Reading: The Alpha DAO.Casino Platform Introduces Dice Game on Smart Contracts

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The Alpha DAO.Casino Platform Introduces Dice Game on Smart Contracts

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Apr 13, 2017 | 10:00

DAO.Casino Press releases

The Alpha DAO.Casino Platform Introduces Dice Game on Smart Contracts

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Apr 13, 2017 | 10:00

The Russian blockchain-based casino platform, DAO.Casino has released a new front-end platform and a provably fair dice game. The decentralized, Ethereum-fueled project, demonstrates business logic to support the growth of a tamper-proof and sustainable gaming industry.

Most recently DAO.Casino has focused on developing and testing applications in the backend. The introduction of an alpha-platform that will enable players to discover games, and developers to find players, will be a first for the company.

When the DAO.Casino alpha platform browser is opened, users will be greeted with a simple, web-based interface, catering specifically for users from non-technical backgrounds. DAO.Casino does not see it as a necessity for players to understand why this particular platform is cheat-proof but only that it is capable of offering better services, higher payouts and a variety of games from different indie developers.

The alpha platform is integrated with Ethereum testnet and comes with a small amount of test ether. For betting on mainnet, players are advised to wait until a fully functioning vault is implemented, a little down the road from now.

To deliver an alpha version with the least dependencies on the user side, DAO.Casino uses Infura for the Ethereum node and centrally hosted front end. Following releases will use decentralized front-end hosting and standalone applications to interact with the system.

DAO.Casino’s new ‘Dice Game’ release has been timed to coincide with that of its alpha platform. Dice will be the third addition to DAO.Casino’s decentralized gaming and gambling ecosystem. While the game is still in its early stages, DAO.Casino is ensuring that its games outcomes are provably fair.

The blockchain-based platform has further released the program code, which underlies the random number generation technique. DAO.Casino is aiming to improve on this front and has plans to implement a more sophisticated algorithm for providing unpredictable results in the Dice game.

DAO.Casino’s “Dice Game” is arguably the simplest of all the games available on any of the online cryptocurrency casino and gambling sites. The player is presented with a “seed key” as soon as they open the game. The seed key acts as a user account and player’s in-game wallet, offering an extra layer of security within the platform.

The DAO.Casino Dice Game is currently available on testnet and players can get a feel of the platform by making use of 1 test ETH credit to place bets. The Dice Game’s relevant transaction and smart contract addresses are readily available on the main page, ensuring transparency through each process.

The alpha version of the platform, its front-end, and the first Dice game offers an insight into how great the platform will eventually turn out to be.

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