• Current bullish sentiment and upward pressure could double the Bitcoin price in December if resistance at $820 is broken.  Short-Term Outlook According to indicators, several support levels are ready to rise even if profit-taking takes place or if the big players force a sideways lateral market. Japanese Candlestick Analysis reflects that an intermediate support level has set it at around the $700 USD mark. The chart also hints that the next relevant support level could be at

    Bitcoin Price: $820 Resistance in the Way of New All Time High

    | 2016/12/10 12:00 am
  • Leading multi-asset trading and investment expert, Saxo Bank Group, has predicted that the Bitcoin price will see new all time highs in 2017 as part of its annual “Top 10 Outrageous Predictions.” Also read: BLOCKCHAIN CHICAGO PANEL PREDICTS BITCOIN UPTAKE TO CONTINUE IN 2017 Investors Will Seek ‘Cryptocurrency Alternatives’ Saxo Bank has shared its annual ‘outrageous’ finance-related predictions for 2017. The the online multi-asset trading and investment specialist, which correctly predicted Brexit in 2014, believes

    Saxo Bank Predicts ‘Outrageous’ Bitcoin Price of $2,100 Next Year

    | 2016/12/07 6:00 am
  • [Editor’s Note: The following article is an op-ed.] This article is for general consumption, but I’m primarily intending this for all of the Bitcoin haters out there. The trolls of Bitcoin. The people who run around the Internet, mistakenly calling Bitcoin a “scam.’’ a “pyramid scheme,“ or a “Ponzi scheme.”  The ones who have successfully ignored all that Bitcoin has accomplished over the last eight years, and are ignorant enough to actually think Bitcoin is

    Why Bitcoin Price Will See Huge Gains For The Next 10 Years

    | 2016/12/05 11:00 am
  • While Bitcoin price has been rather calm as of late, the return of Bitcoin volatility could be around the corner as China introduces new capital controls. Also read: Bitcoin Price Pulls Back, But Hope for $800 and Beyond Still Strong China Tightens Grip on Capital Confirmation is coming out of China that new regulations are being placed on how businesses move capital in and out of the country. Considering the impact of China on Bitcoin, the price could be due for another

    Bitcoin Price Buoyant as China Tightens Capital Outflows

    | 2016/11/30 6:54 am
  • Technical indicators show that the bitcoin price is now preparing for a large, upward movement following the growth of intermediate support at $700. Also read: Genesis Mining Offers Black Friday, Cyber Monday Discount on Contracts Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis Long-Term Analysis Prices have built support at $700, while a lateral market—previously estimated at a higher level—currently plays out. A big cradle formation suggests that the next stage will bring an upward movement with a technical objective around

    Bitcoin Price to Reach $1500 by December as Support Continues Building

    | 2016/11/28 8:22 am
  • It’s happened again, folks. After a stellar increase over the last few days, the bitcoin price has fallen back down to reach a trading mark of around $741 at press time. We’re only a few dollars behind, but the digital currency is following in its “own footsteps.” Also read: Bitcoin Price Gets a Boost, $800 Still Within Reach Bitcoin Price Losing Steam? Not According to Analysts One source describes bitcoin’s ongoing fluctuations: “It seems prices

    Bitcoin Price Pulls Back, But Hope for $800 and Beyond Still Strong

    | 2016/11/24 9:26 am
  • The bitcoin price has gotten a push since our previous price piece. Last week, we reported the currency trading at around the $730 mark. Now, bitcoin has risen to heights of $747 at press time, giving enthusiasts feelings of hope and stamina. Also read: Bitcoin Price Surges, Trades at Nearly $730 Bitcoin Price Still Chugging Towards $800 One source describes the action: “There were continuous gains in the Bitcoin price against the US Dollar as

