The Economics of Bitcoin Mining Centralization

Bitcoin mining centralization has been a point of concern in the community for a while now. People are worried that the growing size of mining firms will continue until one of them attains 51% or...

Evan Faggart | Apr 20, 2015 | 17:00

Bitcointalk Court Ordered to Release Butterfly Labs Messages

This week, Bitcointalk administrator Theymos...

Nuno Menezes | Apr 19, 2015 | 15:00

BURST’s Decentralized Marketplace May Challenge eBay

BURST, the latest Bitcoin 2.0 cryptocurrency, uses...

Deepak Tiwari | Apr 17, 2015 | 19:00

Sfards Shares Chip Test Results, Will Open Source Design

Sfards recently announced the completion of tape out...

Scott Fargo | Apr 15, 2015 | 04:40

BTCS Announces Additional Acquisition of Coin Outlet Equity

BTCS, also know as Bitcoin Shop, Inc, has announced...

Drew Cordell | Apr 05, 2015 | 08:00

BitFury Brings Jason Weinstein Former US Deputy Asst Attorney General...

BitFury’s work in both Bitcoin transaction...

Scott Fargo | Apr 03, 2015 | 08:00

Customers Detail KNC Fraud, Lawsuit Launches Soon Part 1 of 3

KNC is a well-known mining company based in...

Nigel Dollentas | Mar 24, 2015 | 08:00

Review: Avalon 4.1, 1 th/s Bitcoin ASIC Miner, Quiet Power

Avalon has a storied name in the Bitcoin ASIC Mining...

Scott Fargo | Mar 17, 2015 | 15:00

Latest uTorrent Release Installs Unwanted Bitcoin Miner

It seems that the popular p2p download application...

Nuno Menezes | Mar 10, 2015 | 21:00
LTCGear Bitcoinist

LTCGear: What’s going on?

If you peer over to Litecointalk, a forum dedicated exclusively to Litecoin, LTCGear has been a rather infamous topic for the last couple of months. LTCGear started by a member by the...

Nigel Dollentas | Feb 19, 2015 | 15:00

BitcoinShop Interview: Universal Digital Currency Platform

Bitcoin Shop is a company that is trying to improve four main aspects of Bitcoin: Ways to shop with Bitcoin- with Bitcoin Shop The way you store Bitcoins – with BTCS Wallet The...

Nigel Dollentas | Feb 11, 2015 | 15:00

Spondoolies-Tech Enters Cloud Mining Partnering With Genesis Mining

Spondoolies-Tech is entering the cloud mining market by joining forces with Genesis Mining. The news is big as Guy Corem of Spondoolies has been very vocal about many cloud mining...

Scott Fargo | Feb 09, 2015 | 15:00
Bitcoin Mining profitability

Thoughts on Bitcoin Block Size Economics

In October of 2014, Gavin Andresen sparked a community-wide debate over the future of the hard-coded, 1 MB size-cap on Bitcoin blocks. Andresen proposed a change to the Bitcoin...

Evan Faggart | Feb 02, 2015 | 08:00

FinalHash Purchases Betarigs, Will Roll Out New Features In The Near...

FinalHash CTO Marshall Long announced that they had...

Scott Fargo | Jan 29, 2015 | 10:34

Interview With Helga Danova of

2015 hasn’t started in the best way for bitcoin. The...

Nuno Menezes | Jan 28, 2015 | 21:00

Bitcoin Mining vs. Gold Mining: a Comparison

In the ongoing discussion about Bitcoin price...

Evan Faggart | Jan 20, 2015 | 08:00

CEX.IO is Temporarily Suspending Cloud Mining Services

The mega mining Company is temporarily...

Nuno Menezes | Jan 12, 2015 | 22:30

Interview with Robert Van Kirk, VP of AsicSpace

AsicSpace is an interesting project led Damir Kalinkin...

Armaan Chandnani | Dec 30, 2014 | 08:00

Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson Video Review and Discussion

  Recently Mate, Norbert and I were able to sit...

Scott Fargo | Dec 28, 2014 | 02:41

ZeusMiner’s CEO Terry Li On Changes From Hardware Sales to...

Recently ZeusMiner decided to cancel their anticipated...

Scott Fargo | Dec 11, 2014 | 12:00

Bitcoin.Info: One place for all of your Bitcoin Information needs!

Bravenewcoin, a company I’ve talked to in the past...

Nigel Dollentas | Dec 05, 2014 | 10:39

KnCMiner Unveils Plans for Solar ASIC Chips

KnCMiner, a company, based in Sweden, has unveiled their new line of Solar chips which will have a 16 nm process. Currently, most updated chips run on a 20 nm process. 20 nm process...

Drew Cordell | Nov 25, 2014 | 23:59
Slush's Pool Beta Is More Than Just a Facelift

Slush’s Pool Beta Is More Than Just a Facelift

Slush’s Pool was introduced in late 2010 and was the brainchild of Marek Palatinus who saw a need for pooled mining resources to be able to keep more people mining Bitcoin. He...

Scott Fargo | Nov 25, 2014 | 20:02

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