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Venezuela: Maduro Administration Targets Bitcoin Remittance

The Venezuela government is reportedly making a move towards collecting fees on Bitcoin remittance payments in the country. This step comes as the cash-strapped Maduro administration...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 2 years ago
BitPesa Japan Africa Bridge
Bitcoin Businesses

BitPesa Sets Up Bitcoin Remittance Corridor Between Japan and Africa

SBI Remit and BitPesa are collaborating to enable easy money transfer services between Japan and several African countries. The partnership sees the Bitcoin blockchain’s utilization...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 2 years ago

Bitwala Sees ‘Steep’ Bitcoin Adoption in Developing Countries

The latest data from Bitcoin remittance app Bitwala reveals a growing trend in Bitcoin adoption among citizens of developing countries. ‘Steep Adoption Rate’ Bitwala...

Antonio Madeira | 4 years ago
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Coinomat Brings A Crypto-Remittance Service To India

Bitcoin remittance programs are sometimes considered the sips from the holy grail of decentralization. Many crypto-startups are trying to add this to their resume by providing cheaper...

Jamie Redman | 5 years ago

BitPesa Expands Bitcoin Remittance Service to Tanzania

BitPesa has made a name for itself in the world of Bitcoin-enabled remittance services. Up until this point, though, most of BitPesa’s efforts have been focused on Kenya, one of the...

Jp Buntinx | 6 years ago

Bitcoin Remittance Review: Using Service!

When I first interviewed Miguel regarding Rebit, I was intrigued not just from a journalist standpoint, but as a Filipino. Sending money is quite expensive, especially when using...

Nigel Dollentas | 7 years ago

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