• Gem, a blockchain platform provider, has announced that it has closed a Series A funding round in which it has secured $7.1 million USD in venture capital funding. This funding round, led by Pelion Venture Partners, places Gem in an early lead for 2016 blockchain investment. Also read: Fisher Price Will Create Future Generations Of Bitcoin Developers Gem Secures Significant Blockchain Funding Several firms participated in this funding round, including KEC Ventures, Blockchain Capital, Digital

    Gem Leads 2016 Blockchain Investment with $7.1 Million in Series A Funding

    | 2016/01/06 1:01 pm
  • Sweden could soon be a big advocate of bitcoin. Also read: Visa: 2015 is the “Year Of Payments,” Bitcoin a Major Player Sweden: The Potential Bitcoin Economy In what could easily be the biggest “opening” for digital currency, Sweden is looking to swear off fiat money for good. That means no more paper money, no more coins, virtual means from here on out. This is exactly what Bitcoin and its creators have wanted all along for

    Sweden to go Cashless, Hope for Bitcoin?

    | 2016/01/06 8:00 am
  • In India, Bitcoin is believed to pose legal, operational and regulatory challenges, according to the Reserve Bank of India. More recently, though, the same bank has endorsed blockchain technology. Riding on the tide of better international understanding of Bitcoin, an Ahmedabad-based startup Bitcoin exchange and wallet known by the name of Zebpay has managed to raise $1 million in series A funding to promote bitcoin and the blockchain throughout the South East Asian region. India’s

    Zebpay Raises $1 Million to Promote Bitcoin Wallet In India

    | 2016/01/06 5:38 am
  • Financial services firm Fidelity Investments has dropped two of its long time partners during a process to integrate financial services that provide direct competition to bitcoin. Also read: More Signs of Trouble in Asia: Barclays to Cut Investment Banking Jobs Fidelity Moves into the FinTech Age With New Partnership Fidelity is ending its partnership with credit card company American Express and the Bank of America Corporation, “a 12-year partnership that has generated billions of dollars in fees,”

    Fidelity Drops Long Time Partners to Bring in Bitcoin Competitors

    | 2016/01/05 6:00 pm
  • Reuters reports that Barclays Bank will announce investment banking job cuts across Asia sometime next week. The news publication’s sources said that these jobs cuts will include closures in South Korea and Taiwan.  Also read: Grantcoin Makes Regulatory History in the US, Plans to Launch Two New Charity Programs  These rumored cuts come after the Asian region’s failure to produce sustained growth in the post-2008 economy created a difficult business environment for investment bankers in

    More Signs of Trouble in Asia: Barclays to Cut Investment Banking Jobs

    | 2016/01/05 1:00 pm
  • This week proved to be a quiet one as the community showed little activity following the Christmas holiday and going into New Year’s. The price grew during the week, but not much; overall, we saw a 0.97% growth. There were a few bits of interesting news to break up the monotony of the price’s sideways pattern, but even then the post-Christmas week did not yield much excitement.  Also read: Bitcoiners Beware: Microsoft has your Encryption

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Samsung Pay Hits Online Shopping, Moe Levin Talks 2016

    | 2016/01/04 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin finally had a successful comeback towards the end of 2015, declared by many as the “Year of the Blockchain.” With all the hype surrounding Bitcoin and the blockchain during 2015, there has been much speculation towards next year’s approach to cryptocurrency. As 2014 was filled with scandal, Altcoins, and ending up being the worst global currency of that year.  Also read: Pirate Bay Co-Founder Attacks Music Industry With New Gadget The New Year is approaching, and many are wondering

    Bitcoin Predictions For 2016: The Year of the Monkey

    | 2015/12/30 8:00 am
  • We saw some interesting activity in the Bitcoin markets this week. During the first half of the week, we saw a run-up to $460, followed by a few days that made us think that $460 might be a new sticking point in the market. Those notions were dashed during the latter half of the week though, as the price starting falling on Christmas night, hitting a low of $407. A late-week recovery brought the price

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Factom Lies, Bitcoin Price Falls on Christmas

    | 2015/12/28 9:00 am
  • It’s been seven months since the grand opening, and digital currency exchange Gemini already seems to be making a few enemies. Also read: Decred: The New Kid on the Digital Currency Block Gemini is the brainchild of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Earning fame through their lawsuit against Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg, they have gone on to build solid names for themselves in the arena of bitcoin and digital currency. Gemini has many benefits, a big

    Is Gemini Making Enemies Already?

    | 2015/12/27 8:00 am
  • This week, the bears tested the bulls’ control over the market, attempting to shake them on Sunday. The bitcoin price just barely made a gain during the week after the massive drop on Sunday from the $460s into the $430s. Overall, the price increased by 0.61%. Also read: U.S. National Security Report: ‘Virtual Currencies Can Disrupt Sovereignty’ Daily Bitcoin Price Action December 14: $436.35 December 15: $451.18 December 16: $451.18 December 17: $453.07 December 18:

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Central Banking Against Bitcoin, Bears Take the Market?

    | 2015/12/21 8:00 am
  • Redwood City Ventures is a new name in the Bitcoin industry that people are just starting to see some of their work appearing. RWCV are focusing on helping different companies and startups that are trying to bring collaboration between the US and Chinese companies to the Bitcoin ecosystem. One of the first ventures that people are seeing is blockC.co. Redwood City Ventures brokered a deal between blockC.co and Avalon/Canaan-Creative to be the global master distributor

