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Are Electronic Tattoos The Future of Bitcoin Payments?

Bitcoin enthusiasts will probably remember the one person who implanted a Bitcoin wallet into his own hand to make contactless payments. At that time, the idea seemed ridiculous, but...

Jp Buntinx | Dec 02, 2015 | 13:54
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BitPay Enables TREZOR Support For Copay Chrome App

BitPay’s multi-signature wallet solution – called Copay – has added TREZOR Hardware Wallet support. Even though the TREZOR hardware wallet has been around since 2013, it...

Jp Buntinx | Nov 24, 2015 | 14:31
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PiperWallet Bitcoin Paper Wallet Printer Available Exclusively...

Creating a paper wallet is one of the most secure ways of securing and storing digital currency. As these funds are kept offline, there is no chance of the wallet being hacked through...

Jp Buntinx | Nov 19, 2015 | 13:08
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The Concept of Creating a Bitcoin Biowallet

Trying to revolutionize the concept of Bitcoin wallets is not an easy task these days. Consumers want convenience over anything else, yet t is not easy to come up with new and...

Jp Buntinx | Nov 11, 2015 | 04:01
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Denarium Introduces the World’s First Multisig Physical Bitcoin

The company is a pioneer in the Bitcoin industry and has been in operation since 2012. Denarium operates multiple Bitcoin services along with the physical coin manufacturing and...

Nuno Menezes | Oct 30, 2015 | 08:00
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BitGo Launches Open Source Software to Ease Burden of Key Storage and...

On October 28th, 2015, BitGo, a digital asset security platform, is set to launch the first-of-its kind automated, open source Key Recovery Service (KRS) software for provisioning cold...

Trevor Hill | Oct 28, 2015 | 09:00
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BSAVE Raises $400,000 in Seed Capital

BSAVE, consisting of a group of online entrepreneurs with a vision to combine alternative investments (like Bitcoin) with the power of new technology, is a unique savings account that...

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Oct 25, 2015 | 12:00
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BitX Smart Wallet Launched for Mobile Bitcoin Users

Every time a new mobile Bitcoin wallet is released, people get excited about its new features. Over the past few months, most mobile Bitcoin wallets have announced new features, but...

Jp Buntinx | Oct 07, 2015 | 12:14
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YiSpecter Malware on iOS Threatens Device Security – Bitcoin...

Hackers and online hoodlums are not only targeting mobile Android users all over the world, as Chinese iPhone users are not safe from harm either. A recent App Store security breach is...

Jp Buntinx | Oct 05, 2015 | 05:21
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Bitcoin Is Superior To Cashless Systems Used Today

A society without physical money is already becoming very apparent in our world. Most people do not use cash or checks like they used to 20 years ago. Currently, there is only 8% of...

Jamie Redman | Oct 03, 2015 | 20:34
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Official Launch of Forum and News Platform

 As well as advice for beginners, has a news section a rapidly growing forum, buy bitcoins page and bitcoin wallets page where anyone can choose from all types of wallets...

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Sep 29, 2015 | 03:34
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BitGo Surpasses US$1bn In Quarterly Bitcoin Transaction Volume

Bitcoin wallet security and technology is more important than ever these days. As the Bitcoin community grows larger, there are many people who use digital currency without taking the...

Jp Buntinx | Sep 22, 2015 | 09:00

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