Reading: News Bits 08.12.2014


News Bits 08.12.2014

Norbert | Dec 08, 2014 | 20:21


News Bits 08.12.2014

Norbert | Dec 08, 2014 | 20:21

You’re watching Bitcoinist weekly news bits. Today we’re gonna deal with supercomputers, Mastercard and bitcoin sms. Stay with us!

A Public Supercomputer

Zennet is the worlds first public supercomputer. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform that lets anyone rent out and profit from their computation power. The company aims to create the world’s biggest decentralized supercomputer, accessible to anyone around the globe. Zennet will run on a blockchain.

Anyone with computation power can offer it to the public, and anyone who needs computation power can bid on this power. The bidder will pay for her power, using ZenCoin.

MasterCard unfriendly towards Digital Currencies Anonymity

Mastercard has started a campaign against Bitcoin. it is asking for more transparency and stronger regulation over digital currencies in Australia.

The company’s states:

Any regulation adopted in Australia, should address the anonymity that digital currency provides to each party in a transaction. Contrary to transactions made with a MasterCard product, the anonymity of digital currency transactions enables any party to facilitate the purchase of illegal goods or services. To launder money or finance terrorism; and to pursue other activity that introduces consumer and social harm without detection by regulatory or police authority.

Matthew Drive, President of Mastercard believes, we are seeing a huge change in payment technology whether its digital convergent or crypto currencies.

If you’re interested in details of the Mastercard story, please visit our website.

Coinapult Re-Launches bitcoin by SMS service

Send Bitcoin by SMS. This is a brand new global service from Coinapult that operates through plain old txt msg. There’s no need for a data plan and Bitcoin can boldly go where it hasn’t gone before.

Well it Sounds interesting!

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