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ASIC miners

ARAWR: PC services for Bitcoin

ASIC miners

ARAWR: PC services for Bitcoin


When catching up with Dave Flores, the founder of ARAWR PC, he told me that he longer has a mining company, and has in fact revamped it for PC repair services. Also, he has been getting a lot of press recently too, with interviews from Podnutz and an upcoming one on Computer America, which are both multi-national radio shows.

1. Since our last interview, how have you changed?

Changed, Well changed the whole business platform. I went from housing a few hundred miners to housing servers and miners. Business model changed as well as our main location.

2. Why did you change from offering mining services to PC repair?

The simple way to answer is power. We ran out of power at the location the business was at. I am still maintaining the contracts that we have but am not accepting any new ones at this time.

3. How do you plan on spreading Bitcoin awareness?

ARAWR PC is the revision of an older company that I ran in a town about an hour from my home 4 years ago. It was a small yet very busy PC repair and sales shop. I noticed that even than, I was paying HUGE fees to credit card gateways. In knowing this, I’ll be spreading the word to partnered companies on how they can save money by using Bitcoin payments for everyday transactions. I offer free and paid services to my partnered shops to show how or setup a terminal using Coinbase or another gateway.

4. How are things over at ARAWR currently?

Great! Finishing up on Project X. Grinning with anticipation on that one. I have a company designing a mass production model for me at this current time, hoping to launch that Q1 of next year. Launcched the new ARAWR PC, and will be launching ARAWR U early October.

5. Do you plan on expanding into other things, possibly offering cryptocurrency related services?

In short, yes. I’m partnering with companies that offer repair shop software and CRM solutions. I’m in talks with them to implement a payment gateway for repair shops as a standard feature to their software.

6. What can we expect in the future?

More ARAWR! Once we get enough partnered shops for the ARAWR PC brand, i’ll be opening up ARAWR WIFI, and a few other ideas. :)

7. When did you get into Bitcoin?

I started a few years back mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That was my intro to the Crypto world.

8. Will Bitcoin be accepted?

Yes, for every service we offer, Servers, the standard plan, and even advertising Bitcoin is accepted.

Photo Source: ARAWR PC

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