    Bitcoin Price Gets a Boost, $800 Still Within Reach

    | 2016/11/22 7:16 am
  • Transferring a well-known flag pattern, bitcoin price quotes are ready for a climb to another trigger zone at $820, after which prices may double during December. Also read: Onward and Upward: Bulls Still Charging as Bitcoin Price Touches $750 Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis Long-Term Analysis Prices had performed a premature lateral sideways market, originally estimated at a higher level and built a big flag pattern. That pattern was set to break to the up side, whose

    Happy Holidays: Bitcoin Price to Double by Christmas?

    | 2016/11/21 9:39 am
  • The bitcoin price is approaching the highs it hit in June, sitting around the $744 USD mark at press time. Will it break through 2016’s previous record? Also read: New $1.2 Million Grant Seeks Bitcoin Protocol Diversity On Chinese markets like BTCC and Huobi, the dollar-equivalent is over $10 higher than the USD markets, suggesting that country is once again driving bitcoin value. The bull run has stumbled a few times on the way to

    Onward and Upward: Bulls Still Charging as Bitcoin Price Touches $750

    | 2016/11/19 5:00 am
  • The bitcoin price has jumped since our last price piece and once again, Asia is the continent to “blame.” After a massive recoil down to $704 (the price had hit $740 just a few days prior) our favourite digital currency is back on its heels and striking the $727 chord. Also read: Bitcoin Price Activity Hints at Pending Growth in Stability One source described the action in detail: “The bitcoin price made significant gains in a

    Bitcoin Price Surges, Trades at Nearly $730

    | 2016/11/16 3:15 pm
  • The bitcoin price has dropped around $30 since our last report. Following the announcement that President-elect Donald Trump would be moving to the White House this coming January, a large rally caused stocks and bitcoin alike to rocket higher than anyone expected. But now it seems the digital currency is lagging behind. Things got particularly scary when the price fell below $700, only to stabilizate at the $704 mark at press time. Also read: Bitcoin Price Watch: President

    Bitcoin Price Activity Hints at Pending Growth in Stability

    | 2016/11/15 5:00 am
  • After showing its strength to a massive public scope from traditional media, the bitcoin price has started the next climb, which is set to double quotes during December Also read: Altcoin Report: The Blockchain, In Space?  Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis Long-Term Analysis Prices built an intermediate level at $700, creating a premature lateral sideways market, which was estimated to form at a higher level, increasing volatility in a big flag pattern. Once the flag pattern

    Bitcoin Markets Poised for Rally Amid Economic Uncertainty

    | 2016/11/14 5:00 am
  • The results are in, and Americans are shocked by a Donald Trump upset victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Bitcoin markets reacted to the victory as well, the price rising as much as $30 to renewed highs of $730. Also read: Bitcoin Price is Moving Back Up, but Fear of Bears Still Remains In the midst of all the hype and hoopla, one thing appears to be certain: bitcoin is benefiting from Trump’s

    Bitcoin Price Watch: President Trump Starts Field Day for Traders

    | 2016/11/10 6:47 am
  • Crypto enthusiasts encountered a bit of a scare a few days ago when the bitcoin price substantially fell after several weeks on the rise. After days of hinting at a potential jump to $800, the price suddenly plummeted to about $677 before finally settling in around $705. Also read: Bitcoin Price Drops 8% Amid China Rumors, Who’s to Blame? Bitcoin Price Recovering From the Drop, but Are the Bears Even Done Yet? One source describes the action

    Bitcoin Price Is Moving Back up, but Fear of Bears Still Remains

    | 2016/11/08 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin price volatility has increased, building building intermediate price levels as support references for the next rally. So, get ready for another ride to the moon, because the bulls are preparing for another stampede. Also read: Lawnmower: Industry-Grade Information for a Next-Gen Altcoin Exchange Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis: $920 Rally a Likelihood Long-Term Analysis After confirming a strong bullish consensus, prices are building intermediate levels as support references for when the next rise to $820

