dApp decentralization

The Road to DApp Decentralization is Still Being Paved

It still seems to be a controversial viewpoint to some, but it’s nevertheless a fact that most “decentralized” applications (dApps) are heavily centralized.  Security researcher...

Bitcoinist | 9 months ago
This DEX Project May be Fiat’s Layer 2 Solution

AdEx: Revamping Digital Advertising Via Blockchain Technology, Now Out of Beta

Blockchain technology has been hailed as a disruptor of several aspects of the global business process since its emergence. For Adtech startup AdEx, decentralization holds the key to...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
blockchain conference
Press releases

Autonomy 2040 calls for innovators and enthusiasts to jointly reveal the key factors of the...

Autonomy 2040 announces the second-anniversary celebration event for the blockchain community that will be held on January 17-19, 2020  in Tulum, Mexico, and invites enthusiasts and...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
International Women’s Day 2020: Why Universal Basic Income Is A Feminist Issue
Press releases

Not-For-Profit GoodDollar Secures Funding For 2020 As UBI Project Celebrates First Birthday

GoodDollar, the non-profit organization aiming to reduce global wealth inequality through blockchain technology and universal basic income (UBI) principles, celebrates its first...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
what is eos
How to

What is EOS? How is it different from other blockchains?

EOS is a blockchain-based network with an open-source MIT software license. EOS was built by a developer community on top of Block.one’s EOSIO protocol. Today, it is one of the...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
how to buy ethereum eth
How to

How to buy and store Ethereum (ETH)?

Almost all activities, on the Ethereum network, are powered by its native crypto token Ether or ETH. ETH boasts of a $20 billion market cap and a circulating supply of ~108 million...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
ethereum 2.0 developments
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What is Ethereum, and how does it work?

Ethereum is second to Bitcoin on the cryptocurrency market rankings. But what is it? What powers the second most valuable blockchain? How does it function?  In this digital age, we...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
everprove blockchain validation
Press releases

Your Documents Are Important – Claims Everprove, a Digital Contracting Startup Leveraging...

Small-value contracts carried out between individuals rarely engage lawyers or notaries. Their documentation is haphazard, their enforcement in case of a dispute is difficult...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
timvi stablecoin
Press releases

New Timvi Secured Algorithmic Stablecoin Enters The Market

The test model of the new Timvi (TMV) secured algorithmic stablecoin was launched today, i.e. September 18, 2019. The emission of the stablecoin is not subject to the influence of any...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
Zygot matic
Press releases

Zygot Liaises With Matic Network To Facilitate Secured Invoice Exchange In A Decentralized...

Zygot has partnered with Matic Network, which with its scalable architecture, allows ZygotERP to migrate important aspects of their engine, the first being a fast, P2P and secure...

Bitcoinist | 2 years ago
Tony Robbins Bitcoin

Tony Robbins Explains How Bitcoin Works to His 3 Million Followers

If you’ve recently wondered, “What the heck is bitcoin, and how does it work?” then you’re probably new around here. Life coach, Tony Robbins, just explained...

Emilio Janus | 2 years ago

Web Creator Tim Berners-Lee Ready to Drive Decentralization Forward

Berners-Lee gave us the web nearly 30 years ago, but it didn’t quite work out the way he expected. As blockchain proponents work to provide decentralization and remove the technology...

Melanie Kramer | 2 years ago

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