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Coinify, becomes the Leading European Digital Currency Platform


Coinify, becomes the Leading European Digital Currency Platform


Coinify has managed to get a multi-million capital injection by Danish SEED Capital; This Capital injection will ensure the continued positioning of Coinify as Europe’s leading player in the digital currency market.
The Company is trying to make it simple for anyone to become a part of the ever-growing Bitcoin ecosystem; whether customers are seasoned Bitcoin users, or even if it is their first Bitcoin experience, they will find Coinify services extremely easy to use.

As the first Bitcoin Company, Coinify secures continental European venture capital investment to bring digital currencies to mainstream markets. The Company has already satisfied more than 6000 merchants and 7000 consumers most of them from Europe.
More than 7000 European individuals have enjoyed Coinify’s easy conversion between digital and national currencies. The website now features everything to use and accept digital currencies.Coinify_news_article_Bitcoinist_cover

Merchants benefit from Coinify’s Payment Service (PSP) enabling free, instant settlements in a fraud free and chargeback free bitcoin payment environment, while consumers get access to secure one-click payments that reveal no sensitive information.
Hans Henrik Heming, Chief Executive Officer at Coinify says:

“With the investment and acquisitions, Coinify is now positioned to bring the empowering potential of Bitcoin to all of the 500 million individuals in Europe”

Bitcoin Nordic has served European and Middle Eastern Bitcoin consumers for two years, making it safer and easier to buy and sell bitcoins. Coinify has acquired Bitcoin Nordic, one of the first and largest European digital currency brokers since early 2012, as well as purchasing the intellectual property rights to the payment gateway technology and acquiring all merchant relationships from the Copenhagen based company Bitcoin Internet Payment System.
Lasse Birk Olesen, founder of Bitcoin Nordic as stated:

“Bitcoin Nordic has been looking for further global expansion, and unifying consumer and merchant services under the Coinify brand will enable us to realize that vision.”

Kris Henriksen, founder of Bitcoin Internet Payment System commented:

“The idea is to accomplish a greater vision; a vision that is better achieved for our thousands of merchants on a strong platform like Coinify. This will leave Bitcoin Internet Payment System to focus on technological innovations.”

Now Coinify joins forces with SEED Capital who is the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark, focusing on technology companies and medtech companies at the seed or even pre-seed stage from Denmark and southern Sweden. SEED Capital invests private and government capital in companies with highly innovative solutions and a scalable business model for entering an attractive market with a number of identified paths to exit.
Richard Breiter, investment manager at Seed Capital expressed himself about the agreement:

“The internet protocol revolutionized the way we communicate, and the Bitcoin protocol can revolutionize the way we transfer unique digital assets from one internet user to another. Potentially all transactions could in the future be done in virtual currencies. That is a development we have to be a part of, and at SEED Capital we are comfortable being at the forefront of technological development.”

Coinify offers merchants accepting Bitcoin payments next day settlement in euros, dollars, kroner, and more, as well as easy 5-minute plugin installation for dozens of popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify. Coinify_news_article_Bitcoinist_cover1Custom solutions easily integrate with the Coinify payment API, and brick and mortar stores can use the seamless Coinify Point-of-Sale software. recently joined 6000 other Coinify merchants by accepting Bitcoin payments for food from more than 800 restaurants.

Coinify is without any doubt one serious bet for Europeans who are looking to enter the digital currency trading scene as well as for selling or buying bitcoins in a trusted secure environment. The platform presents an extremely easy approach to digital currencies for European country crypto currency users.

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