• Initial coin offerings (ICOs) can easily net millions of dollars from enthusiastic investors, but a number of countries are starting to regulate them. The Philippines is the latest country to join this growing club. The vast surge in cryptocurrency value and popularity, especially Bitcoin, over the last couple of years took many sovereign governments and major financial institutions by surprise. The blockchain has led to a massive explosion in platforms, each looking to generate revenue

    Philippines Joins the Ranks of Countries Regulating ICOs

    | 2017/12/05 9:30 am
  • Once upon a time, China was the leader in bitcoin mining, accounting for an estimated 71% of the bitcoin mining market. But that bubble burst in September 2017 when the Chinese Central Bank completely banned all ICOs. In spite of the ban, Bitcoin has managed to flourish, increasing by over 144% since the ban. Still, China isn’t worried. According to the PBOC, Bitcoin is dying. Speaking at a financial forum in Shanghai over the weekend,

    People’s Bank of China Deputy Governor: ‘Bitcoin is Dying’

    | 2017/12/04 10:30 pm
  • The ban on cryptocurrencies is moving across borders. This time, it is Indonesia, the Southeast Asian giant, that has decided to prohibit all cryptocurrency-related transactions. According to a local report by Pikiran Rakyat, Indonesia’s regulation will prevent payment providers from cooperating or meeting with bitcoin investors, miners, or traders. This announcement was made by the Indonesia’s Central Bank Governor, Agus Martowardojo. According to Agus, the purpose of the ban is to make sure that the country’s

    The Ban on Cryptocurrencies Continues – Indonesia Joins Ranks with Morocco, Ecuador, and Others

    | 2017/12/04 5:00 pm
  • UK authorities are the latest to try and tackle Bitcoin regulation and user compliance. The regulatory issues associated with Bitcoin are something that still cause much confusion and concern globally both for users of the currency and the authorities on the other side of the equation. As 2017 draws to a close, more and more policymakers are outlining their respective frameworks for said regulation and, as per a recent report out of The Telegraph newspaper,

    The UK Is Trying To Crack Down On Malicious Bitcoin Use

    | 2017/12/04 12:45 pm
  • The rise of Bitcoin has taken the political world by surprise, and now politicians are grappling with the choices on how to handle the advent of Bitcoin futures trading on the NASDAQ that has been approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. If there is anything that has surpassed human understanding, especially in the world of investment, it is the price of Bitcoin. Its percentage increase in price is in the thousands. Speculators who envision the

    Politicians are Worried About Bitcoin Futures Launch

    | 2017/12/03 4:30 pm
  • 2017 has been a booming year for many cryptocurrencies – and Bitcoin is the craziest one. The cryptocurrency hit a record high this year at above $10,000, bringing a lot of surprises to Bitcoin enthusiasts, prediction gurus, investors, and naysayers as well. But where does the cryptocurrency go after 2017? Predicting the future in any field is hard. And in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem, it is even harder to predict what will happen the

    Bitcoin’s $100,000 Mark is Achievable – Here’s Why

    | 2017/12/03 8:15 am
  • A number of Bitcoin holders are expressing their displeasure over the green light received by Wall Street to enter the Bitcoin market. Their concern is that allowing banks entry into the Bitcoin market is an indirect way of introducing corruption into the system, which they feel could lead to price manipulation in the long run. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on Friday made public that it was going to grant permission to CME Group

    Crypto Enthusiasts Express Concern That Banks Could Take Over Bitcoin

    | 2017/12/02 9:00 am
  • Holders of cryptocurrency in Indonesia are being warned to sell of their digital assets as Bank Indonesia is set to ban Bitcoin on behalf of the government sometime in 2018. While everyday individuals are embracing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a number of national governments are not. Those who trade in digital currency in Indonesia are being warned to sell off what they have due to the fact that the government, acting through Bank Indonesia (BI),

