Opinion: Stock Up On Canned Food (And Bitcoin)…World Wide Winter is Coming!

Whilst we are battening down hatches, and wrapping ourselves up for protection against the present crypto-winter, remember one thing. All is far from perfect in fiat-land around the...

Emilio Janus | 2 years ago

Buddha and the Blockchain: Everything in Moderation

While Blockchain is set to be disruptive, the technology itself has already been disrupted by the people who praise it most. The crypto-craze brought with it a wave of individuals keen...

Antonio Grumser | 3 years ago
4 Tips for Investing in Cryptocurrencies: What to Be Aware of in 2018

5 Promising ICOs to Watch for in November

As of September 2017, ICOs, or initial coin offerings, have raised over $2.3 billion. This amounts to almost $8.5 million a day. There was an incredible stretch over the four months...

Antonio Madeira | 3 years ago
Bitcoin Investment

Norway’s Gov’t Wealth Fund to Reinvest $90BN; Is Bitcoin an Option?

Anyone who has invested in Bitcoin since the market bottomed out after the Mt. Gox collapse has made a small fortune in ROI, depending upon their timing. The Norway government is...

Evander Smart | 4 years ago

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