    Sean Walsh of Redwood City Ventures on Facilitating US/Chinese Bitcoin Collaborations

    | 2015/12/18 8:00 am
  • Big questions are regularly flowing through our minds. For cryptocurrency fans, some might include, “Where is Bitcoin headed in 2016? Where will it go, and what will it do? What advancements and new strategies can we expect to see?” Also read: Bank of England Doomsday Scenario Paints Positive Outlook for Bitcoin 2015 has been a year of twists and turns. We began January with bitcoin reaching a new low. The price of the coin fell

    2015 in Review: Bitcoin’s Resilience in the Face of Adversity

    | 2015/12/12 8:00 am
  • We had yet another exciting week in the Bitcoin markets, with the price pushing ever-closer to the $400 mark. This week, the price moved into the $390s, and closed the week out in the mid $380s, making for an overall gain of 3.07%.  Also read: Bitcoin Price Advancement Continues to Show Strength   Daily Bitcoin Price Action November 30: $375.18 December 1: $378.89 December 2: $351.96 December 3: $368.05 December 4: $359.48 December 5: $371.64 December

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Pushes $400, Silk Road Mentor Arrested

    | 2015/12/07 12:00 pm
  • What started out as a boring week of market activity quickly turned into a significant bull rally. Going into Thursday, with the week winding down, the bulls took over the Bitcoin markets; bulls reared their horns again on Sunday, pushing the price close to $380. In total, we saw a 16.67% increase in the Bitcoin price this week. Also read: Digital Currency is Slowly Winning The Popularity Contest Daily Bitcoin Price Action November 23: $321.58

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Black Friday Bull Run, DDoS Menace

    | 2015/11/30 12:00 pm
  • The Bitcoin community had a fairly quiet week, with the price moving less than 1%. However, we have had a fairly active news week, with many developments coming out that may affect the community — specifically news regarding banning encryption. Let’s take a look at this news alongside the week’s market activities to see how traders might react in the future. Also read: Battlecoin.org: A New Bitcoin Bomberman Experience Daily Bitcoin Price Action November 16:

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Banning Encryption, Writing to Ross Ulbricht

    | 2015/11/23 4:00 pm
  • The Blockchain Tech Ltd group (BTL) is a technology company focused on developing blockchain technologies to disrupt and transform the existing industries. The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and develops in-house technology. It specializes in providing support and funding to new blockchain-based projects through the company’s incubator and accelerator programs. Also read: Bitcoin in Business: Risk Management The company’s first technology platform is a remittance business called Interbit. Interbit focuses on leveraging blockchain

    Exclusive Interview with Guy Halford-Thompson of Blockchain Tech Group Ltd

    | 2015/11/17 8:00 am
  • This week has been somewhat depressing for those hoping to see a return of the bull run that has characterized the market activity of the past couple weeks. The bulls did not make a reappearance this week, while the bears had a firm hold of the Bitcoin price. This week may not be all bad, though. The seemingly tough resistance we have seen at $300 may suggest a leveling-out point, which could mean at new,

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bear Market Special Edition

    | 2015/11/16 8:00 am
  • No matter how you want to look at things, the everyday consumer seems to be keen on wasting a fair bit of money month over month. Or to be more precise, state-run gambling options, such as a national lottery, are gaining in popularity. People are so eager to win that “huge lump of cash” at some point in their life. But what makes the national lottery more appealing than buying Bitcoin? Also read: The Final

    Stacking The Odds – Winning The Lottery Jackpot or Investing in Bitcoin

    | 2015/11/09 8:00 am
  • The price of bitcoin has shot up again! The steady increase of everyone’s favorite digital currency doesn’t appear to be a fluke. Bitcoin has been on the move practically every week over the last month. Now, in just a matter of days, it has jumped past the $400 mark much to everyone’s surprise and amusement. Also read: Will Bitcoin Rise Through the End of the Year? Bitcoin has now reached its highest point for the entire

    Bitcoin Price Goes Beyond $400: How High Will it Go?

    | 2015/11/05 8:00 am
  • In 1940, Walt Disney released “Pinocchio,” the film that many scholars and critics consider to be his best. The tale of a marionette puppet operating without assistance truly comes to life in what is arguably the film’s most memorable scene, which occurs after Pinocchio is introduced to the twisted Stromboli. Jiminy Cricket watches by a nearby lamppost as the curtain goes up on Stromboli’s traveling gypsy wagon to reveal the little wooden boy, marching down

    Bitcoin is “The Real Boy” of Money: No Strings Attached

    | 2015/10/31 8:00 am
  • The markets sprang into action this week, with the price rising steadily during a build-up to a massive rally at the end of the week. This price explosion comes while eyes are still glued to global markets, worried about a Chinese slowdown. However, it appears as if some profit taking began at the end of the week, suggesting some possible downward movement in the days to come. Also read: Bitcoin Price Rallying Towards $300 Daily

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-hash: $300 Rally, Carl Force Goes to Prison

    | 2015/10/26 8:00 am
  • An all-star AMA session on forum.bitcoin.com with many top names in the Bitcoin industry will begin November 2nd, and continue throughout the month. Participants include Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Gavin Andresen and many more. Anyone will be able to ask questions directly to the biggest names in Bitcoin. The sessions will start on the 2nd of November 2015 in the “ask me anything” section on the forum. An amazing list of

    Roger Ver Hosting Largest Bitcoin AMA Ever at bitcoin.com

    | 2015/10/26 6:24 am