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    Industry View: How Will The Blockchain Change Our Lives in 2027?

    Blockchain industry executives and experts reveal how blockchain technology can affect our everyday lives ten years from now. How will the blockchain change our everyday lives in 2027? If you’re into crypto, then you’re probably aware of how it is changing your quotidian. For starters, you’re probably checking price charts every so often. But other than that, blockchain technology is slowly creeping into our everyday lives and becoming a vital piece of it. From online

    · July 19, 2017 · 10:00 am
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    DAO Wars Soft Fork Makes Ethereum Blockchain Vulnerable

    The Ethereum community has a lot to decide lately as the network has been preparing for an upcoming soft fork expected to start roughly around June 30. According to Etherchain.org pools who have implemented the soft fork are showing consensus for the procedure. With the Ethereum community planning on the next step another revelation from Hacking, Distributed shows the soft fork may be vulnerable to DoSing. Also read: Bitcoin and Brexit: Did the Great UK Debate

    · June 28, 2016 · 2:35 pm
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    The Seven Sins of the DAO

    A new revelation about the DAO has come in from the publication Hacking, Distributed written by researchers and cryptographers Dino Mark, Vlad Zamfir, and Emin Gün Sirer. The three have written a 13-page paper describing potential attacks to the DAO ecosystem called  “A Call for a Temporary Moratorium on The DAO.” So far the DAO has raised 12.07 million Ether equivalent to $132.32 million USD at the time of writing. The DAO pre-sale is officially

    · May 28, 2016 · 6:22 am
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    The DAO Becomes The Largest Crowdfund To Date

    The programmable token Ethereum and its blockchain have been breaking the mould ever since its pre-sale was announced back in July of 2014. It launched with its initial sale in September of the same year and raised over $18.3 million USD becoming the sixth largest crowdfund to date. Following the exponential growth of Ethereum, developers who help maintain the community and Ether protocol have created a decentralized autonomous organization called the DAO.  The platform is

    · May 16, 2016 · 1:30 pm
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    Gatecoin Exchange Adds DigixDAO And Slock.it Trading Markets

    Bitcoin exchanges all over the world are starting to expand their offering to gain wider recognition. Gatecoin, one of the unsung heroes of the cryptocurrency exchange world, has listed Slock.it and DigixDAO tokens on their exchange platform. Also read: BitcoinAverage Report: Bitcoin Price Hits 2016 High DigixDAO and Slock.it On Gatecoin It is always positive to see some of the more prominent Ethereum-based projects gaining some attention these days. DigixDAO, which brings Ethereum-based gold-backed tokens

    · April 27, 2016 · 3:11 am
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    Ethereum’s Market Cap Takes The Number Three Spot

    The turing complete token Ethereum has been making strides towards the top spot in cryptocurrency capitalizations. This week the digital currency has bumped Litecoin out of the third position on the coinmarketcap.com list hitting a cap of over $138 million USD. Also read: Number of Ethereum Nodes Grows Exponentially The past few months have been active for Ethereum, who has seen development, investment and positive media within its crypto-environment. The built-in turing-complete programming language as

    · January 23, 2016 · 1:26 pm