Russia’s Kaliningrad May Trial ‘Legal’ Bitcoin...

The Russian enclave of Kaliningrad could become the first area in the country to enshrine cryptocurrency legalization into law. Kaliningrad Could Host First Crypto Exchange Quoted by...

William Suberg | 3 years ago

Bitcoin is Being Increasingly Regulated Across the Globe

Countries are reiterating tax specifications as Bitcoin becomes increasingly regulated around the globe amid rising price and popularity.  Bitcoin Taken Seriously, Increasingly...

Antonio Madeira | 3 years ago

Russia’s Central Bank Says It ‘Will Not Ban...

Russia’s Central Bank has said it is “not considering a ban on Bitcoin,” according to its latest public statements. Central Bank: ‘No Concrete Ban’ The comments came...

William Suberg | 3 years ago

Russian Gym Chain Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Membership

Russian-based sports gym chain NanoFitness has announced it will begin accepting Bitcoin as payment for membership and related services. ‘We Were Interested in...

Allen Scott | 3 years ago

Russian Duma: Bitcoin is Becoming ‘Objective Reality’

The Russian parliament the Duma has said cryptocurrency “is becoming objective reality” following its legalization earlier this month. Duma: Bitcoin Not A Dream In continuing...

William Suberg | 3 years ago

Putin’s Arch Nemisis Navalny is Taking Bitcoin for Presidency...

Russia opposition candidate Aleksey Navalny has announced he is accepting Bitcoin for funding his 2018 presidency bid. Navalny Receives $6700 in BTC and Counting Navalny, who caused...

William Suberg | 3 years ago

Russia’s Tax Service Confirms Bitcoin Legal Status as Foreign...

A document issued by the Russian Federal Tax Service finally presents the first official position on the status of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Russia, equating them to foreign...

Emilio Janus | 3 years ago

Industry Report: Moscow Gets its First Bitcoin Exchange

Moscow opens its first digital currency exchange, California shelves its plans to regulate bitcoin, and the Bank of England looks to manage cryptocurrency. Want to catch up on the...

Nick Marinoff | 3 years ago

Hullcoin Leads This Week’s Digital Currency News

Want to see which cryptocurrency stories are leading the news? This week, Hullcoin takes the spotlight. Have a look at the rest of the week’s hot news below. Also read...

Nick Marinoff | 3 years ago
Vanbex Report

The Vanbex Report: Outlawing BTC a Matter of Control

Mar. 29, 2016 — On Wednesday (Mar. 23), Russia’s ministry of finance continued on with its pursuit to outlaw the world’s top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC). The Vanbex Report...

Bitcoinist | 4 years ago
Breaking News

Is Russia Going Soft on Bitcoin? – Paying for Phone and Internet...

Russia has always been referred as a bitcoin unfriendly country. However, the crypto industry is growing stronger than ever and despite the old stigma that bitcoin is only used by...

Nuno Menezes | 4 years ago

Russia Blocks Online Bitcoin Exchange in Midst of Blockchain Reform

Russia blocks one of the largest running cryptocurrency exchanges, BTCe, following BitStamp’s voluntary IP block of its Russian users. These developments are likely a preview of...

Tyson O'Ham | 4 years ago

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