Reading: Two Bitcoin ATMs Installed at Outpost Game Centers in Belgium


Two Bitcoin ATMs Installed at Outpost Game Centers in Belgium

Jp Buntinx · @ | Apr 05, 2015 | 15:00


Two Bitcoin ATMs Installed at Outpost Game Centers in Belgium

Jp Buntinx · @ | Apr 05, 2015 | 15:00

Bitcoin enthusiasts all across Belgium are doing their darndest to put the country on the digital currency map. With a great initiative such as Ghent Bitcoincity — which is kicking off their official event two weeks from now — things are heading in the right direction. But that is not all, as two new Bitcoin ATMs have been installed in shops in Belgium as well.

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General Bytes Bitcoin Kiosks Installed by Orillia


Orillia is a Bitcoin kiosk company based in Belgium, yet they do not manufacture the devices themselves. Needless to say, the manufacturing of a Bitcoin ATM is quite costly and time consuming, and given the number of manufacturers already in existence, it might be more financially viable to purchase one of their machines and install custom software on it.

However, Orillia does take care of installing the Bitcoin ATM at its destination, and the company is also responsible for maintenance and operation their Bitcoin kiosks. As a result of this stance, the locations where these two new Bitcoin Kiosks have been installed have no financial stake in the devices being located on their premises. The decision was made as several customers inquired about Bitcoin.

Customers can access these bitcoin kiosks at the Outpost Game Centers in Antwerp and Ghent. The devices are set up to be one-way bitcoin ATMs, meaning that you can only use it to convert fiat currency into bitcoin and not the other way around. Both machines are fully KYC/AML compliant, and will require a form of identification if you are looking to make higher-than-normal purchases.

Speaking of these transaction limits, according to CoinATMRadar, both machines will let you purchase up to 2,000 EUR per day without any verification. In order to increase the transaction limit, you will have to provide an ID scan and fingerprint. Both bitcoin kiosks charge a 7% fee per transaction, in order to cover the maintenance and operation costs.

Outpost Game Centers — Customer Demand Leads to Bitcoin Kiosk Installation


As I mentioned before, both bitcoin ATMs have been installed in Outpost Game Center locations in Antwerp and Ghent. Due to overwhelming customer demand — in regards to bitcoin in particular — the Outpost Game Center management got together with Orillia in order to give the customers what they wanted: a convenient place to obtain bitcoin.

Seeing as how both machines can be accessed seven days a week — between 11:30AM and 3AM Monday through Sunday — it seems to be a good decision to host them at Outpost Game Centers. Both of these locations are already bustling with activity on a daily basis, as they are the perfect hangout place for people interested in all sorts of games.

Regarding all sorts of games, Outpost Game Centers — which are not just located in Belgium, mind you — are well known for their vast selection of board and card games. Furthermore, these locations regularly host card game tournaments that bring out a lot of card game enthusiasts. And as you would come to expect, PC gaming is not left in the cold either, as there are plenty of computers on hand that all have the latest games pre-installed.

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