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Ready, Set, Trade – The 100-day, 6 Million Digitex Trading Battle Starts Today!

17/01/2020, Providence, Seychelles – Digitex Ltd, a commission-free bitcoin futures exchange, has launched the Digitex Daily Trading Battle. In the anticipation leading up to the...

Bitcoinist | 5 months ago
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Digitex Futures CEO: Only Way We’ll Kill BitMEX Is If Arthur ‘Dies Laughing’

They say that Bitcoin is volatile. But compare that to the savage landscape of altcoins in which one token can gain or lose 75 percent of its value in less than 60 minutes. That’s...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
Digitex Adam Todd

Meet The Man Who’s Building a Commission-Free ‘BitMEX’ [Interview]

Bitcoinist spoke with Adam Todd, CEO of Digitex Futures, a trading platform that aims to become a commission-free, non-custodial ‘BitMEX’ for cryptocurrencies built on...

Allen Scott | 2 years ago