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    Twitch Streaming App Now Lets You Tip Gamers With Bitcoin

    Streamlabs – a popular streaming app compatible with Twitch — is now letting users accept tips in cryptocurrencies. With more than $100M processed in tips in 2018, alone, cryptocurrencies have officially entered a substantial and growing market.  Tip with Cryptocurrency Streamlabs is a popular streaming application which allows people to seamlessly broadcast content on the most popular platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer. Amongst other things, the software also allows viewers to tip

    · June 5, 2018 · 4:00 pm
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    Blockchain Based Social Media Platforms: The Future of Social Media?

    Blockchain technologies have been fondly called the basis and the beginning of ‘The Internet 3.0’ over the recent years. But what does this mean for the applications and technology companies of today? Blockchain technologies have undoubtedly brought about a new era of technological advancement. Applications of the blockchain as enterprise solutions have allowed for an increased level of efficiency and transparency which did not exist in traditional systems. Financial, social and technological sectors have all

    · March 4, 2018 · 1:00 am
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    Polish Central Bank Paid YouTubers for ‘Low Down and Dirty’ Anti-Bitcoin Campaign

    The Polish central bank (NFB) has been accused of paying prominent Polish YouTubers to run a “low down and dirty” smear campaign against the cryptocurrency market, without properly disclosing sponsorship. Subversive Tactics Poland’s central bank has been accused of orchestrating a subversive, online smear campaign against cryptocurrencies. As reported by Business Insider Poland, the Narodowy Bank Polski (NFB) spent around 91,000 zloty (£19,430; $27,300) on Google, Facebook, and other websites, in a subversive smear campaign

    · February 20, 2018 · 3:30 am
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    YouTube Ads Hijacked for Cryptocurrency Mining

    YouTube viewers are upset that their computers are being used for cryptocurrency mining due to YouTube ads being hijacked with Coinhive. While the value of cryptocurrencies continues to fluctuate, the desire for people to mine them hasn’t abated at all. In fact, many individuals look for additional ways to enhance their cryptocurrency mining. One option that many have turned to is the notorious Coinhive code that is often embedded in websites. Now it’s shown up

    · January 27, 2018 · 3:00 am
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    Flixxo: A Swarm of Individuals Connected

    Like many other industries being disrupted by blockchain today, content sharing platforms are facing new challenges in their quest to meet the new consumer trends and needs. The obvious synergy behind blockchain technologies and p2p content sharing protocols (i.e. torrents) has brought to life a new generation of decentralized online services that are on the heels of such market’s giants as YouTube, Twitch, and Netflix. To explore the nascent future of this industry Bitcoinist talked

    · November 10, 2017 · 11:00 pm
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    Flixxo vs YouTube: The David and Goliath of Video Sharing Platforms

    Flixxo is changing the landscape of video sharing and challenging YouTube by combining BitTorrents and smart contracts to create the first legal, decentralized content distribution network. Their token sale begins on October 24, 2017, at 2 pm CET. Since Flixxo first burst onto the crypto scene in early September, people have been getting increasingly excited about the project, which is already being called the “decentralized YouTube”. Thanks to its unique monetization structure that rewards both

    · October 23, 2017 · 11:45 am
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    Bitcoin Promotional Videos By Wet T-Shirt Girls

    There are multiple ways to promote Bitcoin and digital currency to a mainstream audience, but not all of those methods will have the desired effect. A group calling themselves “Wet T-Shirt Girls” on Youtube, have recently uploaded a new video in an attempt to raise Bitcoin awareness in a rather strange way. Also read: Bitcoin Donations to Finnish Pirate Party Skyrocket Two Women & Mr. Anonymous Promoting Bitcoin by using girls – or in this case,

    · June 4, 2015 · 4:47 pm