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    Group of Hackers Are Holding Small Blockchains Hostage by 51% Attacking Them

    Small blockchains/coins are being targeted by a novel 51% attack that is holding these fledgling cryptos infrastructures hostage. Also read: TAO Network Raises $100K for Music Industry Blockchain Project Extorting Blockchains via 51% Attack The attackers, calling themselves the “51 crew” are overpowering small blockchains with more hashing power and by DDoSing other nodes. It seems as though the attackers are specifically targeting Ethereum-based blockchains as the cryptocurrencies, Krypton (KR) and Shift, both Ethereum type coins,

    · September 3, 2016 · 10:35 pm
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    FBI Advises Victims Pay Ransom on Ransomware

    Ransomware is becoming increasingly popular with hackers and cyber criminals. The ability to lock down an entire system and render it useless until a ransom has been met is quite powerful. Ransomware often requires payment in a method that is irreversible, allowing the criminals to keep any payments they received unless they are caught of course. The FBI has warned that companies might not be able to get their data back unless they pay the ransom

    · October 24, 2015 · 12:50 am