• Bitcoin transaction fees have soared over the past 24 hours — likely due to Bithumb cleaning out its hot wallet in an effort to secure its remaining funds after hackers allegedly stole $31.5 million from the exchange.  Bitcoin Average Transaction Fees Up 315 Percent According to Bitcoinfees.info, the current average Bitcoin transaction fee is $2.53 per transaction. This value represents a 315 percent increase from the previous day’s transaction fee. Bitrefill CEO, Sergej Kotliar, claims that

    Bitcoin Fees Soar as Bithumb Overpays to Move Funds Following Hack

    | 2018/06/20 2:00 pm
  • Major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has just confirmed that more than $600 million worth of XEM were stolen in a hack earlier today. Coincheck Confirms Hack After social media announcements alerted users to a shutdown which first affected NEM’s XEM token and then all currencies, rumors soon followed that Coincheck had lost control of funds. Bitcoin prices began trending downwards Friday. A short while ago, those rumors were confirmed as the exchange announced that it

    Japanese Exchange Coincheck Confirms $420 Million in XEM Stolen, Second Largest in History

    | 2018/01/26 9:30 am
  • Bitcoin price fell 23% into Friday as a broad shakedown of markets saw every cryptoasset in the top 100 sustain major losses. Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before… Repeating what has become a familiar cycle for holders this year, BTC shaved $6000 off its USD value to trade at an average $13,240 across major exchanges. In the top 10 assets by market cap, Bitcoin Cash fared worse, its 34% crash the largest of

    The Horror! Bitcoin Price Hits Lows Not Seen Since Early December

    | 2017/12/22 5:30 am
  • The Bitcoin price dipped to below $15,000 Thursday as pressure from altcoin growth and the ongoing Bitcoin Cash (BCash) scandal took its toll. Bitcoin, BCash Shave Off Latest Gains Cross-exchange data from Coinmarketcap showed an average value of around $15,500 at press time, with Bitstamp dropping to deeper lows of $14,960. Despite BCash posting huge gains over the past 48 hours, however, today’s dip did not serve to bolster the altcoin’s performance, losing 14% against

    Bitcoin Price Sinks Below $15,000 As Altcoins Eclipse The Moon

    | 2017/12/21 3:30 pm
  • Mainstream news network CNBC is under intense scrutiny as evidence emerges its senior staff used connections to plug Bitcoin Cash (BCH). CNBC On BCASH Rise: ‘Deal With It’ As Bitcoin prices dropped below $17,000, Bitcoin Cash, also known as BCH or BCASH, suddenly shot up in value on US exchange Coinbase, hitting around $9000. The average price of 1 BCASH coin across major exchanges is now almost $3500, a rise of 45% in 24 hours.

    Evidence Emerges of CNBC Collusion with Roger Ver, BCASH

    | 2017/12/20 5:30 am
  • South Korea’s government has said it will “ban” financial institutions from dealing in cryptocurrency in any way. No ‘Dealing’ In Virtual Currencies The latest surprising episode in the country’s regulation debacle, Yahoo! News quotes unnamed sources stating banks and others would not be allowed to “deal in virtual currencies – including buying, possessing, or holding them as collateral.” While likely an outcome of a governmental meeting on cryptocurrency today, which involved the president, the move,

    South Korea Expected to Ban Banks From Dealing in Cryptocurrency

    | 2017/12/13 8:00 am
  • The overall cryptocurrency market cap has hit $500 billion for the first time in a giant landmark for the phenomenon. 1343 Cryptos, Half A Trillion Dollars Data from Coinmarketcap, which currently tracks Bitcoin and 1342 altcoins in circulation, shows the leap forward in market valuation as multiple cryptocurrencies continue to reach new highs of their own. Ethereum and Litecoin have both posted records in the past 24 hours, $627 and $328 respectively as a new

    Cryptocurrency Is Half A Trillion: Joint Market Cap Hits $500 Billion

    | 2017/12/12 5:15 pm
  • South Korea will adopt “reasonable” regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges but not ban them, sources report Tuesday. ‘Reasonable Requirements’ Uploading information from local news outlet Daum.net, Stellar co-founder Joyce Kim confirmed that contrary to previous beliefs, trading would remain legal in the country. “The Korean (government) will regulate bitcoin exchanges but not ban them,” Kim wrote on Twitter late Monday. Exchanges will have 6 reasonable requirements on KYC/AML, key storage, separation of fiat into 3rd party

