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Bitcoin ATM 360 to Partner with Coinsetter!


Bitcoin ATM 360 to Partner with Coinsetter!


BitcoinATM360, a global seller of Bitcoin ATMs, is now in partnerships with Coinsetter, a premier U.S. based bitcoin exchange is now in works of an intergrated partnership providing Bitcoin ATM operators prioritized access to Coinsetters exchange during time of purchase through BitcoinATM360s website.

This partnership will be known as a significant advance in the Bitcoin ATM space. For the first time, an operator will be able to order a machine with backend exchange access, integration, and processing already set up before delivery. The ‘concierge level’ integration between BitcoinATM360 and Coinsetter, the most reliable bitcoin exchange for ATM operators that we’ve found, will speed up and improve the deployment of machines ordered from – Terry Woltman, CEO of bitcoinATM360.Terry_Bio

How was BitcoinATM360 founded?

Originally I was looking at starting a network of BitcoinATMs throughout the southwest USA and in strategic locations within Mexico to power remittances. While talking with various BitcoinATM manufacturers, and through our independent research, we found that there were very limited options for financing our build-out, comparing machines and resources for scalable operations of the network.

From that we launched Ignite Financing, joining Seedcoin’s Incubator program to offer leasing and remote managed services for BitcoinATM operators globally. We have recently re-branded from Ignite Financing to BitcoinATM360 and expanded our offerings to include sales, asset recovery services and partner offerings. We feel the BitcoinATM360 name better matches our “entire ecosystem” model of product and service options tailored specifically to the BitcoinATM industry:

What services are provided?

BitcoinATM360 provides a complete suite of product and services to the BitcoinATM industry:

Sales & Support: We offer direct sales today of BitAccess, Genesis Coin and Lamassu with more manufacturers becoming available shorty, and we provide 24×7 on-line customer support of any BitcoinATM purchased via us for the lifetime you own the machine.

In addition, we have aggressive volume discount pricing for larger deployments or expansions. Finally, we offer a trade-in program, allowing operators to trade-in an old or less capable BitcoinATM for a new model. If you want to talk about which machine would be best, contact and we can help you work through the pros and cons of each unit and which fits your needs perfectly.

Remote Managed Services: My background prior to BitcoinATM360 was in the telecom space, most recently in globalization of managed services where operators large and small access economies of scale via various managed services companies.

We have brought a similar model to BitcoinATMs, allowing operators to sleep at night and take a vacations knowing that an expert is monitoring and responding to issues on their BitcoinATM 24×7, even when they cannot themselves.

Asset Recovery / Consignment: There are times when circumstances require operators to close up shop. This is an unfortunate part of business, but we are there for operators when this happens. Through our Asset Recovery and Consignment programs we can assist in recovering the value in a machine on the global market and help the operator efficiently wind down operations.

Leasing: BitcoinATM360 works directly with manufacturers and operators as the first in the industry to bring leasing to the BitcoinATM space. We offer flexible lease terms to fit with the specific needs of the operator. In many jurisdictions leasing offers significant tax benefits, allowing operators to classify the lease as an operational expense rather than a capital purchase. As well, it is possible to preserve credit lines, maximize capital expenditures, write in upgrade options and various end-of-life options.

What can we expect from BitcoinATM360 in the future?

We have just launched our partnership with Operators can now bundle high quality custom designed & branded vinyl wraps for their BitcoinATM directly with their machine purchase! does fantastic work, both in print quality and design services, and we are beyond thrilled to be working with them.

The packages are available as options at time of purchase. As well, we are super excited to have brought on Coinsetter as a prefered exchange partner, allowing us to guide new operators through their exchange set-up before the machine even arrives at their location.

BitcoinATM Growth

CoinATMradar graph


Coinsetter, in conjunction to this partnership is waiving the first $500 in exchange fees for BitcoinATM operators that sign up! We have recently added bitXatm and General Bytes to our line-up of machines, which includes: BitAccess, Genesis Coin and Lamassu. With the explosive growth of BitcoinATMs worldwide (see attached image from we expect BitcoinATMs to become one of the dominant methods of converting between local currency and Bitcoin.

We built the business on the belief that BitcoinATMs are the fastest and most accessible method to the value of Bitcoin for the average person.


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Photo Sources: CoinATMradar and BitcoinATM360

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