us debt in bitcoin terms

Bitcoin Equivalent of $4.7 Trillion Added to US Debt is $260k per BTC

Bitcoin equivalent of the $4.7 trillion US debt that was signed into federal law by President Trump would put the price of a single BTC at $260,000.  Trump’s Presidency Signed...

Christine Vasileva | 2 weeks ago
Bitcoin Parabolic Growth Vs Peter Schiff's Gold Recommendation in 2011

Is Peter Schiff Warming Up To Bitcoin With His Anti-Trump Tirade?

Serial Bitcoin basher and gold investor Peter Schiff has had a rare moment and change in stance on BTC in a recent tirade about the dire state of the US economy. US Debt Out Of Control...

Martin Young | 3 months ago
bitcoin influencer running for POTUS
Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Influencer Plans To Run For POTUS, Proposes Universal BTC...

It has been made clear that the current POTUS is not a fan of Bitcoin however his tenure will not be forever. A pro-crypto United States president would likely ease the regulatory pain...

Martin Young | 5 months ago

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