This Hedge Fund is Run by 7,500 Nameless, Blind Strangers

…And they’re paid in Bitcoin. Yes, it does sound like a joke, but San Francisco hedge fund startup, Numerai, is attracting an increasing number of big name investors...

Emilio Janus | 4 years ago

Dash Presenting Solution to Decentralized Banking

For cryptocurrency Dash, presenting at d10e next week, the goal is to have people walk away realizing that there is a lot more that can be done with cryptocurrency or digital currency...

Bitcoinist | 4 years ago
san Francisco d10e
Press releases

D10e Conference Featuring John McAfee Fast Approaching

San Francisco ,CA — In the first-ever live-streamed blockchain event, a studded cast of presenters and panelists will take to the stage at the two-day conference in San Francisco...

Bitcoinist | 5 years ago
Press releases

 D10e to Deliver First-of-its-Kind Blockchain Event With Virtual Reality

Vancouver, B.C. — The Vanbex Group and d10e are proud to announce a new partnership between the Vancouver-based professional services firm and international conference hosts d10e...

Bitcoinist | 5 years ago
San Francisco
Bitcoin Conference

Blockchain Conferences In San Francisco Highlight New Direction For Technology

Blockchain conferences are much different than Bitcoin conferences. Whereas Bitcoin conferences might have been heavy on theoretics about liberating the world’s unbanked, the...

Justin OConnell | 5 years ago
Blockchain SF

Blockchain SF Event to Be Hosted at Nasdaq Center

Blockchain SF is taking place at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center at 505 Howard Street in San Francisco on Mar. 7, featuring “a day of inspiration, talks, panels, demos and plenty...

Bitcoinist | 5 years ago

AlphaPoint Appoints Scott Scalf To Firm!

AlphaPoint is proud to announce that Scott Scalf will be joining the AlphaPoint Executive Team. Scalf, formerly Director of Trade Lifecycle Systems at Deutsche Bank Global Technology...

Nigel Dollentas | 5 years ago

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors Wants to Centralize Airbnb And The Decentralized...

Decentralization of everyday aspects of our society is upon us, and as you would come to expect, government officials are not too keen on giving up their control and power. Airbnb is...

Jp Buntinx | 6 years ago
San Francisco

San Francisco to Teach Computer Science to all Grades

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, the San Francisco Board of Education unanimously voted to expand computer science education to all grade levels. This new initiative will be funded by the...

Evan Faggart | 6 years ago

BitcoinSF: Interview with Kristov Atlas of Blockchain.info

Blockchain.info. Surely you’ve heard of it. It’s one of the more original and long-standing organizations in the Bitcoin space; one that has had its share of negative, and positive...

Steven McKie | 6 years ago

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