    South Korea Will Regulate Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Not Ban – Reports

    | 2017/12/12 6:30 am
  • The Bitcoin price has hit $12,000 just days after $10,000 and $11,000 came and went in the blink of an eye. From $10k to $12k In Just Days Data from Coinmarketcap, which averages trading prices across major exchanges, showed Bitcoin selling for $12,020 as of press time, marking yet another all-time high in the virtual currency’s record-breaking year. Enthusiasm around Bitcoin’s mainstream potential shows no sign of abating following US regulators’ decision to allow Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Price Hits $12,000 Milestone As Keiser Calls $15,000 Top

    | 2017/12/05 11:00 am
  • The CEO of one of Japan’s largest exchanges says it will launch cryptocurrency futures “as soon as possible” once frameworks are in place. Securities Law Only Barrier To Japan’s Bitcoin Futures In the first major copycat move since the announcement by US regulators that futures could begin trading this month, booming Bitcoin market Japan will now study how it can follow suit. “Once the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act recognizes cryptocurrencies as financial products, we

    We’ll List Bitcoin Futures ‘ASAP’ Says Major Japan Exchange

    | 2017/12/05 5:30 am
  • Bitcoin futures from CME Group and CBOE will “begin by year end,” US regulators have said as they give trading the official green light Friday. CTFC: Products Have Met Requirements As Reuters and others report, weeks after CME announced it intended to launch Bitcoin futures trading in a landmark move for the cryptocurrency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) has finally confirmed its legitimacy. Additionally, Cantor Exchange will offer regulated Bitcoin binary options. “Bitcoin, a virtual

    It’s Here! US Regulators Approve Bitcoin Futures To Start In December

    | 2017/12/01 8:30 am
  • Bitcoin Cash ‘Jesus’ Roger Ver may have to concede defeat on the altcoin’s name as cryptocurrency businesses are increasingly adopting the term ‘BCash.’ BCash Is ‘More Popular’ – Cryptopia In an increasingly prominent spat surrounding the correct way to describe the Bitcoin hard fork, Ver, who considers it to be Bitcoin itself, has signalled his distaste for ‘BCash’. Now, however, the informal term is spreading beyond social media to become the official term at some

    It’s BCash OK? Companies Shun ‘Bitcoin Cash’ Name to Avoid Confusion

    | 2017/12/01 7:30 am
  • “Not today” and “not in our lifetime” are two ‘deadlines’ for Goldman Sachs to deal with Bitcoin, according to CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Michael Bloomberg. Blankfein: Volatility Killed The Cat Speaking in a joint interview on Bloomberg’s TV network, the two veteran economic voices said that in view of Bitcoin’s continued volatility, the virtual currency first needs to calm down. “Have to have [a Bitcoin strategy]? Not today,” Blankfein replied on the topic. …Something that

    Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin Volatility Means Hands-Off ‘Today’ And ‘For Lifetime’

    | 2017/11/30 1:15 pm
  • An “unprecedented victory for the industry” is how Coinbase describes the likely culmination of its year-long legal battle with US tax authorities this week. $20k Or Nothing, Court Tells IRS In a digest of the most recent events from court, communications director David Farmer said the exchange’s resolve to “take a stance” against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) request for customer data prevented them being “unfairly targeted.” The court ruled that only transactions over $20,000

    Coinbase ‘Unprecedented Victory’ Sees 14k Transactions Head To IRS

    | 2017/11/30 6:00 am
  • Bitcoin prices have charged past $10,000, delivering a new blow to the US dollar, now worth less than 0.0001 BTC for the first time. $10k Bitcoin Weathers Press Bubble Barrage Data uploaded Wednesday showed the unprecedented exchange rate come into being as Bitcoin continued towards $11,000. Within hours of passing the magic $10k, the virtual currency hit a current all-time high of $10,696 before correcting downwards, according to Bitstamp. As of press time, prices are

    US Dollar Crashes Against Bitcoin to Record Low

    | 2017/11/29 6:30 am
  • Bitcoin now costs $10,000 as the world’s biggest cryptocurrency reaches five figures for the first time in its history. $10,000 Bitcoin Increased 1300% In 2017 Data from Coinmarketcap covering multiple major exchanges confirms that on average, a single bitcoin costs around $10,031 and even more in some markets. Prices on individual exchanges for BTC/USD range from an ultra-conservative $9774 at CoinsBank to $10,197 at Gatecoin.  The move beats even the more optimistic expectations from industry