    Bitcoin Price: Recent Drop a Brief Pause in Larger Rally to $920

    | 2016/11/07 7:35 am
  • Bitcoin’s highest influence allegedly stems from China — the truth behind these words is evident once again. Bitcoin has plummeted by a full eight percent in light of rumors that Chinese legislators are looking to implement regulations that could bear potential restrictions on bitcoin’s use. Also read: Bitcoin Price Hits $700 for the Second Time This Year What’s Going on in China? Following several healthy weeks, bitcoin has fallen to about $705 from a high

    Bitcoin Price Drops 8% Amid China Rumors, Who’s to Blame?

    | 2016/11/05 11:30 pm
  • Bitcoin’s recent bull run ended with a thud on 3rd November, reaching above $740 before crashing to around $685 in just a few hours. Was a rumor of further Chinese restrictions on Bitcoin exchanges to blame? And if so, how accurate is the news? Also read: AirBitz and WINGS Partnership Secures Future of DAOs Chinese Rumors Start to Spread… Again Dramatic financial news site ZeroHedge reported on 3rd November that Chinese regulators “are considering policies including restricting

    Did Chinese Rumors Crash the Bitcoin Price? How Accurate Are They?

    | 2016/11/04 2:00 am
  • The bitcoin price has recently launched into an upward rally, with technical indicators showing the rise slowing down at $820 while bullish consensus builds to send it further to $1500 by 2017. Also read: Zcash: Where Is All the Hype Coming From? Technical Analysis: $1500 and Beyond Long-Term Analysis After bullish signs flooded the markets, the bitcoin price has shifted into an upward rally. According to technical indicators, this rally should last until we hit

    Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Price to Hit $1500 By Year-End?

    | 2016/10/31 8:00 am
  • The bitcoin price has increased by an additional $20 since our last  report and is now hovering at the $700 mark. This makes it official: bitcoin has reached the point projected, and crypto-fans are breaking out the champagne. Also read: Bitcoin Price Keeps Booming, Another $30 Rise in the Books One source explains the action: “Well, there we go. . .As we said this morning, it’s been a great week for our breakout strategy. When tings

    Bitcoin Price Hits $700 for the Second Time This Year

    | 2016/10/30 7:37 am
  • Another rise has been recorded. Since our last piece, the bitcoin price has shot up by about another $30 and is hanging around the $680 mark. Bitcoin just keeps booming away, and it’s plausible that the digital currency could potentially reach $700 in the coming weeks if its current streak stays strong. Also read: Bitcoin Price Watch: Are We About to Hit $700? One source describes the action with a ray of excitement: “Wow, what a

    Bitcoin Price Keeps Booming, Another $30 Rise in the Books

    | 2016/10/28 5:00 am
  • The bitcoin price has risen by nearly $30 since our last price piece and is hovering around $650 USD. Many enthusiasts are taking the price jump as a sign that bitcoin is rising back to the top, and that $700 isn’t too far off the mark. Also read: Bitcoin Price Drops: Where do We Go From Here? Bitcoin Price to Hit $700 in New Bull Rally? In our recent examination of bitcoin’s activity, analysts expressed difficulty in

    Bitcoin Price Watch: Are We About to Hit $700?

    | 2016/10/25 12:00 pm
  • The prevailing bitcoin price resistance was overcome by a little flag pattern this past week, which ultimately launched prices up to recover a technical objective at $820. Also read: CoinAgenda Brings Blockchain Leaders to Vegas on October 25 Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis Long-Term Analysis After prices overcome the psychological trigger zone area among $620 and $650, the current phase points to a technical goal near $820. According to Elliott Wave Theory, the current movement should

    Technical Analysis: Explaining the Weekend Bitcoin Price Rally

    | 2016/10/24 9:01 am
  • A bit of a fall has occurred on bitcoin’s side. Since our last price piece, the bitcoin price has stumbled by about $12 and now hovers at $628. Also read: Bitcoin Price Breaks $640, Are We About to Go Even Higher? Bitcoin Price Heading South? One source writes: “The levels in focus moving forward are in terms support to the downside at 629, and in-term resistance to the upside at 632. Just as with this morning,

    Bitcoin Price Drops: Where do We Go From Here?

    | 2016/10/21 8:00 am