• Online casino-style gaming in the United States could be changing very soon. That is, if two Republican senators running for president have a say in the matter. A legislation has been proposed, which, if approved, would revert the decision made by the Barack Obama administration of legalizing online, casino-style gaming. Also read: Bitcoin is Simplifying Gambling Legalization of Online Casino Gambling Since 2011 The United States have always had a bit of a history when

    Republican Senators Want to Outlaw Online Gambling in the US

    | 2015/06/26 2:43 pm
  • Though gambling is big business, online gambling is still not as significant as it could be. Its proportion hovers around 10% currently. However, over the last a couple of years, online gambling have emerged as a popular choice among people – this has been approved as well by research company H2 Gambling Capital. According to the organization, the online gambling market in terms of gross winnings, put the global market value at €21.73bn ($28.54bn) in 2012. Interestingly, since the emergence

    Bitcoin is Simplifying Gambling

    | 2015/06/24 2:24 pm
  • Moonga is an online trading card game compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Moonga was released in January 2010 by EverdreamSoft SA. In this game, users need to own their card decks to battle other user’s decks in a very similar approach of Magic the Gathering. With only five years, the game is already very popular counting with over 50k users. Also read: Spells of Genesis – A Blockchain Based Trading Card Game Since

    Moonga and Spells of Genesis: Taking Cryptocurrency to Online Gaming

    | 2015/06/15 7:00 pm
  • For the past two years, BetChain has been a pioneer in the Bitcoin casino space and its latest promotion is another first for the industry. BetChain will be offering players up to 50 free spinsevery week as its newest promotion, becoming the first Bitcoin casino to provide such an offer. Betchain.com has always provided an excellent player experience at its casino, by adding hundreds of new games, a total of 7 different languages, excellent bonuses and now

    BetChain Becomes First Bitcoin Casino to Offer Free Spins in Latest “Free Spins Friday” Promotion

    | 2015/06/10 4:22 pm
  • In a shocking turn of events, developers of the popular mobile Bitcoin game SaruTobi have changed the in-game currency to bitCoin. For as long as SaruTobi was using “Bitcoin” as an in-game currency, there have been multiple reports of confusing and outrage among players expecting to earn a lot of money by actively playing the game.  That matter has been resolved now to make it clearer to everyday gamers. Also read: Apple Removes SaruTobi Bitcoin

    SaruTobi Drops Bitcoin as In-Game Currency, Integrates Breadwallet Support

    | 2015/06/08 11:37 am
  • Roger Ver nicknamed Bitcoin Jesus, an early American investor in Bitcoin at Coyote WallStreet, and Peter Smith of Blockchain will be the keynote speakers at Pioneers Festival, Europe’s major conference for tomorrow’s ideas. The event brings together the smartest startups with corporations, media and investors eager to support the next big thing. Also read: MasterCard Send: New P2P System Offers Near-Instant Transfers The organizers of Pioneer Festival inform that more than 1,600 startups from 90+

    Roger Ver and Peter Smith of Blockchain to be Keynote Speakers at Pioneers Festival

    | 2015/05/28 9:34 pm
  • Recently, HYPER has been gaining a lot of momentum, as the gaming cryptocurrency has recently joined a couple of different projects, most of which are bound to play an important influence on the financial system, but also help the gaming industry thrive from all the points of view. Disclaimer: This press release was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with HYPER or GoldPieces and is not responsible for their products and/or services. For those

    HYPER, GoldPieces Sponsor Crowdfunding Project, Launch Crypto Gaming Network

    | 2015/05/25 7:00 pm
  • More and more companies are looking to bring digital services to their user base, which also presents quite the opportunity for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. And what better way for Bitcoin to gain more traction than by being added to a cloud-based content distribution platform such as Ziddu? Also read: bitSIM Turns Any Mobile Phone Into a Bitcoin Wallet Ziddu: File Hosting and Cloud Services When you talk about file hosting or cloud services,

    File Hosting Service Ziddu Integrates Bitcoin Wallet Into its Platform

    | 2015/05/16 3:00 pm
  • The relationship between Bitcoin and the online gambling industry has created somewhat of a trend for digital currency adoption. Bitcoin casino solutions are one of the more popular types of Bitcoin gambling platforms. CoinGaming.io is one of the industry leaders on that front, and it has recently announced its partnership with XIN Gaming. Also read: CoinGaming To Launch QuickFire Mobile Gaming Platform CoinGaming.io: Pushing Bitcoin Adoption in the Gaming Industry CoinGaming.io is a popular a white-label Bitcoin casino solutions provider. This company

    CoinGaming.io Expands its Bitcoin Gambling Platform Through XIN Gaming Partnership

    | 2015/05/15 3:00 pm
  • Over the past year or so, it has become quite obvious that Bitcoin is one of the preferred online payment methods when it comes to online gambling. The online gambling business is slowly evolving, with more and more efforts focusing on the mobile market. Especially when it comes to playing casino games on Android, there seems to be a huge market. And Bitcoin could play a big role in that regard. Also Read: Nevada Attorney

    Bitcoin-Enabled Android Casino Games Are On The Rise

    | 2015/05/14 7:00 pm
  • Sfards, a Bitcoin mining company that uses advanced semiconductor technology to develop the future of Bitcoin mining chips, is organizing a contest for the most creative miner designers from May 11 to 17. Prizes include one bitcoin for the winner, as well as consolation prizes for the other participants. Disclaimer: This article was written with information provided by Sfards. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with Sfards and is not responsible for its products and/or services. Though the company

    Sfards to Host Contest For Creative Miner Designers

    | 2015/05/11 12:00 pm
  • Spells of Genesis is a new mobile game that combines trading cards with an arcade, similar to Magic the Gathering but with an epic style role play. The most important aspect of this game: it will use blockchain technology as well as Bitcoin for its game economy and storyline. It will be the first one to do so, making it one of the most innovative and interesting games on the scene.

    Spells of Genesis – A Blockchain Based Trading Card Game

    | 2015/05/05 8:00 am