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Opair Launches ICO for “Open and Fair” Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Aug 19, 2016 | 13:00

Opair Bitcoin PR Buzz

Opair Launches ICO for “Open and Fair” Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin PR Buzz | Aug 19, 2016 | 13:00


Opair, the “Open and Fair” cryptocurrency platform, has now opened the ICO for its token, XPO.

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Founded by Frank H. Rettig, Opair aims to be a cryptocurrency as well as a platform for crowdfunding, Colored Coins, “decentralized debit cards,” private chains, smart contracts, and reputation.

The development team says this project is inspired by Bitcoin and Ethereum. Like them, Opair is open source, and “built from scratch.”

In the interest of fairness, 100 percent of the project’s token will be distributed through the ICO and subsequent mining. The coin will be mined with the Proof of Work algorithm until 9 percent of the supply has been created, after which it will switch to the Proof of Stake algorithm.

Although its white paper is still in progress the Opair team has provided the following technical specifications for the XPO token:

Name: Opair (XPO)

Algorithm: PoW+PoS (Fairly distribution)

Total Coins: 74,000,000 XPO

Annual Interest: 3%

Minimum Stake Age: 12 hours

Block Time: 60 seconds

Opair Roadmap

Term 1 – Pre – Announcement

  • Announcement
  • Web
  • Signature Campaign
  • Block explorer and tools
  • Translate the thread
  • Bounty
  • Donation FAQ

Term 2 – Development

  • Extensive White paper and wiki about our new programming language on GitHub.
  • New wallet, focus on easy to use for everyone and mass market adoption.
  • Alias System.
  • Decentralized debit cards.
  • Light client
  • Implement trusted system and market core.
  • Support for assets-contracts via colored coins.
  • Smart Contracts on a programming language based on OCaml.
  • Private Chains.
  • Decentralized voting, messaging & mailing system.
  • Crowdfunding platform.
  • At this point, we want to focus on the speed and scalability of our platform.

Developers say the full white paper will be released before the launch of the coin’s “main net.”

Wallets will be made available after the ICO, according to developers, and the team is currently working to add XPO trading support to Bittrex, BTC38 and Poloniex.

Developers say they need at least 700 BTC to properly fund what they call an “elaborate” roadmap.

About Opair

Opair Project is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that believes in an open and fair offering of cryptocurrency solutions. Opair is founded by Frank H. Rettig who has over 20 years of experience in IT sector with proficiency in a range of platforms and programming languages. Working alongside Frank are Hao Wang as Opair Core Developer and Wasserman99 as Marketing Director.

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