Reading: Bitcoinist News Bits 22.12.14


Bitcoinist News Bits 22.12.14

Norbert | Dec 22, 2014 | 18:09


Bitcoinist News Bits 22.12.14

Norbert | Dec 22, 2014 | 18:09

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Today we’re making a best of broadcast, covering the most interesting stories of 2014.

Celebrity nude photos for bitcoin

The celebrity nude photo leaks came along to give the world an inkling of the new world that Bitcoin ushers in. The first photos on 4chan were leaked in the beginning of August, but they were censored. People could pay in bitcoin to get the uncensored versions. On the 31 Of August, 4chan began posting uncensored nude photos with a bitcoin address. This is when things got out of control. Some were copycats just trying to scam bitcoin off people, but others had new photos not before seen publicly. For the days, more and more photos were leaked, and there are now over one hundred celebrities identified in the leaks.
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Is digital currency “the solution”?

We made an exclusive interview with a professor from one of Europe’s top 10 universities. We can not mention the institution and his real name though. We asked his views on the whole digital currency matter, but most importantly, if bitcoin is the solution for our problems.

“The technology and the ideas behind it are excellent. In this day an age transparency is key, look at blockchain. Everything is “research-able” so to speak. It may take you a long time but the information is there. They way I see it is that the financial sector needs to get their nuts out of their “manpurse” and really examine the benefits of this “new currency”. I did not say Bitcoin is “the” solution to our problems it is “a” solution. Bitcoin is rife with some problems, like the long waiting time and other things. There alre also innovations that some altcoins have that aren’t in Bitcoin yet. However Bitcoin is the biggest “digital currency” out there and I think if a company wants to experiment with a digital currency they should begin with Bitcoin.”

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Charity and Crypto. A good match?

The impact of crypto donations, is the recognition from the charities part, that crypto currency is a real currency. BitPay is supporting the American Red Cross by helping the organization accept Bitcoin donations, through a BitPay hosted website, without any fees. This allows the Red Cross to receive 100 percent of the Bitcoin donations.

Elizabeth Ploshay, who runs the nonprofit outreach for BitPay, stated:

“Introducing the American Red Cross to the Bitcoin community is really going to showcase the generosity of the Bitcoin enthusiasts. It is also a great opportunity to show the world that Bitcoin, and the companies that are accepting Bitcoin aren’t bad or shady companies. Furthermore the Bitcoin users are extremely passionate people who are looking to put their bitcoin towards good causes. I’m sure the community will be excited to have such an established charity to donate to.”
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