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Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price Holds Above $9k, Week’s Other News

The world’s most profitable company, today announced that it is going public, in what could be the biggest ever IPO. The oil giant, Saudi Aramco, posted an H1 profit of $46.9bn...

Emilio Janus | 12 months ago
CFTC Chairman, America Should Lead Blockchain Space
ASIC miners

Bitmain Loses Bitcoin Mining Pool Dominance Amid Internal Issues

Antpool and have lost a bit of their old glory, significantly shrinking the share of Bitcoin block rewards on a daily and weekly basis. The BTC mining pools, headed by Bitmain...

Christine Vasileva | 12 months ago
will bitcoin save china debt

Will Bitcoin Solve Chinese Banking, Household Debt Woes?

China’s economy is not immune to the woes that are creeping into Western ones. It has long been a nation of savers but increasing household debt and more banking bailouts are...

Martin Young | 12 months ago
bitcoin zimbabwe

African Bitcoin Exchange Founder Vanishes, Claiming Lost Wallet Password

Bitcoin by design is secure, for people to be their own banks it needs to be. Responsibility for your own assets and private keys is of paramount importance, even more so if you are a...

Martin Young | 12 months ago
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Bitcoin News

Russian Bitcoin Miner Wants To Control 20 Percent of Global BTC Mining

Bitcoin mining will breathe new life in a closed Russian aluminum plant which lost access to American customers following the introduction of U.S. sanctions in April 2018. Russian...

Himadri Saha | 12 months ago
3 Problems XRP Will Face in 2020
Bitcoin Price

3 Reasons Bitcoin Price May Hit $20,000 by Year-End

Days after a depressing flash crash, Bitcoin had a mind-bending rally, snapping up a 42% gain. BTC moved up from $7,500, briefly touching $10,000. Then the leading coin settled around...

Christine Vasileva | 12 months ago
Bitcoin Price nearing $10000
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Breaks Past $9,600 in Late Weekend Rally

Bitcoin is not giving up and has continued its rally late on Sunday. BTC slid toward $9,126, slowing down a bit after Friday’s explosive climb, which saw prices break the $10,000...

Christine Vasileva | 12 months ago
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Bitcoin News

Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price Rally And The Weeks Top Headlines

This week, a string of Chinese hitmen were jailed after each subcontracted the next to carry out an assassination. The final hitman colluded with the target to fake his death, thus...

Emilio Janus | 12 months ago
Bitcoin Price Ransomware
Bitcoin News

Could Ransomware Be Driving Up Bitcoin Prices?

Research is suggesting that the number of ransomware incidents has risen in 2019. The payment method of choice for the majority of this cybercrime is cryptocurrency, predominantly...

Martin Young | 1 year ago
Bitcoin Sunday Digest

Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price And The Week’s Top Stories

If you feel like your personal freedoms are being eroded by [insert your government here] becoming increasingly undemocratic in the name of ‘the public good’, then thank...

Emilio Janus | 1 year ago
fed qe bitcoin btc market cap

Bitcoin’s ‘Loss-Adjusted Market Cap’ is 87 Percent of $104 Billion

The US Federal Reserve has continued its streak of quantitative easing, by pouring in funds to uphold the confidence that liquidity won’t dry out. The latest sum, $104 billion, is...

Christine Vasileva | 1 year ago
18th million bitcoin btc mining
Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Miners Prepare For 18 Millionth Coin As Just 14% Of Supply Remains

Bitcoin miners will mine the 18 millionth BTC this week, leaving just 3 million left to release before mining stops in the distant year 2140. 3 Million BTC, 120 Years Data from...

Anja van Oosterhout | 1 year ago

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