Mindol MIN pump and Dump Coin

Is Mindol (MIN) Just Another Classic Pump-and-Dump Coin?

In the past couple of days, the Mindol (MIN) token has attracted significant attention after jumping to the top 30. In typical crypto fashion however, the price soon started...

Christine Vasileva | 2 days ago
Bitcoin pump and dump

Are Bitcoin Day Traders Playing The Pump And Dump Game?

Bitcoin has been consolidating for a month, yet micropatterns have emerged even though the chart has been relatively flat. Today another predictable plunge has taken BTC back below $8k...

Martin Young | 2 months ago
Bitcoin pump and dump

BitMax Accused of Arranging Pump and Dumps

Crypto exchange BitMax has been accused of being involved in pump and dump schemes to benefit from IEO projects. Lunar Digital Assets CEO Bashes BitMax On Tuesday, Han Yoon, founder...

Anatol Antonovici | 2 months ago
Bitcoin.com Fake volumes

Fake News: Due Diligence is Essential for Crypto Investors

Fake news – this cliché is everywhere in the political space, but the cryptocurrency industry seems to be the real fertile soil for this infamous phenomenon. Is Social Media to...

Anatol Antonovici | 5 months ago

Lawsuit Filed Against Rapper T.I. for Participation in Alleged...

According to reports, a group of 25 investors have filed a lawsuit against T.I. and a businessman for their involvement in a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme. Rapper T.I. and...

Kevin O’Brien | 1 year ago
YoBit Inflates PutinCoin in Blatant Pump and Dump Promotion
Altcoin News

YoBit Inflates PutinCoin in Blatant Pump and Dump Promotion

As stigmas associated with cryptocurrency investing dissipate, YoBit decided to go rogue and launch a rather unique marketing promotion involving PutinCoin. Pump It Up! On October...

Eustace Cryptus | 1 year ago

Binance vs. DigiByte — The Gloves are Off

Binance’s announcement yesterday that it would henceforth donate all listing fees to charity was met with derision from some. Notably DigiByte founder, Jared Tate, who questioned...

Emilio Janus | 1 year ago
Monero mining malware

Monero Surges As ‘MoneroV’ Hard Fork Approaches –...

Monero is riding high this week as the hype surrounding the soon-to-be forked MoneroV swells – but will it last? When Moonero? In the span of only a week, Monero (XMR) has seen...

Adam James | 2 years ago
Altcoin News

CloakCoin Implements ‘Major Overhaul’ to Improve...

CloakCoin, a privacy-centric altcoin launched in 2014, has announced a “major overhaul and reconstruction” to improve its reputation and facilitate anonymous cryptocurrency...

Bitcoinist | 3 years ago

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