    People Warned to Sell Bitcoin in Face of Looming Ban in Indonesia

    | 2017/12/02 5:00 am
  • As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to rise in both value and popularity, national governments are starting to scrutinize them more. Case in point is that the Trump administration may be considering regulating Bitcoin. The last year has been an exciting one for cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. The digital currency has skyrocketed in value, with no telling how high it will go. The success of Bitcoin has finally convinced major financial institutions to come on board,

    Trump Administration Considering Regulating Bitcoin

    | 2017/12/02 1:00 am
  • With Bitcoin reaching record heights this week, more and more established financial institutions are taking an interest in its undeniable, and lucrative, appeal.  However, mainstream banks are still hesitant. This week saw crypto enthusiasts enjoying the rollercoaster ride that is Bitcoin with the currency exceeding heights of $11,000, and dipping to lows of just under $9,500. Surging into the five-figure zone resulted in global headlines, and Bitcoin became the topic of conversation for both cynics

    Should Banks Start Betting on Bitcoin?

    | 2017/12/01 12:00 pm
  • US-based exchanges are going to have some serious competition in the coming months, as bitFlyer has opened up trading to US customers and has also obtained the ever important NY BitLicense, which allows for a crypto exchange to operate in the state of New York.  Bitcoin’s Rising Popularity in Japan Japan has been on the cutting edge of Bitcoin infrastructure ever since the digital currency was recognized as legal tender back in April. Japanese exchanges

    bitFlyer, Japan’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange, Launches in the United States

    | 2017/11/28 2:00 pm
  • South Korean prime minister Lee Nak-Yeon stated in a recent cabinet meeting that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may lead young people to illegal activities. Bitcoin – the Ultimate Gateway Drug? Over the past several years, many public figures have warned against Bitcoin and the illegal activities that are associated with it. Experts have (erroneously) stated that Bitcoin is mainly used by criminals that buy drugs and weapons through the deep web. According to a new article

    South Korean Prime Minister Warns Youth That Bitcoin is a Gateway to Illegal Activities

    | 2017/11/28 2:00 am
  • Although many experts still believe that Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency market as a whole, may be in a bubble state, Max Keiser believes that Bitcoin still has room to grow.  Can Bitcoin Reach $25,000? Bitcoin is making headlines – again – as it continues to shatter milestone after milestone. Most recently, the popular digital currency passed the $9000 mark and is quickly edging toward $10,000. According to a recent article by RT, well-known American TV broadcaster Max

    Bitcoin is a Perfect Currency, Beyond the Reach of Any Nation-State or Cooperative Effort to Defeat It – Max Keiser

    | 2017/11/27 5:00 pm
  • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) director and registrar of banking institutions, Norman Mataruka, recently stated that Bitcoin was illegal and that the regulator would not allow its use in Zimbabwe. Bitcoin is quickly becoming the crisis currency of the 21st century. Interest in Bitcoin soared in Nigeria after the country unpegged the Naira from the US dollar in June 2016, causing it to collapse 40% overnight. In Venezuela, Bitcoin has become a case study in cryptocurrency

    Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe: ‘Bitcoin is Not Legal’

    | 2017/11/26 1:30 pm
  • After China and South Korea started cracking down on cryptocurrencies and altcoin exchanges, a new report states that the Malaysian government is preparing a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.  More Cryptocurrency Regulations   A few months ago, news emerged that the Chinese regulatory body imposed bans and regulations regarding cryptocurrency activities. The ban mainly focused on Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, because regulators feared that some of them may have been fraudulent. Regulators demanded that the

    Malaysian Government to Introduce Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrencies

    | 2017/11/25 12:30 pm
  • Russian minister Nikolai Nikiforov says that it’s likely that Russia will never legalize Bitcoin due to it being a “foreign product.” However, Russia is still gung-ho on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency and Russia have been an intriguing mix over the last few years. The acceptance of Bitcoin, mining, and cryptocurrencies in general has gone back and forth between acceptance and rejection. Now it looks like Bitcoin may be shot down for good in the Russian Federation

