal fees in response to a community backlash towards increases earlier this week. On June 8, Kraken announced it would be increasing its...

Matthew Neuteboom | 3 years ago
Bitcoin Transaction Fees Surpass $1 For First Time Ever

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Surpass $1 For First Time Ever

For the first time in Bitcoin’s spectacular and controversial history, the cost of doing a Bitcoin transaction has easily passed the $1 mark, limiting the effectiveness of using...

Evander Smart | 3 years ago

Bitpay Raises Invoice Minimum 2400%, CEO Says Bitcoin ‘Working...

BitPay has announced it is raising its minimum invoice amount from 4 cents to $1 as an “exponential” increase in miner fees takes its toll. BitPay: Micropayments Becoming...

Wilma Woo | 3 years ago

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