Reading: Anonymous Figures OfferHelp to Ethereum DAO Exploiter

Bitcoin Breaking News Brief

Anonymous Figures OfferHelp to Ethereum DAO Exploiter

Trevor Hill | Jul 26, 2016 | 00:37

Ethereum Bitcoin Breaking News Brief

Anonymous Figures OfferHelp to Ethereum DAO Exploiter

Trevor Hill | Jul 26, 2016 | 00:37

In light of the recent Ethereum hard fork, a collection of anonymous figures, or Ethereum Whales, have offered their support to the DAO exploiter — believing that the core developers have an obligation to the original contract.

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The Ethereum Whales

According to a blog, the ETH whales believe the developers at the Ethereum Foundation have an obligation to support the original smart contract. That is to uphold and recognize the events that have occurred under the parameters of the original contract and to reject the new one.

They believe the Ethereum Foundation is legally obligated to support the chain and “develop constructively.” Additionally, they say all funds provided to the Foundation are tied to the original contract, therefore they must allocate these funds accordingly.

The so-called “Ethereum Whales” further explain the obligations that they believe the Foundation has to the original contract, saying:

This foundation, as much as they might not like it, have a legal obligation to support and develop on this chain. The Foundations ETH funds, are not a slush fund or “free money” to do so as they please. They are there because people like me provided our support a year ago for them to do something for us on a blockchain. Develop it.”

Also, the anonymous figures believe the hard-forked version of Ethereum is fraudulently trading with the ETH brand. According to them, The ETH logo, branding, domains, github and fuethereum logonds belong to the original Ethereum chain.

The writers seem to be original investors in Ethereum and seem to be claiming a pivotal role in ETC’s proliferation on exchanges, saying that they have liquidated their ETH assets through an 8 hour period and a “subsequent 3 hours building short positions across the 3 major exchanges.”

Furthermore, the figures claimed to have reached or will be reaching out to individual/collective group who they think have rightfully and legally claimed the DAO funds.

The blog also included a sort of message of warning, saying:

“This may well be the most epic battle of all time but unfortunately we will win the war. What makes me so confident? Besides crypto morals and ethics (those new to crypto and ETH have no idea) we have the law in our hands. Any foolish cries about some “hack” are outlandish and crude. If BTC hardforked for every transaction we disagreed with it would be worthless by now. This is happening with the Ethereum hardfork as we speak and we reminisce of the Vericoin mintpal HF.”

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