    Ultimate Wow: Bitcoin Reaches $10,000 For The First Time

    | 2017/11/28 10:11 am
  • Hours after Vitalik Buterin publicly commended Bitcoin Cash (BCH), its price dropped like a stone, now losing 70% of its $2400 highs. Oops: Buterin Sends ‘Congrats’ Before BCH Sheds 70% Bitcoin Cash, the highly controversial Bitcoin fork, has succeeded in reversing most of its meteoric price rise, languishing at under $1200 Monday. In Bitcoin terms, the altcoin has seen almost 70% of its trading value wiped since an investment wave caused the surge late last

    BCRASH: Bitcoin Cash Flatlines As Losses Total 70%, Bitcoin Gains

    | 2017/11/13 4:00 am
  • The Bitcoin price dropped over $700 Friday as investors show new enthusiasm for rival altcoin Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin Classic: Bitcoin Cash ‘Will Be Bitcoin In 6 Months’ In the days since the cancellation of the SegWit2x hard fork, the original Bitcoin chain (BTC) price fell to around $6500 from its all-time highs around $7800. As investors realized they would not be able to profit from ‘free’ SegWit2x balances, attention turned to BCH as developers

    Bitcoin Price Falls $1200 As Bitcoin Cash Steals Fork Limelight

    | 2017/11/10 3:40 pm
  • Bram Cohen, creator of the famous but faltering BitTorrent, has announced he is a step closer to “solving Bitcoin’s centralization.” Cohen: Chia Has Had ‘Very Hot’ Seed Investment Speaking to technology industry magazine TechCrunch, Cohen said the Chia Network, his long-hinted Bitcoin alternative, could launch by late 2018. Some coverage of my new venture https://t.co/tCER6YKn5R — Bram Cohen (@bramcohen) November 8, 2017 A “very hot” seed investment round has enabled the project to get off

    BitTorrent Creator Looks To Launch Bitcoin Rival Chia in 2018

    | 2017/11/10 3:00 am
  • SegWit2x ‘FUD’ is already surfacing as some industry players react in unusual ways to the death of the Bitcoin hard fork. Ver Forces 100% Bitcoin Cash On Bitcoin.com The multitude of anti-2x businesses and other entities celebrated developers cancelling SegWit2x Wednesday, urging faster adoption of existing SegWit for Bitcoin. Of those supportive of hard forks, however, some have expanded on their allegiance and vowed not to give in to a Bitcoin core-dominated future. Chief among

    Ghost In The Machine? Hard Forks Live On For Bitcoin.com & BitPico

    | 2017/11/09 7:00 am
  • Serial investor, Bitcoin holder and Tezos advisor Tim Draper says fiat currency will be “laughable” within just five years. Cryptocurrency Will Be ‘So Relevant’ In 5 Years In comments to Forbes at the WebSummit 2017 conference in Lisbon, Draper, who purchased bitcoins in the Silk Road auctions now worth over $200 million, said people who use fiat in 2022 will find people ridiculing them. “In five years, if you try to use fiat currency they

    Tim Draper: People Will ‘Laugh At You’ For Using Fiat By 2022

    | 2017/11/08 9:30 am
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts pioneer Nick Szabo has become the latest high-profile figure to declare his opposition to SegWit2x. Nick ‘No2X’ Szabo Highlights Lack of Replay Protection In typically understated fashion, Szabo added the increasingly widespread [No2X] label to his Twitter profile this week. Looks like @NickSzabo4 has added the #NO2X tag to his twitter name :) Thanks Nick for showing people the way! — Vortex [#NO2X] (@theonevortex) November 8, 2017 As one of

    Bitcoin Pioneer Nick Szabo Declares Opposition to SegWit2x

    | 2017/11/08 4:07 am
  • Major Bitcoin and altcoin exchange Bittrex has released a key statement on its treatment of the SegWit2x hard fork. Bittrex: Bitcoin is BTC Until ‘Clear Chain Preference’ In explanatory comments today, Bittrex announced it would adopt a more conservative approach and refer to the Bitcoin core chain as ‘Bitcoin’ “until the industry and ecosystem demonstrates a clear chain preference.” The exchange joins the increasing number of major cryptocurrency businesses taking an official stance on SegWit2x.

    Bittrex on SegWit2x: We Need ‘Clear Chain Preference’ From Industry

    | 2017/11/07 10:45 am