    Nyet! Russian Minister Says Bitcoin May Never Be Legalized

    | 2017/11/22 9:00 am
  • Chinese Bitcoin mining farms are reportedly receiving immediate cease and desist notices from authorities. Bitcoin Mining Now ‘Illegal’? Evidence surfacing on Twitter added to an article from local news outlet Caixing today, which stated electricity supplier in Szechuan province had said Bitcoin mining was now “illegal.” “Immediately stop supply power to bitcoin mining businesses upon receiving this notice,” a translated notice proclaiming the ban uploaded by 8btc and translated on Twitter states. If true, the

    China Bans Bitcoin Mining? Rumors Fly as Notices Appear In Press

    | 2017/11/14 9:00 am
  • In a potentially bearish signal for U.S. crypto users, the United States’ lead financial administrator said he’s concerned with the “illicit” possibilities of cryptocurrencies. Mnuchin’s Comments Mean a Regulatory Crackdown Could Be in the Cards U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had critical comments for the crypto space on Friday, November 10, answering questions on Bitcoin during sit-down comments with the press. When asked about the U.S. Treasury Department’s position on Bitcoin, Sec. Mnuchin said that

    Treasury Sec. Mnuchin Says ‘We’re Looking Closely’ at Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies

    | 2017/11/11 11:00 am
  • Iranian authorities are taking appropriate measures in order to implement an effective infrastructure for Bitcoin usage in Iran. Bypassing Regulations As the tensions between Iran and the west rise, the Iranian government is looking for a way to integrate Bitcoin into its economy. Currently, the relations with the USA and Iran have been rather stagnant as Donald Trump called the Iran deal the “worst deal ever”. The Islamic republic is still suffering from international sanctions that affect

    Iranian Government Plans to Implement Infrastructure for Bitcoin Usage

    | 2017/10/31 11:45 pm
  • After the recent clampdown by the Chinese government, many cryptocurrency operators are looking to relocate to other Asian countries that are much more welcoming. There are quite a few interesting features surrounding cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Chief amongst these is decentralization, which means that the various facets of cryptocurrency, such as exchanges, are not constrained by national borders. This is something that Chinese authorities are now finding themselves having to contend with. The

    Chinese Cryptocurrency Traders Relocating to Other Asian Countries

    | 2017/10/30 7:00 am
  • A man in Michigan is facing federal charges for operating an unlicensed Bitcoin exchange after selling over $55,000 USD of Bitcoin to undercover agents. There’s a song that goes, “I fought the law, and the law won.” The reality is that the law usually wins as the state can devote an incredible amount of resources upon an individual or organization when it wishes to. Lately, the US government has been looking hard at unlicensed Bitcoin

    Michigan Man Busted for Unlicensed Bitcoin Exchange – Faces Jail Time

    | 2017/10/28 7:00 am
  • Singapore is putting itself out in the forefront of blockchain activity by announcing no regulations for cryptocurrency and entering into a fintech agreement with Hong Kong. Singapore is making some waves when it comes to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. While Singapore has a lot of ties to China when it comes to culture, education, and economy, it’s not following China’s lead when it comes to digital currency. China has banned ICOs and forced a number of

    Singapore Will Not Regulate Cryptocurrencies and Partners with Hong Kong for Fintech

    | 2017/10/26 7:00 am
  • Kyiv, Ukraine – Law firm Axon Partners, in conjunction with cryptocurrency consulting firm ForkLog Consulting, have released an English-language version of their comprehensive report on the regulation of Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related businesses around the world. What’s in the Report Titled Bitcoin Regulation: Global Impact, National Lawmaking, the report, which was published in its original Russian language in February 2017, details the regulatory status of Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related businesses in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong,

    Axon Partners and Forklog Consulting Release 2016 Report on the State of Global Cryptocurrency Regulation

    | 2017/10/26 1:00 am