In Wake of Midterm Elections, 'Experts' Vehemently Oppose Blockchain in Voting

After Midterm Elections, ‘Experts’ Vehemently Oppose...

After this week’s highly-fraught midterm elections, some commentators believe that blockchain is more useless than ever for voting. After Tuesday’s crucial midterm...

Danny Scopelliti | 11 months ago

Officials Push Ahead Despite Concerns With West Virginia’s...

West Virginia is gearing up to deploy a blockchain-based voting application for elections in November. The idea is being met with growing amounts of criticism from security experts and...

Kevin O’Brien | 11 months ago

Japanese City Introduces Blockchain-Based Voting System

Tsukuba is now the first Japanese city to test a voting system that incorporates blockchain technology. From West Virginia to Switzerland, blockchain’s incorporation into voting...

Kevin O’Brien | 1 year ago
Horizon State’s Blockchain will Soon be Bigger than Bitcoin’s with Millions of Users

Horizon State’s Platform to Usher In Mass Blockchain Adoption

When it comes to blockchain, it’s all about adoption and Horizon State is smashing it. A network can have great technology with fantastic scaling, innovative consensus protocol, you...

Pini Raviv | 1 year ago
Democratic Voting Platform launches Pre-ICO
Press releases

Democratic Voting Platform launches Pre-ICO

Blockchain-based voting platform VOTES is currently in its pre-ICO phase. Launched on August 1, 2017, the token presale will continue through August 31, 2017. [Note: This is a press...

Bitcoinist | 2 years ago
Improving Public Services Through Blockchain Technology

Improving Public Services Through Blockchain Technology

Idealists have labored on and on about the thousands of potential uses for blockchain services since its inception. As a host of blockchain-based projects and services continue to...

Matthew Hrones | 2 years ago

Russia’s Kaliningrad May Trial ‘Legal’ Bitcoin...

The Russian enclave of Kaliningrad could become the first area in the country to enshrine cryptocurrency legalization into law. Kaliningrad Could Host First Crypto Exchange Quoted by...

William Suberg | 3 years ago
Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Holds World’s Largest Public Blockchain...

2017 may be a year of many firsts. The first Bitcoin ETF. The first Bitcoin file sharing program. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also has announced the first-ever blockchain-based...

Evander Smart | 3 years ago
Altcoin News

Expanse Launches Demo for New Blockchain Voting Platform

The Expanse Project has announced the development of a blockchain-based voting platform, which, according to developers, has “the potential to change the dynamics of future...

Bitcoinist | 3 years ago

Follow My Vote Launches Kickstarter For Blockchain Voting Project

Blockchain voting service provider Follow My Vote (FMV) has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the development of open source blockchain voting software. Disclaimer...

Bitcoin PR Buzz | 3 years ago
Breaking News

Blockchain-Based Voting Could Fix Election Security in the United...

15 March 2016 – There’s been a lot of contentious events surrounding privacy, encryption, and data security in the past few weeks covered in the media. With the US Presidential...

Tyson O'Ham | 4 years ago

All About: The Blockchain Part Four

News powered by Article by Drew Cordell As a continuation of my Blockchain series, I will be covering the potential of the blockchain for the purpose of voting...

Drew Cordell | 4 years ago

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