bitcoin hedge fund
Bitcoin Investment

Why Bitcoin Should Have Been a Part of The Top 5 Hedge Funds

Five hedge fund managers. Each earning more than one billion dollars. But they could have earned more with Bitcoin. According to the latest research by Bloomberg, the top 5 hedge fund...

Luke Whelan | 11 months ago
bitcoin price

World’s Largest Hedge Fund Would Be Up 15,000% if it Bought Bitcoin

Legendary investor Ray Dalio has made the headlines this week for having the biggest hedge fund in the macro arena. His fund has performed well despite lagging behind its peers for the...

Martin Young | 1 year ago
bill miller bitcoin profits
Bitcoin Investment

Should Hedge Fund Managers Try Bitcoin? Bill Miller Thinks So

In December 2017, veteran investor Bill Miller took a risky decision to allocate half of his hedge fund to bitcoin. One and a half year later, the risk is paying off well. Miller Value...

davitbabayan | 1 year ago

Pantera Capital Hints At Giant $175M Venture Fund For ‘Fast-Moving’ Crypto Space

Cryptocurrency investment stalwart Pantera Capital has raised over $70 million for a new venture fund which could become its biggest yet if it raises its intended goal. An Order Of...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago
Northern Trust

Financial Services Giant Northern Trust Expanding Into Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

129-year old Northern Trust has long been a stalwart in the financial services world. Now, the company is turning its eyes to the future and is working on projects that incorporate...

Kevin O’Brien | 2 years ago

Crypto Hedge Fund: Bitcoin Price Reached its ‘Probable Low’ at $6,500

Pantera Capital Management, a crypto hedge fund with more than $800 million in assets, shares the positive view of some Wall Street analysts and crypto advocates in that the Bitcoin...

Georgi Georgiev | 3 years ago
What Is An ETF?

Two Ex-BlackRock Managers to Launch Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund

Two of BlackRock’s fixed-income managers have resigned from the world’s largest asset manager to launch a cryptocurrency hedge fund. The two BlackRock ex-managers are Adam...

Tabassum Naiz | 3 years ago
Big Investors

Bitcoin Now Accounts For 50% Of Miller’s MVP1 Hedge Fund

Bill Miller’s MVP1 fund now holds 50% of its total asset value in Bitcoin – but not for long. Ask someone with a bit of Wall Street savvy to list some of the top contrarian...

Samuel Rae | 3 years ago

Macro Trader Mike Novogratz Says Wall Street Nearing Bitcoin Adoption

Former hedge fund manager turned cryptocurrency investor Mike Novogratz just said he believes institutional investors are only weeks away from adopting Bitcoin and Ethereum en masse...

William Peaster | 3 years ago
The Secret Hedge Fund That is Outperforming Bitcoin

Hedge Funds Are Investing Big Sums Into ICOs

According to reports, new hedge funds are now investing millions of dollars into Initial Coin Offerings. ICOs: The New Way to Make Quick money? In the last couple of months, Initial...

Ashour Iesho | 3 years ago
The Secret Hedge Fund That is Outperforming Bitcoin

The Secret Hedge Fund That is Outperforming Bitcoin

This ‘stealth’ cryptocurrency hedge fund is being backed by the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Choosing instead to let its performance numbers speak for...

Ashour Iesho | 3 years ago
bakkt earnings season Wall Street's Old Guard Has A Double Standard When It Comes To Bitcoin

Investors see ICO as the Future of Venture Capitalism

This year has been a very profitable for cryptocurrency investors. More and more people are investing in ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) in hope to get in the next Bitcoin or Ethereum...

Ashour Iesho | 4 years ago

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