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CoinPlace: Possibilities, Guarantees, and Prospects


Bitcoinist | Mar 19, 2018 | 18:00

CoinPlace: possibilities, guarantees, and prospects Press releases

CoinPlace: Possibilities, Guarantees, and Prospects


Bitcoinist | Mar 19, 2018 | 18:00


CoinPlace is the first P2P platform for trading cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens. The platform plans to become the leader of the P2P cryptocurrency market, including by the number of placed cryptoassets. The service will secure high transaction speed and will make the ICO market available all over the world.

The platform is already operating and supporting the most popular means of fiat payments – PayPal, Western Union, and others. Thanks to the SWIFT system people from more than 150 countries can make transactions on the platform.

The advisors of the project are leading world financial specialists, heads of international banks and other platforms (e.g. the CEO of TokenBox).

Peculiarities of CoinPlace Deflation Model

CPL token follows a deflation development models. As of today, it’s one of the strongest in the market:

  • 10% of the platform’s token turnover will be burned down;
  • tokens will be burned down for 3 years or until the price of CPL token reached $100.

Project Development

After the ICO the founders of the platform hope to develop the functionality of the service and provide new opportunities to the customers on a regular basis.

By the end of 2018, the platform is expected to support over 10 currencies and 50 tokens of ICO projects. CoinPlace has already received 15 applications from ICO companies to place their tokens on the platform. The majority of them are ready to give the investors lavish bonuses if the tokens are bought via our platform. Among them:

CoinPlace Bonuses and Privileges

A special bonus program will be on for all investors during the ICO of the project. During the first week, the ICO bonus will make up 30% of the purchase sum. Later on, the amount of bonuses will be reduced, but the program will continue until the end of ICO.

ICO Bonus
Week 1 30%
Weeks 2-3 25%
Weeks 4-5 20%
Weeks 6-7 15%
Week 8  10%

After buying a considerable number of tokens an investor will be allowed to trade cryptoassets on the platform without any commission for several months. The duration of this privilege will depend on the sum of the purchase.

Purchase Sum  Duration of privilege
 2-5 ETH  3 months
 5-20 ETH  6 months
 20-50 ETH  12 months
 50-200 ETH  18 months
 оr 200 ETH  24 months

All members of the Prime Membership Club program will also have exclusive opportunities. The members of the club will be able to buy ICO tokens on the CoinPlace platform with an additional bonus. The more CPL tokens a member has, and the longer she or he holds them, the bigger is the profit.


CoinPlace partnered up with the international brand Just5. Together the companies are preparing the launch of the first crypto-smartphone CoinPhone with an in-built cold wallet.

CoinPhone will secure maximum protection of transactions:

  • the identity of the user will be determined by fingerprint;
  • any purchases for cryptocurrencies will be carried out only via a hot wallet.

Just5 is a manufacturing partner for Google and a contractor of MediaTek and Foxcon, a hardware manufacturer for Apple.

CoinPhone was announced during the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona and will come on sale in Q4 2018.

Images courtesy of CoinPlace

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